Is Yasmine Al-Bustami leaving NCIS: Hawaii? What Choice Does Lucy Make?

Is Yasmine Al-Bustami quitting NCIS: Hawaii? If you have questions regarding her location right now we definitely understand.

For starters remember this: The character departed Hawaii early this fall to accomplish a personal goal and take on a significant challenge at sea. This is exciting for her, though we’re sure the entire team misses her. (That’s without even mentioning her girlfriend Whistler.) She’s expected to return after a number of months, so you don’t have to worry about this being some sort of everlasting absence.

Is it feasible that her to appear on tonight’s episode? In theory sure, but we know with 100% assurance that she will be back for the upcoming three-part crossover event slated for January 2. If you have any large / persisting concerns, just remember that and breathe a little bit easier.

We’ll see what her arc on the program looks like a little bit after the fact. Her absence is an interesting test for her and Whistler both, however we feel optimistic that they’ll conquer it. The thing we’re the most puzzled about in general is why we had this absence right in the middle of the season, especially for a key character like Lucy.

We do at least still have a long season to come so throughout the next several months, let’s cross our fingers and hope for some more amazing Lucy stuff! There is a lot that we are super-psyched to see the rest of the way, both in terms of instances and opportunities to get to know the complete team better. Each one of these is vital in its own way.

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Is Yasmine Al-Bustami leaving NCIS: Hawaii?

NCIS Hawaii
NCIS Hawaii

It has been said that Yasmine is an experienced actress who appeared in several other television shows before landing her role in NCIS: Hawaii. Many have now come to respect Lucy as an inspiration for her boldness and her outspokenness as an LGBTQ+ person. It’s only natural that viewers care about Yasmine’s status on the program because of Lucy and Kate’s (Tori Anderson) romance.

If you’re a fan of NCIS: Hawaii, you can rest easy knowing that Yasmine isn’t leaving the program any time soon. The next NCIS franchise crossover will not be the actress’s last appearance on NCIS. Although it’s understandable why NCIS: Hawaii viewers might have thought she left the show after the November 2022 episode, she really returns in 2023.

On NCIS: Hawaii Lucy Tara made a challenging choice

On 'NCIS Hawaii,' Lucy Tara made a challenging choice
On ‘NCIS Hawaii,’ Lucy Tara made a challenging choice

The second season of NCIS focused on Lucy and Kate as they worked through their relationship problems. Previous episodes revealed that the breakup was the catalyst for Lucy to apply for the NCIS Agent afloat post, which would require her to spend four months away from Hawaii.

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As seen in Episode 7’s “Vanishing Act,” Lucy found out she received the floating position. The one and only catch? Kate and she have reconciled. After seeing each other again, Lucy began to wonder if she should accept the job or stay and try to mend their relationship. Lucy first declined the employment offer, but a candid conversation with Kate on the beach changed her mind. It’s not clear how the writers of NCIS: Hawaii will handle Lucy’s departure.

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