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Did Sports Radio Host Fred Toucher Divorce His Wife Stephanie Toettcher?

Fred Toucher Divorce

Fred Toucher Divorce

Are the Fred Toucher divorce rumors true? Readalldetailsbelow: Fred Toucher Toettcher, a sports radio broadcaster and his wife Stephanie Toettcher recently announced their separation. According to the Boston Globe, he took time away from the show in July 2022 to deal with divorce-related issues.

Fred has been co-hosting “The Toucher and Rich Show” on Boston’s WBZ-FM radio station with Rich Shertenlieb since 2006. In 2009, the show moved to 98.5 The Sports Hub. In 1999, he started off presenting at night on Atlanta’s 99X and eventually worked his way up to the morning show.

As a result of their success, The Toucher and Rich Show has become a staple on New England radio. The event had a share of 10.5% in the morning drive time slot in the Fall 2018 Boston Nielsen Audio ratings.

Among men aged 25 to 54 (sports radio’s primary demographic of listeners), Toucher and Rich ranked top in the most recent rating session, with a 12.7 share in the morning drive.

Fred Toucher Marriage with Stephanie Toettcher

Fred Toucher and Stephanie Toettcher

Because of her husband, sportscaster Fred Toucher, Stephanie Toettcher has gained widespread public recognition. The famous broadcaster who won a Marconi award It’s been nearly fifteen years since Toucher and his wife Stephanie tied the knot.

Stephanie Touche is a Marketing Account Manager for MaidPro, where she is married to Touche. She was a stay-at-home parent for 13 years before deciding to go back to work.

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Since Stephanie prefers to stay out of the spotlight, there is less information available about her education and early life. Alternatively, Fred graduated from Rollins College in 1997. Then, he got a job at a local radio station in Cumming, Georgia. Based on her appearance, Stephanie may be in her mid-40s right now. Her exact date and place of birth are still a mystery.

Born on January 16, 1975, in Detroit, Michigan, United States, Toucher is now 47 years old. He is a Capricon, a sign in the zodiac. From their pictures, it appears that there is only a three- or four-year gap between them in age.

Why did Fred Toucher Divorce Stephanie Toettcher?

According to the report in the Boston Globe, Fred Toucher plans to divorce his wife Stephanie Toettcher in the summer of 2020.  In 2020, the sports host’s show was where the news really caught fire after he discussed the issue. Toucher told his audience that he needed to focus on his mental health, and he went into great depth about his life at the moment.

Because he sounded so furious about 7 a.m., Shertenlieb they go off the radio together. Then, the Boston radio host announced on Instagram the next week that he was checking himself into a mental institution.  After a hiatus of over two months, Fred is back at his desk. He just admitted that he and Stephanie have separated as of October 2022.

Fred Toucher and Stephanie Toettcher: A Couple in the World of Sports

Fred Toucher a sportscaster and his wife Stephanie were married for over ten years. Their relationship appeared to be going well until the announcement of their split in 2020. Toucher has been mum about his romance and the circumstances surrounding his introduction to Stephanie until now. It’s been stated that they spent a lot of time together in the suburbs of Boston.

Fred claimed that issues in his personal life led to a mental collapse in July of 2020. After three months, he posted a picture of his family online, saying, “I made it through these crazy few weeks.”

He hasn’t posted any more photos of them together on social media, which may be a sign that they broke up. It has not been revealed what caused the Touchers to end their blissful love.

Family Reflections On Sportscaster Fred Toucher

TV sportscaster Fred Toucher has a wife Stephanie and two kids, Zoey and Milo. In 2008, the couple gave birth to their son, Milo. On this date in 2022, their son will be 14 years old. Fred shared a photo of himself and Milo with the remark, “Don’t worry kid in 35 years you’ll look like your old man.” The Touchers welcomed their second child in 2010, just two years after the birth of their first, Milo. On July 11, 2022, their daughter Zoey turned 12.

This sweet family of four was seen at Faneuil Hall in December of 2010 with their two young children, Zoey and Milo. A year or so ago, Fred put out a call to his followers asking for assistance with the Globe Santa project.

Fred Toucher with his son

Parents who worry that their children will feel excluded on Christmas morning write to Globe Santa frequently, pleading for him to make a special trip to see them.

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Fred’s Instagram account, which he uses as @fredtoucher, has over 21 thousand followers. He has posted several beautiful pictures of his kids. He posted a photo of his daughter Zoey with a copy of Lemmy’s book alongside a caption expressing his hope that Zoey will one day wed a man with a facial boil as large as Lemmy’s.

Based on his Instagram account, it appears that he enjoys spending time on the water with his family fishing and boating. Images of his youngster sporting a Vilma jersey adorn one of the photos.

Final Lines

Here we talked about the details of Fred Toucher divorce. There was something off in the relationship between Fred Toucher and his wife Stephanie for the last few months. In this article, we talked about all the details we could gather on Fred Toucher divorce.

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