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Big Sky: Deadly Trails Season 3 Eps. 9 & 10 Overviews: Diner Attack?

Big Sky Deadly Trails Season 3 Eps. 9 & 10 Overviews

Big Sky Deadly Trails Season 3 Eps. 9 & 10 Overviews

Big Sky: Deadly Trails Season 3 Eps. 9 & 10 Overviews: The “Big Sky ” Season 3 has been titled “Deadly Trials” and the very famous crime drama will bring back Jenny Hoyt and Cassie Dewell once again to solve the mysterious crimes. As the subtitle suggests, this season is going to highlight the deadly crimes around the campground and the rocky hiking trails.

The creator and executive producer of the show, “Big Sky: Deadly Trials”, David E. Kelly has evolved as amongst the most celebrated names in the world of crime-drama series. The show took inspiration from C.J. Box’s book series, “Big Sky” which narrates the story of Jenny Hoyt, a police officer who joins Cassie Dewell, a talented private detective, to investigate and solve crimes happening all around the rural part of Montana County.

 ABC’s show has become a big hit amongst the fans, all thanks to the incredible storyline. Since the “Big Sky: Deadly Trials” are now going for a mid-season break, we have briefed the official overview of upcoming episodes. These are November 30th’s S03E09 “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire” and next comes “A Thin Layer of Rock” which will be released on December 7th. Be prepared to see Emily being more at risk of the line of fire and the ominous ring is still in the picture. So, prepare yourself to learn more about the jaw-dropping midseason finale that is going to come your way.

“Big Sky: Deadly Trials” Season 3 Episode 9 Overview

To start with, “Big Sky: Deadly Trials” Season 3 Episode 9 is going to be released by the title, “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire”. The episode will highlight Jenny and Beau’s investigation of the mysterious death that happened to the rookie smokejumper. On the other hand, Cassie is determined to find the truth of Walter’s story since she is not fully convinced and thinks that some more truth is there to be unveiled. 

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 It has been a hard time for Sunny and Buck who are now trying to manage their emotions after the arrest of Walter. And this will further lead her to disclose the biggest secret that she has been hiding for so long to Cormac. You guessed it right, she did so to test Cormac’s allegiance. As a matter of fact, Kyle and Brian McCauley Johnson have precisely penned down the episode to give it that extra thrilling factor.

“Big Sky: Deadly Trials” Season 3 Episode 10

To continue and deepen the mysteries, “Big Sky: Deadly Trials” will focus on a different chapter of the story. Episode 10 has been titled “A Thin Layer of Rock ” where we will see Jenny and Beau investigating thoroughly the sudden disappearance of the groom. Thus, Cassie seeks help from Denise and then again Beau’s daughter Emily to find more truth about the lies that have woven around Walter as well as Sunny Day Excursions.

When the truth is finally out, we get to see how Cassie lands more in trouble. There was no option but for Sunny to have an unwilling alliance in order to protect and keep her family safe. But before there would have been any more progress, the unseen happened and the deadly diner attack made things worse.

“Big Sky: Deadly Trials” Season 3: Who are the Key Players of the Episodes 9 and 10

“Big Sky Deadly Trials” Season 3 Who are the Key Players

Apart from Kelley, Elwood Reid is the showrunner to adds more mystery and drama to the show. Your usual cast favorites will be returning to maintain the reputation of the show. The last two episodes are intense and have an explosive turn before taking a break for the midseason. So, here are the main cast members who will definitely add fuel to the fire already caught in upcoming episodes 9 and 10:

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Other cast members are there but these are the regulars that will leave an impact on the minds of the viewers. Moreover, it is heard that “Big Sky: Deadly Trials” Season 3 has a lot of guest appearances and you should be watching it to learn more.

 Final Words

Maintaining the hype alive amongst the audience is crucial for continuing the “Big Sky: Deadly Trials” Season 3 after a mid-season break. And after the December 7th episode, we will surely be going to learn about the imprint the episode left. Thus, wait for the two epic episodes and you will surely feel like a massive change is about to happen. Are you excited for the next progressions in “Big Sky: Deadly Trials” Season 3? Keep following for more updates. 


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