When Will Weak Hero Class 1 Season 2 Released Date be?

The story of school students who are the victims of bullying in school is described briefly in “Weak Hero Class 1”. Audience gets exhausted by the show in a huge amount and in November it becomes the no. 1 show within a few days.

The first season ended with a tragedy and fans are waiting ahead for the next season now. Will there be Weak Hero Class 1 season 2? To know more about the K-drama read here.

Will Season 2 Of ‘Weak Hero Class 1’ Be Produced?

Appreciating all the newcomers including Park Ji Hoon, Choi Hyun Wook, and the rest of the “Weak Hero Class 1’s” characters did their best to place the drama at number position. After the ending of the first part, fans eagerly wanted to confirm season 2.

Director Yoo Soo Min stated that nothing is planned till now about season two. As he said, they never expect such a positive response from the viewers. The director also promised that there will be another season that you can watch with more efficient direction and a high-level story.

So it may be possible “Weak Hero Class 1” season 2 will premiere in 2023. But officially nothing is confirmed now.

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Who Will Be the Cast of Weak Hero Class 1 Season 2?

Weak Hero Class 1 is one of my favorite dramas with Yeon Si-Eun, a character that is played by Park Ji-hoon, a new actor. The whole cast is described below. Yet nothing is officially confirmed so you have to wait for season two. But if the audience loves any drama then obviously they wanted to see the previous character. 

New entries and any replacement updates here if any announcement comes from the creative team.

  1.  Park Ji-hoon as Yeon Si-Eun 
  2. Choi-Hyun-Wook: As Ahn Soo Ho / Stephen Ahn
  3. Hong-Kyung: As Oh Beom Seok
  4. Kim-Su-Gyeom: As Jeon Young Bin
  5. Lee- Yeon: as Young Yi
  6. Shin-Seung Ho: as Jeon Seok Dae
  7. Kim Su Gyeom as Young Bin
  8. Yoon Jung Hoon as Jung Chan
  9. Hwang Sung Bin as Tae Hoon

What Park Ji Hoon Stated About “Weak Hero Class 1”?

Park Ji Hoon known as Si-Eun from his latest drama ‘Weak Hero Class 1’ uses his mind to save himself from bullies. He is not healthy physically but has very strong academic knowledge. “I could never have expected such a great reaction,” the actor admits. My heart feels so full, and I feel so honored seeing the people’s positive reactions.

“He touches on how his image used to be one that was very cute and innocent, marveling along with viewers about how he was able to make such a drastic change for “Weak Hero Class 1.” “I thought that the loneliness that Yeon Si Eun felt was similar to the lonely feeling I felt after my activities with Wanna One ended and I went about doing everything on my own,” he explains. “In the scene where I hit my cheek, I actually hit myself even during the script reading. That’s how important of a scene I thought it was. I thought that it was a scene that showed Si Eun’s spiteful image for the first time.”

I wasn’t showing a cutesy image but rather wanted to show a diverse and mature but also bad sort of charm. Honestly, there are parts where I really wanted people to recognize my efforts, and I’m thankful to those who liked the drama.

Terminal Lines

The number one series of this month’s Weak Hero Class 1 season 2 can be accepted soon. Hope you also loved the next season. Because audiences love it too much, creators have to make its second season for its fans. Don’t forget to bookmark our site venturejolt.com. If you’re looking for the most up-to-date, accurate details on your favorite new shows, our site is the place to be.

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