God of War Ragnarok Spoilers On PS5 And PS4

Even though God of War Ragnarok just came out a few days ago, some people are already racing to the end of the game. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it becomes a problem when players start putting spoilers on websites like YouTube in large numbers. And now, those YouTube videos, with their spoiler-filled thumbnails, can be uploaded directly to your PS5 or PS4.

Many of you who are reading this will already know this, but just in case: when you move your cursor over an installed game on your console, you’ll see a variety of content that is related to that game. This hub usually has things like DLC pages or trailers, but it can also have live streams and YouTube videos.

This can be especially bad news on PS5, where the system’s “Explore” tab will show you all kinds of things related to the games you’ve been playing. As a result, a few Push Square readers have told us that they’ve been hit with God of War Ragnarok spoilers just as they were getting ready to settle in for their first weekend of Norse fantasy adventure.

It’s a shame that this can happen, but at least on PS5, there is a way to stop it completely. You can limit the games you see in the Explore tab by going to that tab’s “Followed Games” section and unchecking God of War Ragnarok or any other games about which you don’t want more information.

The Best Strategies To Escape Teasers For God Of War: Ragnarök

God Of War Ragnarok
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It is recommended that you limit your time spent online as much as possible until you have completed the God of War: Ragnarok game. Because content developers for video games all around the world have been posting nonstop about this game, the likelihood of coming across a spoiler is quite high at this point. In particular, YouTube or other social media platforms may feed you a “recommended” article or video that has a big spoiler included in the title or thumbnail of the content. It is recommended that you engage in a brief period of digital detoxification before beginning to play the game if you are serious about shutting out everything related to God of War. You can also read about details relating to God of War Ragnarok Elden.

In addition, your PlayStation 5 comes equipped with an option that conceals information regarding upcoming events in video games. You can gain access to it by heading to Settings > Saved Data > Spoiler Warnings and turning on the option to hide spoilers. This will bring you to the page where you can access it. The majority of the time, this solution is successful, although it is not a failsafe. It is nevertheless recommended that you stop following God of War: Ragnarok entirely because there is still a chance that a spoiler will get through its filters.

How To Unfollow God Of War: Ragnarök On PlayStation 5?

Your PlayStation 5, of all things, may be your worst enemy if you are concerned about learning spoilers for the upcoming game God of War: Ragnarok. This is especially true if you pre-ordered the next God of War game from the PlayStation Store. The Explore tab on the PS5 has started displaying “associated content” for the game, which regrettably may include huge spoilers.

Your PlayStation 5 will “follow” any games that you purchase, including any pre-orders, and will then deliver material to you that is based on those games from all over the internet. A significant number of YouTube users have already posted videos on the platform that reveal important plot points about the video game God of War: Ragnarok. If you want to stay clear of all of these, you need to unfollow the game on your PS5 as soon as possible.

To stop receiving updates from a channel, turn off your PS5 and head to the Explore menu. You can find this option under the Games tab on the home screen of your console. You can unfollow God of War: Ragnarok by going to the “Followed Games” option in the upper-right corner of this page and clicking the “Unfollow” button next to the game’s name. You also have the option of going into the Settings menu on your PS5 and selecting Saved Data > Followed Games > Manage Followed Games to unfollow the game.

Tips For Playing God Of War Ragnarok On PS5 Without Being Spoiled

Players might not be aware of this, but any time a game is pre-ordered, purchased, or added to a player’s PS5 wish list, the system is immediately updated to support those games. The PlayStation 5 will then show any associated purchases or content from around the internet. Some of the related content for God of War Ragnarok can be found on YouTube, and according to the helpful guys over at Lifehacker, this content includes videos, some of which not only reveal significant story points but also reveal the game’s conclusion.

Go to the Explore menu on your PS5, look for the list of games you are following, and remove God of War Ragnarok from the list as soon as possible to prevent the experience from being ruined. If you are too terrified to do it that way and want to completely avoid the tab, navigate to the settings of your console, select saved data, followed games, and then select manage followed games.

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