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Police allege country star George Jones tried to kick a news cameraman while resisting arrest and was subsequently arrested for DUI. On Tuesday the Tennessee Highway Patrol saw Jones swerving in and out of traffic in his grey 1982 Cadillac in south Nashville on his route to Williamson County. Jones was apprehended on Interstate 65 south of Brentwood. The automobile had a bottle of whiskey that had been partially consumed.

Jones was arrested and brought to the Williamson County Jail in Franklin where he remained until a $500 bond could be posted. Franklin police impound his automobile.

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Brentwood law enforcement officers stopped Jones whose unlicensed vehicle bore a homemade cardboard plate reading “Possum 3.”

Officer Tommy Campsey tried to get the singer to pull over but according to Brentwood police dispatcher Calvin Hullett, Jones “wandered down the highway about a mile.” According to Campsey, “Jones wasn’t trying to get away and didn’t seem to care that he was intoxicated.”

George Jones Arrest case
George Jones Arrest case

Jones was pulled over at around 7 o’clock at night, and he was the only passenger in the vehicle. CDT. According to Campsey, “he got rowdy and tried to kick a TV news cameraman in the groyne.” Jones quietened down in the holding cell but Hullett claims no additional accommodations were offered for him. He claimed that Jones would “raise hell for a time, then chuckle for a bit” before settling down.

Jones recently ran afoul of the law in Mississippi when he was apprehended for DUI and cocaine possession. The next day, on March 29, he was taken to a hospital in Birmingham after crashing his car on the way to his house in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

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Even though Jones received treatment for his substance misuse and alcoholism in a hospital in Birmingham he is alleged to have relapsed shortly after being released.

Jones is one of the most consistent artists in country music, with a catalog of successes that stretches from the ’50s to the present day and includes the recent release “Same Ole Me.”

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