1000 Lb Sisters: REVIVED For Seasons 4 & 5? Amy Slaton Quitting?

1000 Lb Sisters, Tammy and Amy Slaton have only been on television for the past two years. In such a short time, they have amassed an impressive fan base. The TV network has not yet announced whether or not the show will be renewed. The season 3 finale aired in January of 2022. Since it has been a whole year since then, naturally viewers are excited for the premiere of the new season. According to a reliable source, the show 1000 Lb Sisters has been extended for two more seasons.

Those pesky spoilers for 1000 Pound Sisters Amy Slaton, also known as 1000 Lb Sister, will spend less time in front of the camera in upcoming episodes of the TLC reality series. Amy will still continue to star in the series that has always focused on her and her sister Tammy Slaton, their lives and their weight battles. However, Amy will appear less frequently than in previous seasons. If you want to find out more, read on!

1000 Lb Sisters: Two More Seasons of Slaton’s! Is Amy Gone?

1000 Lb Sisters
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After chronicling their weight reduction journey on the show, Tammy and Amy have become well-known figures throughout the country. Both of their lives are extremely busy at the moment with a variety of activities. Her sister Amy is currently keeping very busy with her two handsome sons, Gage and Glenn, while their sister Tammy is in rehabilitation and concentrating entirely on shedding excess weight.

Despite this, TLC has not provided any information regarding the announcement of additional seasons of their exploits. On the other hand, The sun, a source who is close to Tammy Slaton has revealed some crucial details. It would appear that production on the fifth season of the TV show starring the Slaton family is presently underway.

On the other hand, Amy Slaton won’t be making an appearance in season 5 of 1000 Lb Sisters. Because the most recent season will concentrate entirely on Tammy Slaton’s trip, she will “drop out of the spotlight” at some point throughout the run of the show.

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In a recent interview, the younger sister stated that she would leave the show if the producers did not reduce the number of hours that she was required to work. She had been having the unfortunate experience of feeling like a “terrible mom.” Therefore, the most important thing for her to do right now is to spend as much time as possible with her two little sons, Glenn and Gage.

According to Tammy Slaton’s buddy, even if Amy finally leaves the show, they aren’t concerned that TLC would axe it. They think Tammy has the “ability to go solo,” much like Honey Boo Boo, which explains why! With this, the eldest sister also intends to spread body positivity and publish a book about her weight loss experience.

Amy Slaton Has Been Requesting Less Screen Time

Amy Slaton and her sister Tammie Slaton have been inseparable from one another ever since the first episode of the series. As a result of her admission that she is a “terrible mom,” the 32-year-old woman has decided to cut back on her hours at work so that she may devote more of her attention to her two small children.

Amy had earlier informed the producers that she needed to work less or else she would be forced to leave the program if they did not allow her to work less. Now, working less and raising her children is crucial to Amy. Everything has been challenging for Amy since she had her second child. According to a source who spoke to the Sun, “She wants to continue to focus on them.”

Tammy Slaton Will Be the Star of Season 5’s Filming

The filming of the fourth season of 1000-Lb Sisters is allegedly complete, and production for the fifth season has already begun. A source close to The Sun has revealed that the fifth season would concentrate more on Tammy Slaton as she goes through rehabilitation after her weight loss operation.

According to the information provided by the source, “it was a little terrifying,” but she recovered fast. Even though the first several days were very difficult for her, she was still able to converse and was aware of what was going on.

Amy “has been hidden out of the spotlight,” the source, who is apparently a friend of Tammy’s, continued to share after the first statement was made. Adding that it has been difficult for Amy in every way now that she has two children. She desires to keep her attention centered on them.

1000 Lb Sisters: Before Her Wedding, Tammy Has Bariatric Surgery 

It is not difficult to understand why TLC would want the most recent season to concentrate entirely on Tammy Slaton. She has been the star who has developed the least over the course of the first three seasons. In the end, she was successful in increasing rather than losing weight. But after she attended a program that specialized in helping people lose weight, things started to look up for her.

Their life underwent a significant amount of remarkable transformation. Tammy has, it seems, finally met the weight loss goal she set for herself in order to become eligible for bariatric surgery. Viewers of 1000 Lb Sisters are likely aware of how effective the technique is in promoting weight loss. As a result, Tammy is now capable of walking and standing without difficulty, which she was previously unable to accomplish.

Additionally, the source said that there were some difficulties once her operation was completed. Tammy is nevertheless doing well and has recovered from whatever ailment she had. In addition, her body is not reacting negatively to the medication that was prescribed to her following the surgery.

This month will also see Tammy and her partner, Caleb, take their first steps together as husband and wife. Both of them were attending the same rehabilitation center at the same time. Their shared experiences and comprehension of those experiences brought them closer together, and eventually love brought them together as well. The latter proposed to her in a parking lot in a way that was uncomplicated but nonetheless endearing. They both had the same goal of relocating to Kentucky.

A Potential Book Deal Could Split 1000-Lb Sisters

Tammy Slaton has been contemplating the future of the sister’s program in light of her sister Amy’s decision to step away from the role. According to Tammy’s friend, the source, Tammy has been considering writing and releasing a book, which is something Amy is unable to cope with because she is too busy with her other responsibilities.

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Tammy, who is 36 years old, is aware that she is capable of venturing off on her own as she focuses on caring for her two children. The information that the source shared next was that “even if Amy did quit the show, there are so many options for Tammy.”

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