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‘Miss Scarlet and The Duke’: Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: What Happened After Eliza went to Party?

'Miss Scarlet and the Duke' Recap Season 2 Episode 6

'Miss Scarlet and the Duke' Recap Season 2 Episode 6

‘Miss Scarlet and The Duke’: Season 2 Episode 6: William has been forced into a promotion, so he is going for Glasgow at the end of the week. During their final meal together, Harry and Eliza practice their farewell speeches to each other. Of course, though, that’s not how things work out.

Eliza’s rival detective, Patrick Nash, approaches her once more with an offer to work together, but this time it’s more lucrative. Since Eliza is losing her connection at Scotland Yard, William wants to formalize the arrangement whereby he sends overflow cases her way in exchange for a finder’s fee.

Ivy thinks Eliza should work with Nash, but Eliza unsurprisingly rejects him again. She does keep his offer in mind when she and William finally do meet. She gives William a set of embroidered handkerchiefs as a parting gift and then decides to offer him a job in the hopes that he will stay in London. William feels he has been insulted. After they have an argument and he leaves, he tosses their handkerchiefs in the garbage bin at work.

Mrs. Parker appears unexpectedly at Eliza’s office. (As Eliza has just found out, Hattie also has a key to her workplace.) Eliza assures Mrs. Parker that Hattie only wants to marry for love and not because her aunt thinks she should and Mrs. Parker reveals that she herself previously believed this to be the case since she has not remarried since her first husband’s death. But now that she is elderly and living alone, she really needs Hattie to establish a home with her and take care of her. She needs to plan for the future.

Eliza heeds Mrs. Parker’s caution and informs Nash that she will take on one of his cases as a test of their working relationship. Nash is shot three times in the leg as they finalize the agreement outside of his office. Nash, who has been shot and is in the hospital, turns to Eliza, whom he trusts more than his own workers, to find out who did it.

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Who was the Gunman that Both Eliza and Nash Noticed?

Who was the Gunman that Both Eliza and Nash Noticed

Before he goes, Munro has tasked William with assisting Fitzroy in the inquiry. He’s already struggling: his whole staff has abandoned him for the pub. Now that Potts has romantic feelings for Ivy, William has to cope with yet another irritation when Potts shows up and asks for his assistance in handling Eliza. At least Potts is of use by letting William and Fitzroy know that a body shot to death with an equally archaic bullet has just been brought into the mortuary.

He stood tall in his green overcoat. He went by the name of Isaac Marshall and he was recently released from prison after spending the better part of a decade inside. He relocated into a violent ghetto after his release.

This information regarding Nash’s attacker has also been independently discovered by Eliza. Moses took her to an eccentric collector who revealed, for money, that he had just sold Marshall some antique bullets. Moses cautions Eliza against visiting the ghetto where Marshall had resided alone; she does so nevertheless and is nearly robbed before Moses appears and discharges a gun, scaring off the would-be robbers.

Moses and Eliza Find Eliza’s Photo in Marshall’s Quarters

Moses and Eliza Find Eliza’s Photo in Marshall’s Quarters

Afraid about Eliza’s well-being, Moses sends her to Clementine, the prostitute. In addition, he makes off with the police records concerning Marshall, forcing Fitzroy and William to review photocopies. They all realize the same thing: Eliza’s first victim, Joseph Simms, who she poisoned to keep from inheriting anything, was a cellmate of Marshall’s. After serving a year in prison, Simms was just freed.

William informs Fitzroy that he is now in charge of the investigation, but Fitzroy, having taken William’s counsel to stand up for himself to heart, refuses to let him until William reveals that Fitzroy is the true reason he is leaving London. The two of them meet at Eliza’s office, where he has Fitzroy wait.

In order to protect Eliza’s house from Simms’ attack, William and Moses travel there to remove Ivy. Moses expected William to be at Eliza’s office, so he sent a telegraph there, but instead, Fitzroy got it, prompting him to face Simms in the slum. When William arrives, Simms shoots Fitzroy in the arm since he doesn’t feel threatened by him. Simms runs away.

Having been instructed by Eliza to find William, he now makes his way to her office, where he is met by Clementine. By pretending to be William, Simms discovers Eliza’s hiding place. Eliza tries to buy him off as he raises a gun to her head. She tainted the cash and now he’s dead. Eliza told Clementine to send Simms to her because Clementine is familiar with William’s appearance. Someone has taken Simms into custody.

Now that the investigation is over and Eliza is safe, William must say goodbye to her once more. Hopefully this time, they will be able to finish their prepared farewell speeches without any hiccups. As he is leaving that night, he goes back to his office to pack up his belongings, including the handkerchiefs he had previously thrown away.

Hattie has given in to her aunt and is engaged to a guy she has never seen; Eliza, too, will be attending an engagement party that evening.

Eliza tries to get her fee back from Nash before going to the party because she is the one responsible for him getting shot. But he won’t budge; Eliza has inspired him to be less sneaky. She can use this as a retainer for their next joint case.

What Happened after Ivy and Potts brought Eliza to the Party?

What Happened after Ivy and Potts brought Eliza to the Party

He is actively seeking her out. William has stood up to the commissioner, who has tried to pin Fitzroy’s gunshot wound on him and instead placed the blame on the commissioner for pushing Fitzroy too far. After seeing his father threaten to send William away, the young guy himself intervened to defend William. It didn’t matter to the commissioner at all until Fitzroy said everyone in the station would be joining him. He held a vote and everyone agreed that they would quit if William were fired. William is allowed to remain in London after the commissioner reversed his decision.

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Eliza and William finally meet outside of her workplace after she has grieved in her carriage upon discovering that William’s office is vacant. She starts to say something to William, but he breaks the news that he will be staying in London and suddenly Potts and Ivy, who had gone looking for Eliza after realizing she had left Hattie’s party, walk in.

Eliza promises William she’ll tell him what she was going to say to him the next day, but William knows she won’t. Ivy and Potts are playing charades in the office. They enter the house to play a game they despise with a man neither of them cares for.

Final Lines

We provided you with all the details on ‘Miss Scarlet and The Duke’ Season 2 Episode 6. It’s a very amazing tv show that you maust need to watch. There is a thriller and a little drama that anyone would like to watch.

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