Is Gabby Barrett pregnant, “I Hope” Singer for Second Time #2?

Is Gabby Barrett pregnant: Gabby Barrett, an “I Hope” singer aged 22 celebrates Mother with a special reason, she is expecting another baby with her husband ‘Cade Foehner’. They married in 2019, and after three years she is pregnant for the second time. By using Instagram she confirms her pregnancy news with an ultrasound report. With captioned, “My son. 💙,” Barrett captioned the clip. “Another LIFE we get to love and cherish. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Foehner also posted the same video on social media to celebrate his wife’s pleasure and captioned “Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing, strong, and fruitful Bride! @gabbybarrett_” he said. ”She is currently carrying another precious life made in the image of God. A son to bear our name into the next generation. Our children will rise up and call her blessed, this husband also praises her. Proverbs 31:28 ‘Praise God from whom all blessings flow!’” he added… Recently she “Rock N’ Roll Cowboy Tour” out with superstar Jason Alden. But she left the tour in mid because of her pregnancy.

Is Gabby Barrett pregnant
Is Gabby Barrett pregnant?

After sharing the news a fan asked her, how she feels now, she said,  the “Pick Me Up” singer shared: “Okay. I love performing. It is getting difficult though. What people don’t really see is there is a looooooottt of sitting around all day before the show.. which makes everyone groggy. I struggle with very low blood pressure almost every day in this pregnancy which makes it hard to have the energy to perform.”

In fact, she perform better than previously and recently posted her recent images from her latest show, and fans replied on her posts, “Awesome show in Chicago! Congratulations on expecting #2! You and your husband were awesome (sic),” “You were amazing!!!!,” “You were phenomenal as always!!! This is my 3rd time seeing you in Indy and you never disappoint!!” 

Her first baby was born on 18 January 2021, as a daughter name Baylah May Foehner, is “funny & sweet,” and “transitioning into that true toddler voice.”

Barrett also said that they never planned for a second baby, she said, it “was a clear answered prayer” and “a blessing.” Now both were thinking about their son’s name,  “right away. We will have to wait to see him.”

Barrett also praises her husband Cade for how he take care when she was pregnant for the first time. She called him “extra thoughtful.”

“He’s just been very nice. He rubs my feet every single night,” she said. “And pregnancy can sometimes bring on mood swings and all of those crazy things from the lovely hormones. He’s just been very patient about it and very understanding.”

She also shared her experience during her last pregnancy, “With Baylah, I got a very bad case of PUPPS rash that covered my entire body, until after I delivered & I got postpartum preeclampsia,” she wrote. “I had to get on blood pressure medication when I was 20… Thankful God provides doctors for help.”

But this time she said, “We are a bit stuck. We don’t have an official full name as we did with Baylah right away. We will have to wait and see him.”

“For some reason, boy names have been much harder for me to come up with than girl names,” Barrett confessed. ”I have, like, a whole list of girl names, and then boy names, it’s very short and we’re trying to figure out if we want to continue, like, a family name or not,” she added.

Final Lines

Barrett is again becoming a mom and she seems happy with this unplanned baby. Gabby’s husband Cade also helped in her every way what he did. Giving them best wishes let’s stop here. Hope you like it, connect with us for more updates and celebrity pregnancy news. Don’t forget to bookmark our site