What’s Went Wrong With Strange World Like Treasure Planet?

Continuously entertaining for the last 20 years, Disney deserves gratefulness, for such amazing animated movies. If we just talk about November released movies like  Moana, Tangled, and Toy Story 2 exhaust the audience like a magnet. Although  Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is a successful opening but Strange World did not show any miracles in theatres. Strange World is Disney’s newest movie which is based on a magazine and ancient science fiction.

Directed by Don Hall and Qui Nguyen, both also directed Raya and the Last Dragon. In Strange World, two stories run together in which one is sci-fi-epic based, and the second is a simple family story where “this dream isn’t mine, Dad — it’s yours.” But this movie only collected $ 20 million in five days and a $ 12 million opening day collection. With this, another Treasure Planet which also proved to flop did not collect more than any satisfying amount, in the weekend opening. But why did Disney do such an injustice with cartoons?

 Answers are available in movies. We can say that the Disney Animation pantheon picks up characters for Treasure Planet blindly. They have to think again about their character because only quality is not a major factor.

What Went Wrong With Strange World?

What’s Went Wrong With Strange World Like Treasure Planet?

Although it is based on science fiction, Strange World characters never compete in any way with Star Wars characters by Marvel Studio. After Atlantis in 2001, and Treasure in 2002 with little success proved that Disney’s all products may be not successful financially. Now fans want some fun rather than any novel. The main reason may be based on retro.

Disney would have to raise their story so they have some innovative ideas. Strange World is inspired by an uncomplicated love. 

What About Treasure Planet?

Treasure Planet is picked up from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic pirate tale, and the theme is space. Jim Hawkins, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is a little more what the script demands. Jim, who worked as a cabin boy, becomes a close friend of Long John Silver, who has his own plan to get the treasure.

Clements also had an idea with 1986’s The Great Mouse Detective and pitched a mermaid. Disney CEO Michael Eisner denied the space idea and mermaid pitched also but studio chief Jeffrey Katzenberg said yes.

What Went Wrong With Treasure Planet?

Treasure Planet is produced on a total $ 140 million budget and its all-over collection is $109 million. After this flop opening, Disney canceled its sequel plan. Rotten Tomatoes also gives perfect reviews and a rating of only 69%. Although it is not as bad but may have happened because it was released against Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets.

After giving Toy Story and Monsters from Pixar films, the audience is expected to be the same. With a list of flop movies by Disney like A Quest for Camelot, Pocahontas, and Hercules, it is clear that fans are demanding something new from Disney. They feel bored with the overtones of Disney. 

Disney has been making movies based on princesses for a long time. One factor is how long a studio can survive.

Final lines:

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