Wednesday Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: What Happened at the End?

Wednesday Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Episode 8 starts with Wednesday meeting with Tyler in the woods and confronting him about Hyde. Right away, he shoots down the accusations. When he finds out that Wednesday believes he is Hyde, he questions why she would risk being seen by him in the woods by herself. Wednesday explains that she’s not traveling solo; she’s brought along several sirens, and Bianca uses her abilities to put him to sleep.

In Xavier’s art studio, he is chained to a chair. He is first questioned on Wednesday. Tyler’s mother was a Hyde, and she believes her son inherited the trait. Tyler argues that just because he comes from a marginalized family doesn’t make him evil. Wednesday is unmoved by his false sobs and resorts to “mild torture.”

The sirens didn’t sign up to see torture, so they abandon her and go to the principal with their concerns. After Dr. Kinbott’s evaluation of Tyler in treatment, the principal contacts the sheriff. The therapist was worried about Tyler’s mental health before she passed away because of the loss of his mother. When he hears from them, he immediately hurries to free Tyler from Wednesday’s dogged grasp.

The sheriff will not be filing charges, but he issued a warning on Wednesday not to escalate the situation. Wednesday is getting ready to leave the police station when Tyler approaches her and requests a moment alone with her. He admits to the crime and mocks her for being mistaken. After each murder, he would feel elated at the terror he had caused, he tells her. She has no idea what’s going to happen, he says to her.

The principal has had enough, and she informs Wednesday that she must leave the school by the next afternoon. Wednesday begs her to extend the deadline so she can provide conclusive evidence that Tyler is Hyde. The school’s headmistress declines, citing her dissatisfaction with the outcome.

Desperate, Wednesday pays a jailhouse visit to Xavier. While he was languishing in shackles in a jail, Wednesday was locking lips with Tyler. This news does not exactly make him happy. Wednesday confides in him that she has identified Tyler as Hyde and begs for his assistance. He says he can’t do anything and that she should just leave town. He informs her that her entire life has been spent making trouble for everyone she’s met.

Wednesday gets ready to go the next morning. A tearful farewell is shared between her and Enid. She even says her goodbyes to Bianca and the Nightshades, advising them to be ready for whatever Tyler has in store. Ms. Thornhill also sends her out with some good vibes and a bouquet of white oleander. Before leaving town, she meets Eugene who is awake from his coma and bids her goodbyes.

During their conversation, Eugene reveals that he spotted the boots of the person who lit the monster’s lair on fire the night of his attack. The boots were red and he doesn’t think Dr. Kinbott was the blame. Wednesday recalls that Ms. Thornhill is the only person she has seen wearing red boots.

Returning to the institution, she confronts her there. Wednesday informs her that Tyler has been totally honest with her. She brings in principal Larissa who has shape-shifted into Tyler.

Ms. Thornbill admits her guilt and begs “Tyler” to kill Wednesday after hearing the bare facts presented by Wednesday. After hearing the confession, Larissa changes back and asks Ms. Thornbill aka Laurel to comply. She demonstrates this again by killing Principal Larissa by injecting her with nightshade poison and then attacking Wednesday with a spade. She then chains Wednesday up in Crackstone’s tomb.

Meanwhile, one of the sheriff’s deputies contacts him to tell him that Eugene’s parents have reported suspicious activity at Nevermore. They slashed all the police cars’ tires, so she and the other cops can’t get to the school in time. The sheriff stops by the institution while taking Xavier to jail.

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Crackstone is awoken by Ms. Thornhill’s ritual and vows instant and complete revenge. When Wednesday attempts to confront him, he stabs her and then abandons her for dead. Goody materializes in front of her and provides guidance on how to vanquish Crackstone. For protection, she should wear the necklace her mother gave her as a talisman. The talisman will allow Goody to pass through Wednesday and heal her but she will never be able to see her again. Wednesday agrees and is healed by Goody.

Enid rallies the Nightshades, and the Sirens volunteer to utilize their abilities to help clear out the school. Enid begins gorging herself as she hurries to save Wednesday. Wednesday, now healthy, wants to hurry to stop Crackstone, but instead, she runs across Tyler. He shifts and starts attacking her but Enid comes in her wolf form and starts fighting the creature.

What Happens at end of Wednesday?

What Happens at end of Wednesday
What Happens at end of Wednesday

Wednesday finishes her manuscript, and she and Enid pay a visit to the principal’s office to show their appreciation. They mourn her loss and honor her sacrifice for the academy.

All remaining classes for the semester are canceled and Enid has invited Wednesday to come to see her in San Francisco. Wednesday expresses gratitude to Bianca for her assistance, suggesting the two could eventually learn to get along. Wednesday also talks with Xavier and they patch things up. He hands her a phone and suggests they keep in touch through text messages. He inquires as to her plans for the next semester, but she gives him no indication that she will be returning.

While she’s on her way home, she gets a text message from whoever is following her. She describes how some threads are still hanging as she walks past the car that is bringing Tyler. At the conclusion of the season, Tyler becomes a monster on the subway.

Wednesday Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

What happened in Wednesday's Season 1 Episode 8
What happened in Wednesday’s Season 1 Episode 8

At the start of “A Murder of Woes,” Tyler and Wednesday had a nocturnal encounter in the woods. Wednesday wonders why Tyler would kill Dr. Kinbott and concludes that he must be the monster. Wednesday puts two and two together and concludes that Kinbott has gotten too close for comfort. Tyler’s brilliant ruse included intentionally wounding himself. Despite Tyler’s denials, Wednesday and the rest of the Nevermore students kidnap him after hearing Bianca’s siren call. They have him tied up in Xavier’s painting studio, but he still claims nothing happened.

Wednesday, however, is not afraid to get her hands dirty, so she Tases Tyler and sets up her torture instruments. As a result of this dramatic shift in the atmosphere, the students panic and run away. They report the incident to Principal Weems, who contacts the local sheriff. Just as Wednesday is about to make a hammer swipe at Tyler, the police arrive and take her into custody.

She seems to have lost her mind, but is she actually onto something? For help to apprehend Xavier, Galpin only gives her a stern warning when they return to the station. In a chillingly intimate conversation, Tyler reveals that he is the monster and threatens to kill her next because he enjoys killing. Wednesday is ejected from school by Weems for this horrific deed, and she immediately begins packing her belongings.

Wednesday stops by to see Eugene before she departs. He’s making steady progress and is finally able to sit up in bed. After saying her farewell, Eugene recounts the night of the dance and the cave explosion he observed before he was brutally attacked. Somebody in red boots stands out in his memory.

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Eventually, Wednesday figures out that Marilyn is actually Laurel Gates. She decides to face the perpetrator in Marilyn’s classroom. On Wednesday, the plan is unveiled in its entirety. Marilyn had Tyler under her control using a chemical produced from plants. In a deception, Marilyn gives Tyler the order to assassinate Wednesday. Weems pretended to be Tyler and overheard Marilyn’s entire confession. Before they can have Marilyn jailed for this treachery, Marilyn ends Weems’ life and knocks out Wednesday.

Tied up and surrounded by candles, Wednesday awakes in Crackstone’s crypt. Marilyn reveals how she is a descendant of Crackstone, and just like the founding father, she wants all outcasts exterminated. Using Tyler’s collected remains, she intends to bring Crackstone back to life.

It appears that a blood sacrifice is necessary to open Crackstone’s tomb and that Wednesday’s blood provides the key. With the help of the body pieces and Wednesday’s blood, Crackstone is resurrected. Wednesday is the first person he attacks and leaves for dead. To eliminate the remaining students, Marilyn and Crackstone, now a zombie, travel to Nevermore. Goody appears and heals Wednesday back to full health with the powerful talisman Morticia gave to her.

While looking for Wednesday, Enid has her first wolf transformation as she begins to wolf out in her pursuit. Following this, Tyler transforms into the monster and launches an attack on Wednesday. Enid rushes to her aid and battles Hyde to save her. At the same time, Crackstone enters the school and begins to wreak havoc with his magic stick. Do you see the irony in the fact that he has a magical power of his own but despises the kids who have them? Wednesday gets a fairly huge sword and prepares to do battle with the zombie pilgrim when the school is evacuated.

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