Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Yet To Be Announced By Netflix!

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2: “Chicago Party Aunt,” a narrative about the exploits of a hard-partying Chicago lady who is also an aunt, is the newest addition to Netflix’s excellent roster of adult animated series. Premiering on September 17, the series was inspired by the Twitter account @ChiPartyAunt, which also serves as the show’s official Twitter account.

Viewers of this homage to the Windy City have likely already seen all eight episodes, and may even have seen them multiple times. From the very first pages of “Chicago Party Aunt,” it is abundantly evident that Diane Dunbrowski’s exploits have been going on for quite some time, probably a decade or two longer than they should have.

However, that turns out to be the show’s entire premise, since Diane’s personal and professional life is in shambles due to her years of excessive partying. It will be intriguing to see how her life develops as she continues to cling to what she believes to be her past glories, and we will need at least one more season to find out. Looking at what we know about season 2 of “Chicago Party Aunt” thus far.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Release Date

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s “Chicago Party Aunt,” you’ll be happy to hear that more episodes are on the way. If the streaming service has ordered 16 episodes, as Variety reports, then production on the remaining eight episodes is likely well underway. The first season of the show consists of eight episodes.

This, in turn, suggests that there will be a second season of “Chicago Party Aunt,” though nothing will be guaranteed until Netflix officially announces it. If the first season premiered on September 17, 2021, then it will be a time until the show’s second season airs. In the same vein as its fellow adult cartoon series “Chicago Party Aunt,” the raunchy coming-of-age series “Big Mouth has maintained a fairly consistent annual release schedule, give or take a few months.

Therefore, Season 2 of “Chicago Party Aunt” will likely premiere between Demeber 2022. Yet, given that manufacturing has begun, they might also be released significantly sooner than expected.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Plot: Is It Going To Be Super Amazing This Time?

The first season of “Chicago Party Aunt” establishes the show’s setting and characters, establishes their relationships, and exposes viewers to Diane Dunbrowski’s conflicted nature as a middle-aged person who clings to the hard-rocking, hard-partying days of her increasingly distant youth.

There is a wide variety of themes in each episode. Still, from the pilot, it is clear that Diane’s lavish lifestyle comes at a high price, and that beneath her preoccupation with the nightlife and cultural offerings of Chicago lies a strong and caring human being.

At the end of Season 1, the groundwork has been laid for what may be an authentic tale of character development or at least a token effort in that direction. No one knows where the second season of “Chicago Party Aunt” will take Diane’s story, but if the first season is any indication, the many positive characters around her will continue to contribute to her growth through many strange.

Wild stories and plot twists. Don’t expect her to give up the Chicago references and partying antics. They do have a role in the title of the show.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Characters

There’s a great variety of personalities in “Chicago Party Aunt,” so if season 2 of the show wants to spice things up, it can. Since there are only eight episodes in Season 1 and Netflix has ordered a total of sixteen, it stands to reason that the remaining eight episodes will also star the same actors.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2
Chicago Party Aunt Season 2

Lauren Ash known for her role in “Superstore,” will return as “Party Aunt” Diane Dunbrowski in season 2. Rory O’Malley, who plays Diane’s nephew Daniel, will very certainly return as well. Jill Talley and Ike Barinholtz, who play Daniel’s parents Bonnie and Mark, will also likely make appearances, as will Diane’s ex-husband Kurt (Chris Witaske) and their son Mikey (Jon Barinholtz).

The Borough Salon, an important part of Diane’s life, is one of the aspects of her character that viewers are eager to see again in season two. While RuPaul’s hip manager Gideon steals the show in the first season, Katie Rich’s wacky Zuzana and Da’Vine Joy Randolph’s realistic Tina are also outstanding additions to the cast who have a lot of room to grow in future episodes.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Trailer

Netflix has yet to produce a trailer for season two. Since the launch date of Season 2 has not yet been set, fans will have to be patient and wait for the network to give the show the go-ahead. You may catch up on the first season of the show by watching it on Netflix if you missed it. The animated series is not password-protected, so all you need is a connection to the internet to watch it.

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Final Lines

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