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Tom Vitale Net Worth: How Rich is Valerie Bertinelli’s Ex?

Tom Vitale Net Worth

Tom Vitale Net Worth

Tom Vitale is a financial adviser, TV producer, and businessman who was born in California on August 15, 1963. His wife, the well-known actress Valerie Bertinelli, has made it such that he is better recognized for his personal life than for his professional one.

Despite the fact that he is a prosperous businessman in the nation who has worked on a variety of projects. Mr. Vitale is better known as Valerie’s spouse thanks to the success of “One Day At A Time.”

Tom Vitale Net Worth

American producer and TV executive Tom Vitale has a fortune of $5 million. Tom Vitale started working in the television industry in the late 1980s after he finished his studies at Williams. He entered the television business in 1987 with Viacom before transferring to NBC to work in the department of program acquisition.

In his present position as Executive Vice President of Programming and Original Movies, he is in charge of all movie and program acquisition, development, and programming for Syfy and Chiller. He also produced the Off-Off-Broadway play “Dyslexic Heart” in 1999 in addition to his work in television.

He has long been associated with Williams College alumni activities and programs, and he even served on the board of the Williams Club for ten years. Prior to this, he served as vice president of Fieri National for New York State and president of Fieri Manhattan. An Italian-American group called Fieri promotes civic, educational, and cultural causes.

Tom Vitale Early Life

The wealthy family of four includes Tom Vitale’s parents, older brother David, and two children. Rugby was a terrific way for him to bond with his sibling and share his life. He has never mentioned his mother’s last name, even though they share a home.

Tom Vitale Net Worth

Tom, on the other hand, at least based on a careful analysis of his Instagram account, appears to have maintained the same level of connection with his mother that he had as a child. Although we haven’t been able to verify it, some reports claim that he holds a degree from Williams College.

Tom Vitale Career

American The person Tom Vitale is well-known. He started working in the industry right away after completing his degree in finance at Williams College. After that, he worked as a marketing strategist and research analyst for Viacom, which distributed CBS TV shows and other programs for syndication.

He ultimately left and started working for NBC. After that, he participated in the play Dyslexic Heart’s production. As an Executive Vice President of Programming & Original Movies, Tom Vitale joined Syfy and Chillers in 1993. Tom was responsible for the company’s programming, development, strategic planning, network scheduling, and deal-making in addition to overseeing the company’s purchases of series and films.

He has held the positions of President of Fieri Manhattan and Vice President of Fieri National. The online store Veebow was founded in 2011 by Tom and Edward Leow. The company had to close in 2018 as a result of financial issues. Vitale was a financial expert who also had a passionate interest in the fields of film and television creation.

He became well-known thanks to the programs Who Do You Think You Are?, Valerie’s Home Cooking, Hot in Cleveland, The Apprentice, and E! True Hollywood Story.

Tom Vitale Personal Life

Tom Vitale, a 58-year-old TV producer, and financial specialist has experience in the field. On August 15, 1963, in California’s Golden State, he was born. He is a legitimate American citizen and resident. David Vitale is his brother, although he has never mentioned his parents. He weighs 75 kg and is 1.90 meters tall. He sports a mustache and a grey beard while having a top bald head. His Leo birth sign and his eyes are both dark.

Tom Vitale Relationship

Tom and American actress and television personality Valerie Bertinelli have been wed since 2011. Before he met Valerie, Tom was married to Sharon Vitale, but their divorce was legal. Tom’s arrest in 2001 after he attacked his ex-wife Sharon. Two of Tom and Sharon’s four kids are Andie and Angela Vitale. Tom is not just a successful businessman but also a kind and loyal family man.

Tom Vitale Professional Life

He made a number of amazing accomplishments over his career. The producer started off as a professional planner before starting his own prosperous business. In the 1990s, Tom’s career as a television actor began. As the company’s CEO, the businessman oversees the online retailer Veebow.

Edward Leow and I started the company in 2011. The total amount spent was $1,300,000. The group’s ultimate objective is to make operations simpler for franchisees and retail shop owners. Off-Off-smash He also co-produced the Broadway smash “Dyslexic Heart,” which is a great example of his work.

He started working for Syfy and Chiller in 2020, where he was in charge of all of the networks’ motion picture and television productions. Tom Vitale also serves as vice president of the charitable trust Fieri National.

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