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How was Angela Lee Murdered? Who was her Killer?

Angela Lee Murder

Angela Lee Murder

You can read details about Angela Lee murder below: When Angela Lee’s body was discovered in her Illinois home, the tranquil town of East Gillespie was rocked to its foundations. In spite of the fact that her boyfriend made the grim discovery, their young son of four saw the whole thing unfold. Murder in the Heartland: Who Killed Angie Lee, a documentary series on Investigation Discovery, details the grisly murder and the legal proceedings that followed, culminating in a successful verdict. Curious onlookers who want to know the current whereabouts of Angela’s murderer can rest assured that we have you covered.

Angela Lee Murder

Angela Lee, age 22, lived in East Gillespie, Illinois and adored her daughter. She and her boyfriend Jason raised a daughter together when she was 4 and she had a reputation for being a compassionate and nurturing person. It has been speculated that Angela’s academic pursuits were interrupted when she became a mother at the age of seventeen. She had been planning on starting college studies when she was murdered, so she clearly had not given up hope for a better future. Her death came as a shock to everyone who knew her because of her kind and kind personality.

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On July 30, 2003, Angela and her 4-year-old son were left home alone when her boyfriend was kept back at work. But when Jason got home at around 9 o’clock, all he saw was Angela lying lifeless in a pool of blood on the dining room floor. Nonetheless, he noticed the sound of a television coming from one of the bedrooms, so instead of dialing 911, he cautiously made his way there.

Thankfully, their son was unharmed and only watched TV when he entered the room. Angela was pronounced dead upon the arrival of emergency personnel, and while there was evidence of a break-in, nothing appeared to have been taken. Angela was found with serious neck and head injuries, and an autopsy later indicated that she had been strangled and battered to death.

Who Shot and Killed Angela Lee?

The original investigation into Angela’s homicide was incredibly tough as there were no leads or eyewitnesses to work with. The detectives undertook a thorough search of the neighborhood, a careful examination of the crime scene, and interviews with several of her friends and neighbors. However, the investigation went nowhere beyond the discovery of an unidentified male’s DNA at the residence and the young boy’s statement that he had witnessed the murder of his mother.

People couldn’t fathom why somebody would want to harm Angela, 22, because she was generally liked and respected. Time revealed that a plastic glove and gun grips had been left in a ditch close to Angela’s house. Additionally, the string was discovered in the Cavallo Bus Lines parking lot just across from the victim’s home. Neither piece of evidence, however, helped narrow down the suspect pool, and the police were forced to start over.

Who Shot and Killed Angela Lee

The investigators suspected Angela’s lover Jason since it was so convenient for him to be out of town when Angela was murdered, as described in the episode. While detective work ultimately exonerated him, the spotlight shifted to Angela’s ex-boyfriend, Brad. Reports state that law enforcement had reason to suspect the latter of criminal activity before this. He denied any involvement in Angela’s death when questioned about it, and a polygraph test confirmed his version of events. Unable to pursue any other avenues of investigation, the matter remained open for close to four years.

The unidentified male DNA found at the scene of the killing drew the attention of investigators, who eventually formed a task force to investigate the gruesome murder. After considering the string’s location in the Cavallo Bus Lines parking lot, the special team compiled a roster of all the personnel who were on the clock when Angela was killed. Employee Rick Fenley was questioned and revealed that he had seen Anthony Ashby a mechanic punch out late at night and race off in his car.

Since it was highly unusual for mechanics to be in the Cavallo parking lot at such an ungodly hour, the investigating officers investigated Anthony and found that he had been arrested for gun violence in the past. The grips from this gun matched the ones they found in the ditch close to Angela’s house, and so they took it. In addition to the DNA evidence linking Anthony to the crime scene, Angela’s DNA was found on the weapon. After collecting evidence, the police were able to make an arrest and charge Anthony Ashby with the murder of the 22-year-old.

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What Happened to Anthony A. Ashby?

What Happened to Anthony A. Ashby

At his initial court appearance, Anthony Ashby vehemently claimed his innocence and entered a not-guilty plea. At some point during his trial, however, he pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was eventually sentenced to 33 years in jail in 2008. The judge did give him credit for the almost 500 days he spent in jail while awaiting trial, though. Consequently, Anthony is still serving his sentence at the Pinckneyville Correctional Center in Pinckneyville, Perry County, Illinois, and will be up for release in the year 2040.

Final Lines

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