Below Deck Season 10 Premiere Episode 1 Recap: Chef Rachel Is Serving Drama

Below Deck Season 10 Premiere: You have been waiting for “Below Deck” Season 10 for months now and the day has finally come when you will get to see the latest antics. The two times Emmy nominated show was released on 21st November 2022 and is streaming on Bravo.

The show has been airing on the usual slot, 8/7c and chaos have begun since the very beginning of “Below Deck” Season 10 Episode 1.  This time, Captain Lee Rosbach will be seen in his newest job role and a lot of changes have happened. Along with him, Fraser Olender who has won the hearts of fans is now promoted to Chief Stew whereas Chef Rachel Hargrove is pumped up for serving drama along with food. 

The trio has been seen in the franchise for the longest period and to join them, new faces have entered the story. Stews Hayley De Sola Pinto, Alissa Humber, and deck stews Camille Lamb and Bosun Ross McHarg are the newest additions.

Luis Antonio “Tony” Duarte, Ben Willoughby and Katie Glaser will be the deckhands. “Below Deck” Season 10 has kicked off a fresh start but the chaos is undeniable. In fact, fans are even upset with Camille already, and “Below Deck” Season 10 Episode 1 has surely risen up the charts. How explosive for the first episode of season 10? Well, here is a “Below Deck” Season 10 Episode 1 recap that catches your interest.

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Below Deck” Season 10 Episode 1 Premiere Recap

You know who this season’s cast members are. They will start their voyage on the 197 ft motor yacht St. David which will be sailing to the beautiful backdrop of St. Lucia of the Caribbean Sea. The crew is trusted to keep the wealthy and partying charter guests entertained for the sail. They had a new batch of yachties as we all know. But in just 24 hours prior to the first charter, there raised a massive commotion. You would have guessed that the pristine waters and the gorgeous mountains could have kept their minds calm and poised. Well, that didn’t happen.

It was lunchtime when the drama started unfolding at the “Below Deck ” Season 10 Episode 1. Chef Rachel appeared an hour and fifteen minutes late to her mid-day service. And this time, the charter guests got highly intoxicated which definitely made them irritated as well as cranky. To calm them down, Fraser and Alissa joined forces to serve freshly made homemade pita, hummus, and delicious baba ganoush for the hungry crowd. Of course, extra work had to be done to satisfy the “hangry” guests.

Fraser even feels frustrated when the guest ends up spilling a cup of sauce and says, “I’m feeling a little bit frazzled,” “what can I do? Just roll with the punches.” 

Alisha was seen rushing with the plate of sizzling meat when Fraser doesn’t fail to crack a hilarious joke on himself and continues, “I’m sweating like an absolutely filthy, reckless, f*cking little whore.”

On the other hand, the impression of Camille didn’t sit right. While she was complaining about Alissa and how she is not a good leader, Camille was questioning Alissa’s leadership skills. She went as far as to compare Alissa with “A-grade” students who cared only about work and didn’t have any sense of fun left in them. And she claimed to be one of the “C-grade students” who are all about balancing work and fun.

Thus, “Below Deck” Season 10 Episode 1 has leveled up whatever you have been witnessing all this while.

What Were the Fans’ Reaction To “Below Deck” Season 10 Episode 1?

What Were the Fans' Reaction To “Below Deck” Season 10 Episode 1
What Were the Fans’ Reaction To “Below Deck” Season 10 Episode 1

The fans seem to have been highly disappointed with one person in particular and that is Camille. Her attitude didn’t sit right with the fans as she was being straightaway disrespectful, annoying and of course big trouble. The series saw a change in dynamics just at the beginning of the show. So, something massive is waiting ahead for the viewers. Coming back to the point, here are the honest reactions to “Below Deck” Season 10 Episode 1:

 One fan said, “I have a feeling this 2 job title isn’t gona go well for Camille”.

Another fan entered the conversation, “Camille acting a little jealous that Alissa is 2nd? Or does she just not like authority”.

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So, is it true that Camille is jealous of Alissa or there will be the next turn of events? Who knows what is waiting for them?

Final Words

The “Below Deck” Season 10 Episode 1 started with a bang and we cannot wait to see how the future unfolds. Thus, bless yourself since more drama is on the way! Keep following for more updates.