Who is Current Girlfriend of Parker Schnabel?

Who is Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend? A TV personality and gold miner from the United States, Parker Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994. Now he’s famous thanks to the Gold Rush show on Discovery Channel. His most well-known works are Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, Gold Rush and Gold Rush: The Dirt. Haines, Alaska in the United States of America is the place of his birth.

The surname Parker has German roots. His mine-owning father, Roger Schnabel and his mother, Nancy Schnabel are the names of the man he is named after. His mom wanted him to visit his dad, so she invited him. Schnabel Payson is the name of his sibling’s brother. There is no sister in his family tree.

Parker Schnabel graduated early from high school where he had participated in basketball. His followers have been curious about Parker Schnabel’s love life. Find out who Parker Schnabel is dating by reading the article. He elaborated on his dating history and other related topics.

Who is the Current Girlfriend of Parker Schnabel?

Because of his appearances on the Discovery Channel’s reality show Gold Rush, he has gained widespread recognition. From the success of the TV show, he has garnered a large following of women curious to know who he is seeing. Although he has dated in the past, Parker is currently single.

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Who is the ex- Girlfriend of Parker Schnabel?

Ex- Girlfriend of Parker Schnabel
Ex- Girlfriend of Parker Schnabel

He’s experienced love and romance before. His fiancee, Ashley Youle is a former veterinary nurse. Because of the breakup, he is currently available for dating. By posting an Instagram photo with fellow miner Sheena Cowell of Great Britain, he threw off his followers.

Fans assume she is his new girlfriend though he has not publicly introduced her to the public, so she could just be a friend. Sheena Cowell, a British national works as a gold miner for the cable network Knickerbocker Glory.

Dating History of Parker Schnabel

Because of his appearances on the Discovery Channel’s reality show Gold Rush, he has gained widespread recognition. He dated Ashley Youle during the 2016 premiere of the seventh season of Gold Rush. She worked as a veterinary nurse and was generally pleasant to be with. Parker and his ex-girlfriend broke up because he was unable to devote enough time to the relationship.

He realised that he had to put his commitments to his company ahead of his girlfriend. After that he started dating Tyler Mahoney, a 27-year-old Australian gold miner and model. Fans assumed the couple would end up together despite the fact that they were both single. Due to the lack of chemistry between them the couple eventually split up leaving Parker single.

Later on, he confused his followers even further by posting an Instagram photo of himself and fellow Brit miner Sheena Cowell. Fans assume she is his new girlfriend though he has not publicly introduced her to the public so she could just be a friend. Sheena Cowell, a British national works as a gold miner for the cable network Knickerbocker Glory.

TimeLine of Ashley Youle and Parker Schnabel’s Relationship

During Season 7 the blonde and vivacious Ashley Youle joined the cast of Gold Rush. Ashley started dating Parker before she even appeared on the show in 2016. Ashley was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria and Parker were visiting the country on a break from filming when they crossed paths.

After dating for a few months, the couple realised they had a lot in common and Parker invited his new girlfriend to visit him in Alaska. Youle decided to travel to the United States and applied for a tourist visa which she was granted.

When the two young lovers met Ashley was already working as a vet nurse and she has since returned to that role after appearing on Gold Rush. Parker was interviewed by Maxim magazine not long after Ashley first appeared on the popular reality show.

Parker was overly effusive in his praise of his stunning blonde girlfriend when asked about her and her recent success as a gold miner. He began by remarking that Ashley’s mining skills are more highly underrated than they actually are.

He went on to say that he felt better since Youle had joined the cast and that everyone in the ensemble liked having her there. According to Schnabel, he also referred to his girlfriend as a really cool chick. The romance between Parker and Ashley didn’t last long and quickly fizzled out. In season eight, Ashley left the show and as it turned out she also left Parker at the same time.

She returned to her previous career as a veterinary nurse and continued her travels throughout Africa and the Pacific soon after. The mining superstar admitted responsibility for the premature end to their romance saying he never made them a top priority. He admitted that he hadn’t made Ashley his priority and that she deserved more of his emotional investment than he’d given her.

Parker recognised even in his pain that ending the relationship had been the best option. The most challenging part is that she is putting herself first.

Does Parker Schnabel have a Girlfriend named Tyler Mahoney?

Parker Schnabel
Parker Schnabel

Long have Gold Rush viewers awaited the announcement that Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney two of the show’s most popular cast members would be sharing a romantic relationship. Schnabel has been filming in Australia for his upcoming 2020 season four years after he landed his own spin-off with Discovery’s Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. Parker, then 27 years old gained a new co-star in the form of a gold miner model.

Tyler Mahoney brought her own mining pedigree having previously appeared on Gold Rush: The Dirt and as the star of Discovery’s Aussie Gold Hunters. A long line of miners and gold prospectors can be traced back to her ancestors.

Together they carried on a rich mining tradition and inherited a love of the industry and a wealth of experience. Moreover, Tyler contributed significantly by virtue of his familiarity with the area his understanding of the environment and his extensive network of professional contacts.

During a May 2021 interview, Tyler admitted that she had brought her boyfriend a man named Jake Bennett to the office. His finding more gold than she did was a crushing blow to her pride. At that time, Tyler and Jake had been dating for over a year and she regularly updated her Instagram with photos of their romantic adventures.

Did Parker Schnabel and Sheena Cowell was in Relationship?

Sheena Cowell is the third member of the Gold Rush cast that Schnabel has been linked to. Fans went crazy after the stunning brunette was pictured with Parker on Instagram. Cowell, a British national working for Knickerbocker Glory TV was in the United States temporarily for business.

The truth is out there was never any kind of romance between them. The only reason the London girl and Parker were connected was because of their shared passion for gold. Sheena went home after getting the necessary footage for Knickerbocker Glory TV’s studio in Hammersmith, London.

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What is Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth?

The TV personality Parker Schnabel is worth $10 million. On July 22, 1994 Parker Schnabel entered the world.

What is the height of Parker Schnabel?

Parker Schnabel, the popular TV host is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 75 kilograms. Check out the above article to learn more about Parker Schnabel. TV host and model Parker Schnabel is 5 feet, 8 inches tall. On July 22, 1994, Parker Schnabel entered the world. Currently, Parker Schnabel can count 27 years of life on one hand.

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