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Will Tonikawa Over The Moon For You Season 2 be Confirmed?

over the moon for you season 2

over the moon for you season 2

Tonikawa: Over The Moon for You season 2: Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You, a romantic Japanese movie is also known as Fly Me to the Moon. This series is based on a novel written by Kenjiro Hata, with the same name, and illustrate it also in another language rather than Japanese.  In the series, you can watch a romantic comedy story of a genius boy Nasa Yuzaki, and how he handles his new wife, Tsukasa with love.

Every fan gets crazy for its cute love story. After watching the first season fans are waiting for the second one now. Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You season 2 announcement is done but is it true or are rumors read here? 

Will Tonikawa Over The Moon For You season 2 be Confirmed?

Fans we have surprising news for you regarding Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You season 2.  As it becomes a fan-favorite anime series, and the audience wants its next installment, the team decides to make the second season. As it get popular in a very short time period, as it premiered in  October 2020.

If we talk about raw material for the film then there are 17 volumes of the comic that have been published and only 4 of them were filmed now. So, there is a lot of material to film. In fact, if we want all the volumes should be premiered then at least two or more seasons must be premiered.

When Will Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You Season 2 Released Date?

Will Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You Season 2 be Confirmed?

Tonikawa Over The Moon For You season 1 was aired within seven months as announced.  In March 2020 it was announced that TonIkawa: Over The Moon For You was coming and in October 2022, it’s release. Expecting the same season two will follow the same schedule.

Now we can accept that TonIkawa: Over The Moon For You season 2 will be released in 2023. Yet it is not confirmed whether the series is under production or not.  Hopefully, under Studio Seven Arcs, this anime cooking as soon as possible. Crunchyroll and other companies connected to the movie, still have not confirmed any exact release date for the series. As we get any update about the film we will update soon in the article. 

Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You season 2 Plot

Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You is a romantic comedy, as I told you, between Nasa and Tsukasa. Season two is confirmed now, so what can we expect from the plot of the second installment? The story may be begun from where the final episode of the first season leaves it. Let’s have a glimpse at the season’s first story.

The main characters Nasa and Tsukasa meet during a snowfall evening. Tsukasa is a beautiful girl and Nasa like her at first sight. Bleeding Nasa proposed Tsukasa, to marriage, but only one condition she gets ready to marry him. Nasa and Tsukasa attending an event in the final episode of the series. We can accept that from here the second season will start.

Is it possible we can watch this time NASA and Tsukasa as husband and wife?

Their Tokyo house was destroyed by the fire and now Chitose was unknown from this incident. Chariton asked to know where she is living now, then she told me everything.  To know all Chriton help Tsukasa manage her home and meet there meets Kaname and Aya Arisugawa. Kaname demand Nasa to take his wife out on a date, but he has no logical reason for that. He believes that these are symptoms of a bad relationship. But after conveyancing by Kaname, Nasa invite her to purchase a smartphone, as Tsukasa understand she was on a date then it was surprising to her because Nas was not that kind of boy. In this way, Nasa gifts her a very first gift a smartphone.

Who Will Reprise Their Characters in Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You season 2?

Seven Arcs produced this series, with the director Hiroshi Ikehata. 12 Episodes were aired within 50 days of release, at Tokyo MX, ytv, and BS-NTV. Crunchyroll streamed this series in selected areas like South Asia, and Aniplus Asia from November 20, in English. An extra episode of the series as original video animation (OVA) of the series was aired on 18 August 2021. On November 6, it was announced that the series was renewed for the next season.

If the series is renewed then the cast may be reprised as in the first season. As the audience gets familiar with the previous cast, and no announcement of any new entry. Even the production team does not confirm if someone is replacing his or her role. So, with the hope that the cast will remain the same, we listed the previous cast below.

Nasa Yuzaki 

Tsukasa Yuzaki, née Tsukuyomi 

Kaname Arisugawa 

Aya Arisugawa 

Chitose Kaginoji 



Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You season 1 episode list

S. No. Title  Directed By Written by Released  date
1. “Marriage” Akira Mano Kazuho Hyōdō October 3, 2020
2. “The First Night” Toshikatsu Tokoro Kazuho Hyōdō October 10, 2020
3. “Sisters” Yasuhiko Seyama Kazuho Hyōdō October 17, 2020
4. “Promise” Shunji Yoshida Yū Satō October 24, 2020
5. “Rings” Yūsuke Onoda Gō Zappa October 31, 2020
6. “News” Shigeru Fukase Kazuho Hyōdō November 7, 2020
7. “Trip” Daiei Andō Yū Satō November 14, 2020
8. “Parents” Akira Mano Yū Satō November 21, 2020
9. “Daily Life” Toshikatsu Tokoro Kazuho Hyōdō November 28, 2020
10 “The Way Home” Akira Katō Kazuho Hyōdō December 5, 2020
11. “Friends” Shunji Yoshida Yū Satō December 12, 2020
12. “Husband and Wife” Shigeru Fukase Kazuho Hyōdō December 19, 2020
12.5 “Flashbacks” n/a n/a December 26, 2020
13. “SNS” Masato Takada Kazuho Hyōdō August 18, 2021

Final Lines

Everything is clear now for Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You season2. Yet its exact date is not confirmed, as we get any information we will update it in our post. So keep an eye on our site

Frequently Asked Question

Who was their last partner of Tsukasa?

Tsukasa’s, other partner is Isla, but she forgets everything now. But wanted to start a new life to create new memories.

Why did Tsukasa marry Nasa?

Before answering Nasa’s question Tsukasa questioned Nasa, why he wanted to marry her. Nasa replied he like her. Then Tsukasa said that she never married a person who loved her.

Where can I watch Tonikawa over the moon for you season 2?

Everything about TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You season one, special episodes and season will be available on Crunchyroll, in Japan’s territories: North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS.

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