When do Nick and Jess Break up? What is the Reason Behind it?

Nick and Jess break up:  On the FOX sitcom New Girl, Nick and Jess were dating. Despite being the show’s central couple, Nick and Jess’s relationship from season 2 onward was doomed to fail. Young and vivacious teacher Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) was the protagonist of the comedy series New Girl. After discovering that her boyfriend was cheating on her, Day moved into a loft with three strangers she met online.

Jess became close with her loft mates Schmidt (Greenfield), Nick Miller (Johnson) and Winston after an adjustment period that was difficult for all of them (Lamorne Morris). Despite Jess’s many suitors on New Girl, she and Nick eventually tied the knot. Their connection was much stronger from the start.

A future flash forward in the season finale showed that they had started a family and remained close with Schmidt and Cece as well as Winston and Ally. Read here for the updates on when Nick and Jess break up.

When do Nick and Jess Break up?

Nick and Jess’s relationship wasn’t the best choice for New Girl, despite their immense popularity. Fans of New Girl have been vocal in their disapproval of a number of the show’s decisions. Viewers have cited the show’s “adorkable” premise. The lack of development in the characters, Jess’s personality, the humor and the dynamic between Jess and Nick as reasons to turn off the TV.

After a tumultuous visit from Abby, Jess and Nick decide they have spent too much time fighting and they decide to end their relationship in the third season’s “Mars Landing.

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Explaining Why Jess and Nick’s Relationship Was a Mistake?

Unlike Schmidt and Cece who also had a rocky relationship before learning to accept each other’s flaws and ultimately fall in love, there was no room for growth in the relationship between Jess and Nick on New Girl. Cece started out as a model with no plans to settle down, but eventually agreed to an arranged marriage and started working as a mom.

Schmidt, meanwhile transformed from a womanizer who had no regard for women to a family man who stayed at home to raise his kids. However, Jess and Nick did not change at all during their relationship or its ups and downs. To be fair Nick did manage to complete his novel, The Pepperwood Chronicles and become a successful writer as a result.

Nick and Jess shouldn’t have been paired off so early in the series, despite the undeniable chemistry between Deschanel and Johnson. Their hasty decision to get back together killed the momentum of the show and their indecision about reconciling for nearly three seasons left viewers feeling burned out.

Unfortunately the “will they or won’t they” aspect of Nick and Jess’ story became the focus of the show. The truth is that there were many more exciting things going on around them such as Schmidt and Cece’s budding romance and Winston’s efforts to join the police force. Because it happened too quickly and was clumsily repaired in the final season of New Girl, the writers failed to develop Jess and Nick’s relationship beyond that.

Even though Nick and Jess are beloved by many New Girl viewers, there are those who blame them for the show’s downturn and have questioned whether or not there was a better candidate for the couple.

Timeline of Jess and Nick’s Relationship on New Girl

Jess and Nick
Jess and Nick

After being sent “behind the Iron Curtain” in a game of True American in season 2 of New Girl, Nick and Jess shared their first kiss marking the beginning of an up-and-down attraction between the two. Shortly after Jess’s breakup with Sam (David Walton), she and Nick gave their relationship a try. In seasons two and three, their relationship timeline becomes a little muddled.

However, in the third season episode “Mars Landing,” the couple finally breaks up after realizing their individual goals are incompatible. After much delay and Jess’s temporary departure from New Girl in season 5, Jess and Nick finally reconcile at the very end of season 6. Nick and Jess tied the knot three years after their initial meeting in the final season of New Girl.

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Final Lines

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