Exploring Mobile Gaming Popularity and the Best Games of 2022

You’d have to be living under a rock to not have noticed how big mobile gaming has become. Take a look anywhere and you’ll see someone tapping away on a mobile device, whether on the bus, in an office staff room, in the park, or elsewhere. The chances are they’re playing a mobile game.

Statistics show just how big mobile gaming has grown. According to data on the website of consumer and market data company Statista, the number of mobile game users is expected to reach 2,323.9 million people by 2027. Today, mobile gaming is behind 51% of the revenue generated in the video gaming market. In 2021 alone, 55.5 billion gaming apps were downloaded worldwide. So yes, mobile gaming definitely has more than a handful of fans.

Below is a look at why mobile gaming has become so popular, at some of the most popular games out there, and why some offline games have become a hit in the mobile gaming space.

Understanding the popularity of mobile gaming

If you’re slightly confused as to what all the fuss is about when it comes to mobile gaming, the reasons it’s so popular are plenty and are very clear. One of the main reasons is mobile gaming is so convenient. You can play mobile games on the go, rather than have to get behind a console or sit behind a desktop computer to play them.

Another is that often the gameplay is simple, while at the same time, the design has become more sophisticated. The simplicity of the games has made them highly engaging, but the players can experience almost the same levels of enjoyment as they would if they were playing a console game.

Price has also been a big factor. Whereas console gaming is generally quite expensive, mobile gaming is more affordable. There are a lot of free mobile games available. If players want extra features, they can make in-game purchases and get even more out of their gaming.

Then there’s the general attitude toward mobile gaming. Traditional video gaming is a serious hobby for a lot of people, who will put in several hours at their console or behind their desktop computer and may even compete in esports tournaments. Mobile gaming is more casual, however. People are spending a lot more time on their devices and see mobile gaming as a way of passing the time.

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The most popular games in 2022

Competition in the mobile gaming industry is fierce. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that there’s always a new game to look forward to. Here are some of the most popular games this year:

Mobile poker

Instead of visiting traditional casinos, a lot of mobile gamers are choosing to play online poker in Canada on mobile devices. Poker apps offer the convenience of allowing players to play whenever they want. The bets are lower than in a traditional casino and the apps give players the opportunity to practice and learn the game before playing in cash games. Just as there are lots of different mobile games to choose from, poker players don’t have to settle for standard five-card draw poker if they don’t wish to. Online casinos provide variations of poker, such as Texas Hold’em, for players who want something a little bit different.

Dicey Dungeons

“Dicey Dungeons” is a highly engaging, rogue-like deck-building game, a type of game in which building a deck of cards is the main element. In this one, the players are at the mercy of Lady Luck and battle against monsters, find loot and generally form strategies, hoping to take down Lady Luck her very self, who is the villain in this game.

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The popularity of offline games that have transitioned into the mobile space as well

Not all games that are on mobile are new. Offline classics such as “Monopoly” and “Pac-Man” have also found their way into the mobile space, offering friends, family, work colleagues, and other players the chance to enjoy the games from the comfort of their own homes.

One of the crucial benefits for players is that there are many mobile games that don’t force players to be online to play them. In places where coverage is sketchy, playing on the go can become frustrating if the connection drops out. This need not be connected to the internet and is also handy for players who wish to conserve their mobile data.

Mobile gaming has exploded in the last few years and has become a relaxing way of passing the time for many handheld device users, not to mention a convenient one. Do you play mobile games? If you don’t, give them a try and see why they’re so popular.

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