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Aubrey O’Day Discusses About Her Break Up With Pauly D and Potential Danity Kane Reunion

Aubrey O'Day Discusses About Her Break Up With Pauly D

Aubrey O'Day Discusses About Her Break Up With Pauly D

Aubrey O’Day isn’t bashful about discussing her high-profile exes. Released exclusively on OnlyFans, her new tune “Couple Goals” is a reflection on her relationship with DJ Pauly D. Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars featured the pair when they were dating from February 2016 to July 2017. These days, 38-year-old O’Day sings about her ex’s new girlfriend Nikki Hall.

O’Day tells ET’s Nischelle Turner, “I feel that I was generous with what I placed in the song,” indicating the lyrics were about Pauly D. As an added note, O’Day clarified that she did not alert the Jersey Shore star about her new track.

She claims, “The second we split up, he blocked me from everything.” An hour later, “the photographs were deleted from Instagram, and I had forgotten the number.”

“Poor, poor girl, you think you’ve got the whole world, but he’s just giving you the same show, same story as before,” O’Day sings about Pauly D’s new lover in her new song.

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Though she hasn’t heard anything about the song from her exes, she does say, “He’ll probably answer with egocentric reasoning because that’s where he is right now. I’m all out of them now.” O’Day also discussed the affair she claims she had with Donald Trump Jr. in 2011 when he was still married to Vanessa Trump.

I thought it would go on forever till the day it finally ended. The situation was really uncomfortable, “she claims about their purported relationship. “After it was all said and done, I had a two-hour talk with him, which I recorded. It’s been years since I first started talking about it in therapy. I’ve played it and discussed it at length with my therapist.”

Aubrey O’Day With Pauly D

O’Day is also on the mend after Battling Ambien’s Addiction for a long time

“My knowledge of Ambien began when I was seventeen years old. I had a terrible time falling asleep in the air. According to Kane, “I was the only one in Danity Kane who thought she was going to die on a plane because she listened to that Alanis Morissette song too many times as a child,” referring to the singer’s hit song “Ironic,” which includes the lyrics, “He waited his whole damn life to take that flight and as the plane crashed down, he thought, ‘Well, isn’t this nice?'”

O’Day revealed that she was taking Ambien to assist her sleep because of the “three to four planes a day” she spent traveling with the girl group Danity Kane.

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She said that “PTSD’shrooming” helped her overcome her Ambien dependency after two weeks of treatment. O’Day said she is always up for a reunion, despite the fact that she had a difficult time while she was a member of the girl group.

“Danity Kane and I would be together again in perpetuity. I’m the one who’s always managed to get us back together, and I certainly wasn’t to blame whenever we broke up “Rather than keeping it all to herself, she gives a little. “The fact that I don’t click with any of them is irrelevant to me. If I didn’t have it, I’d always wish I did. Is that going to be the case? No. No one else in my group of female friends feels the way I do.”

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