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Antarctica Cruise Death: What has Viking Cruises said in light of this incident?

Antarctica Cruise Death

Antarctica Cruise Death

Antarctica Cruise Death: It was reported that one death and four injuries after a “rogue wave” capsizes a cruise ship headed for Antarctica. On Tuesday, while the Viking Polaris was sailing towards Ushuaia, Argentina, the ship was caught in a storm and experienced a “rogue wave incident”. A number of expeditions to Antarctica leave from Ushuaia.

Regrettably, we must report that one of our guests has died as a result of the ordeal. According to the statement “We have notified the guest’s family and shared our deepest sympathies.” The statement also said that four other passengers were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at the hands of the ship’s medic and medical team.

Limited damage was sustained during the incident and the ship made it to Ushuaia on Wednesday. It was reported that several windows had been broken. We were concerned that an iceberg had been struck. And there aren’t any icebergs out here, but that’s how it felt. Before the unexpected wave arrived everything had been normal. Shocking!!!

Antarctica Cruise Death

A ‘Rogue wave’ strikes an Antarctica Cruise ship, killing an American woman

On Thursday it was announced that an American woman had died and four other passengers were injured when a “rogue wave” hit the ship as it was cruising near the southernmost tip of South America. Argentine authorities say a 62-year-old woman was injured when shards of glass from a broken window fell on her during a storm late Tuesday. The ship was only slightly damaged and made it to Ushuaia, which is 1,926 miles south of Buenos Aires, the following day.

Argentine authorities said, “It is with great sadness that we confirmed a guest passed away following the incident“. We have informed the guest’s loved ones and extended our condolences to them. According to the company, the ship’s doctor and medical staff treated the four injured passengers for non-life-threatening injuries.

There was limited damage to the vessel itself. We are investigating the facts surrounding this incident and will offer our support to the relevant authorities. Our top priority is the well-being of our passengers and staff so we’re helping them book flights home directly.

What has Viking Cruises said in light of this incident?

The cruise line said in a statement, “It is with great sadness that we confirm that a passenger died following the incident.” We have informed the family of the deceased guest and extended our sincere condolences. The victim’s nationality and gender remain unknown, per company policy.

Four other shipmates were also injured, but their wounds are not considered to be life-threatening. A doctor and nurse from the ship’s crew attended to them. According to reports, the ship only sustained minor damage in the collision. The firm claims it is looking into the facts surrounding this incident.

Were the Vikings taking the Polaris somewhere specific?

Ushuaia was the final destination for the cruise which set sail from Buenos Aires. The majority of Antarctic expeditions leave from this port. In 2022, the Vikings debuted their newest cruise ship, the Viking Polaris. There is enough room for 378 passengers and 256 crew members on board.

The company has announced that the expedition has been canceled and that it is making arrangements to get the guests and staff home. Guests and staff are still our top priority, so we’re helping them book flights home directly. What would have been a two-week trip filled with breathtaking scenery was cut short,” Viking said in their statement.

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Frequently Asked

What is a rogue Wave?

A rogue wave is a large unexpected wave that poses a high risk of damage as described by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. According to the reports, rogue waves also known as “extreme storm waves” are at least twice as large as the surrounding waves and often originate in directions opposite to those of the preexisting waves and wind.

How frequently do people get killed by freak waves?

The tragic loss of life and injury to cruise ship passengers is not unprecedented due to a freak wave. Rogue waves off the northeastern coast of Spain killed two tourists in 2010. The glass windshields on the Cypriot-owned Louis Majesty were shattered by the oncoming wave.

There were two fatalities and 14 hospitalizations as a result of glass shard injuries. On the other hand, rogue waves are extremely uncommon and contemporary cruise ships are designed to withstand significant damage from such an event.

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