Kail Lowry Pregnant: Her Fans Believe She Had A Surprise Baby

Many “Teen Mom” watchers think Kailyn Lowry confirmed in a recent post that she’s expecting her fifth kid. According to fans, Kailyn Lowry may have made a strong hint that she is expecting her fifth child. Many have assumed that the former Teen Mom 2 star is expecting because she has been covering her stomach in recent photos. Kailyn, 30, once more fueled pregnancy rumors after responding to fan inquiries on Instagram.

Recently, the reality star asked her Instagram fans questions. One supporter didn’t even pose a question but stated, “Lay off the fillers. You look nasty.” Kailyn replied, “Haven’t had them in 7ish months but ok” and added an emoji of laughter. Pregnant women should refrain from using Botox and fillers since they may cause edema and blood flow problems.

Fans’ Opinions

Others who saw the scenario turned to Reddit to speculate, one of whom wrote: “Looks like she’s indicated that she generally goes every 3/4 months. She might be about four months along. So, by April, she was already pregnant. Another person speculated, “Also implying she is roughly 7 months pregnant.”

“She did mention that she hadn’t had fillers in seven months. Like I’m not sure she won’t try to wait to announce after she delivers the child,” a third remarked. “Pregnancy. A fourth person said, “I think that’s one method to detect if someone is pregnant.

Fillers are not permitted during pregnancy. I wonder whether that was intended,” a person said. Fans have speculated that Kailyn may be pregnant since she revealed to the public that she is dating Elijah Scott.

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What Are Kailyn Lowry’s Pregnancy Signs?

She fueled pregnancy rumors by posting a selfie of herself and Lindsie Chrisley. On her Instagram Stories on Thursday, the reality star shared a sweet photo of herself and the presenter of her podcast. Despite the TV actress appearing to use Lindsie’s arms to cover her stomach, they giggled together as they hugged.

Don’t forget to vote for Coffee Convos Podcast as the best podcast of the year! @aiaawards, Kailyn stated in the post’s caption. Every day, one email! When you vote, tag us. The MTV actress appeared to cover her stomach as there was growing talk that she might be carrying her fifth child.

In a recent Instagram Live video that she released earlier this week, the mother of four, according to vigilant followers, appeared to allude to the integrity of the charges. She spoke from the podium, hawking some crystals she had just received in the mail.

Facial Changes

The audience’s attention, however, was diverted from the products themselves to the star’s appearance since many people thought it was an obvious sign that she was pregnant. Her supporters quickly noticed that she seemed to be changing how she looked, with some even speculating in the comments.

Kail Lowry Pregnant
                                                                                                               Kail Lowry Pregnant

One poster said, “That’s certainly a pregnancy, face the lips and face widening.” Others remarked on how her nose appeared to be larger than usual. Another person chimed in, “It’s giving handsome Squidward.”

Another responded: “Some women’s noses swell up during pregnancy and it seems bigger. Okay, but what is a pregnancy nose?” It is something. Lol.”

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