The Harbinger Ending Explained: Who is Floating Hawk in it?

The Harbinger Ending Explained: After wowing audiences and judges at festivals, The Harbinger is now playing in theatres and on demand. It’s fitting that The Harbinger takes place during the COVID pandemic when everyone stayed inside their homes fearing the future because the story conjures a new kind of demon that feeds on fears of isolation and forgetfulness.

Although writer/director Andy Mitton does his best to clarify the motivations of his original demon and the film’s central messages, the movie, The Harbinger, can be difficult to follow on first viewing. The titular demon causes both Monique (Gabby Beans) and the viewers to doubt the veracity of their dreams. After all, the demon may be using the victim’s weakened mind to project whatever it is seeing into the dream. Thankfully, we’re here to decode the film’s complex plot and reveal its shocking conclusion.

The Harbinger
The Harbinger

What Does the Precursor Mean?

In The Harbinger, Emily Davis and Monique, two friends try to figure out why they keep having disturbing dreams about a ghoulish figure based on depictions of plague doctors. At the start of the film, the creature has already begun torturing Mavis by making her sleep for longer periods of time while simultaneously subjecting her to terrifying nightmares from which she cannot awake.

When Mavis desperately needs assistance, she calls her friend Monique who breaks COVID confinement to come to her aid. However, after Monique shuts herself in with Mavis, she starts having nightmares as well. A demonologist is contacted by Mavis and Monique after a few days and they learn that the creature is the Harbinger, a demon that slowly breaks the minds of its victims. The Harbinger enjoys seeing others in pain and will show them horrific scenes until they begin to wish they had never been born.

Ultimately, Harbinger complies with the victim’s wishes by erasing them from existence. After killing its host, the Harbinger also removes all traces of them from the collective consciousness. Unfortunately, there are always remnants of the procedure left behind. Someone who doesn’t actually exist can’t be proven to have existed for any length of time.

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Fears and Nightmares for Monique

Mavis loses her fight against the demon while Monique is still trying to figure out why they’ve been the Harbinger’s target. So Mavis disappears and Monique wakes up in a strange apartment with no idea where she is. Monique’s loved ones accuse her of being desperate and she has no idea how she ended up in the city. Now she returns to her normal life in which she has no memory of Mavis’s existence.

Since the Harbinger manipulated reality to make it appear as if Monique had always been under the influence of strong drugs, this would account for her inability to recall why she went to the city. Monique is conscious that the Harbinger has been following her and that the demon will soon cause her to vanish. Since the young boy who used to live in the apartment above Monique and Mavis has been appearing to her in her dreams, Monique has a significant advantage over her friend.

Is It True That Rosalie Caused All These Deaths?

The story begins with a young girl named Rosalie Snyder (Madeleine McGraw) who is dead but still inhabits a living body. Her eyes lack the zeal and curiosity of other kids; they are instead dull and lifeless. She’s muttering incoherent nonsense. While attending a funeral, she claims to have a vision of the departed being tortured and burned in hell. Dr. Emily Warren (Teal Redmann), a psychologist, tells Daniel (Will Klipstine) and Theresa (Amanda MacDonald).

Rosalie’s parents, that their daughter may be suffering from multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia. The parents’ lame excuse that they were relocating and would get around to treating their daughter later was a shock. We discover that this is a new behavior for Rosalie. She used to be a cheerful kid, but no one knows if she needs medical attention or if her parents know what’s wrong with their daughter.

The family uprooted and settled in St. Heraldson, a sleepy little town whose inhabitants tend to be too talkative. Betty, a local resident rushes out to meet them when they arrive at their house. But it’s not just her neighbour John (Steve Monroe) who often drops by to invite Daniel out for drinks. In spite of the fact that Mrs. Lester, a different neighbour extends an invitation to dinner. They’ve had a lot of positive experiences, but they’re still not entirely comfortable with themselves.

It’s the same Rosalie we’ve seen before. In a nearby Native American community, Daniel discovers a person who offers spiritual healing. His neighbors, however are adamant that he not move there because it is cursed. Furthermore, locals blame anyone who goes there for a series of misfortunes. In order to scare children, Rosalie resorts to pushing them off of balconies or crushing frogs in her tiny fists.

Even though her parents have been trying to convince their new neighbors that she is having trouble settling in, she is starting to get the cold shoulder. Rosalie’s parents put in a lot of effort to make their home a happy place for their daughter. So that Rosalie can meet new people and make new friends, Theresa introduces her to Alice and her daughter Anna. When Theresa finds out that Alice spends her time waiting to die rather than enjoying her life, she is taken aback. As a result, the residents of this town give them more than enough creeps.

What or who is Floating Hawk? Can you explain how she is beneficial to Daniel?

When Daniel and Theresa take their daughter to the reservation, they run into Floating Hawk, a middle-aged Native American woman played by Irene Bedard. Because of her apparent distaste for the area, the Floating Hawk refused to even let Rosalie onto their sacred land. But Daniel tells her everything there is to know about the kid.

She tells him that the child can’t be saved by anyone other than death. It breaks Daniel’s heart that his child is beyond hope. As Mrs. Lester has asked for his assistance with her life insurance, Daniel pays her a visit that evening. When Daniel returns home, he finds the front door open and her hanging from a tree in the yard. He is taken aback to find the same serpentine artifact lying on the ground.

The suicide has affected the entire community. In the middle of the night, Daniel bumps into John and the two end up going out for a beer because Daniel just can’t get to sleep. John tells him that since they moved there, Betty has been spreading rumors that terrible things have been happening in the neighborhood.

Daniel observes a collection of ancient artifacts and sculptures as John exits the house with more beer bottles. When he compares the artifact he is holding to the one he saw on the ground, he can’t believe his eyes. John notes his keen interest and reveals that this one-of-a-kind artifact was discovered in Mesopotamia.

In what way did Rosalie’s soul get fixed?

Daniel runs to Hawk, only to be taken aback by the fact that she is already aware of his situation. Hawk gives him some background on how things got to be this way. In 1647, Europeans and other foreigners wearing white furs began settling in areas vacated by indigenous Americans. They brought with them a wide variety of myths, deities, and anti-deities that the natives had a hard time making sense of. Lucifer or Luc was the name of their lord and dictator, the Lord of Death (Charles Hubbell).

Even though he was on a killing spree, he was powerless in the cemetery because of its religious significance to the locals. For the first time, we understand why Rosalie was forbidden entry into her holy land: her soul had been stolen by the evil Luc. After some time, the two factions agreed to a treaty under which they would stop harassing each other and the general populace.

The artifact of a warrior and an eagle that Daniel had seen in John’s room was given to them by the tribesmen, and Luc also provided them with a key to the room. Nonetheless, Luc went back on his word and attacked the indigenous people who had crossed the line, killing them with the serpentine weapon.

The faithful of both religions buried their dead in the natives’ sacred ground, ensuring that the souls of the departed would remain unclaimed by God and Luc all of the time. As a result, the locals cursed him and his followers. But Luc deceived everybody by saying he would end the curse if his disciples gathered enough souls. No matter how many souls the harbingers gather, they will not be able to break this curse.

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Final Lines

Without a doubt, “The Harbinger” is not a fantastic movie. The director deserves praise for his bravery in trying out new techniques for crafting a terrifying story as well as for his clever twists on age-old myths. If you want to know more, visit our website Our website is continually updated with new information on a wide range of topics.

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