Is Exception Anime Worth Watching? Reviews and New Character’s First Look

Is Exception Anime Worth Watching? Oil and water are common metaphors for the relationship between anime and computer animation. The outcomes are really unpleasant to look at and can be quite tiring to watch. However, the situation of exception is intriguing. Character designs by Yoshitaka Amano, one of the most revered designers in the gaming and anime industries, are featured, but the game does not rely on traditional animation to bring the characters to life.

Instead, the odd, hyper-styled humans on a spaceship searching for a suitable successor for Earth are animated in a way that recalls Flash or the recently animated Arcane. The unusual style actually serves the program well, and the first episode is compelling because of the stellar voice cast.

Is Exception Anime Worth Watching?

Exception held my attention from the first to the final second. A high-concept science fiction animation that surprised and impressed me with its innovative worldbuilding, clever and insightful narrative, and visually striking CGI.

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Exception Anime Reviews

Exception Anime Reviews
Exception Anime Reviews

None of the major events or twists from Season 1 of the Netflix anime series exception are revealed in our review.

Many people imagine space flight to be mankind’s greatest future adventure. In literature, however, it prompts readers to ponder the moral and ethical questions that would accompany such a revolutionary endeavor. Space agencies regularly present us with images of planets that might be livable, but they rarely elaborate on the process of adapting to a new home. The exception of the anime series lends an air of uncertainty about the future.

The exception is a beautifully animated film about a team of experts sent to terraform a new planet, along with a moving score by Ryuichi Sakamoto. All of the experts are carbon copies of their former selves. While the original people are frozen in cryo chambers for the duration of the long space travel, the colonization mission will be carried out. The originals will eventually awaken and appreciate their new world after the reprints (created by biological 3D printers) have completed their duty.

The Ethical issues of the Anime Series Exception make it a vital aspect of a Tale

The crew must decide whether to delete a copy of one of their own, Lewis (voiced by Kobayashi, Chikahiro), or print Lewis again after a disastrous attempt at reprinting him (triggered by a strong solar flare) goes tragically wrong. Patty, a crew member portrayed by Tanizaki, Atsumi, who insists that “life is life,” raises the subject of the “beauty of life.” The irony of the story is that the copies of these people have to wonder why they’re living while they’re supposed to be helping the originals.

When the defective reproduction of Lewis refuses to be destroyed and mutates into a monstrous human hybrid, havoc and confusion spread across the ship and the plot darkens further. The series deviates from the norm by abruptly presenting an Alien-esque plot to the audience in the guise of anime, an idea that has viewers salivating.

This is when the story really begins to unfold: exception combines moral uncertainty with a sense of duty, with each individual proclaiming their purpose and secrets being exposed. A fascinating horror sci-fi space thriller focuses on the isolating fear of being trapped inside a starship and questioning who to trust.

However, the animation itself deserves admiration once more. It’s stunning, and it doesn’t pull any punches. In creating a multitude of colors that round out the series, legendary creator Otsuichi has excelled himself.

In Exception, Yoshitaka Amano Characters Get Their First Look in Netflix’s Horror Anime

After much anticipation, Netflix unveiled the first official image from its upcoming original anime series, Exception. During their annual Geeked Week celebration, the streaming giant debuted the first images from Exception, a new science fiction anime based on a story by writer and director Otsuichi, who is best known for penning the screenplay for Ultraman Geed and the surrealist manga The Chronicle of The Clueless Age.

Yoshitaka Amano, an esteemed painter best known for painting Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy video game series, also contributed character designs to the show. The new anime’s first photographs reveal how Amano’s recognizable aesthetic has been adapted for animation, and also give a sneak peek at the show’s outer space setting.

The show was first revealed at Geeked Week in 2018. This new horror anime takes place in a far-off future when Earth has been deserted and humanity is searching for a new home in the galaxy. In Exception, we follow a group of explorers as they descend to a newly discovered planet in order to initiate the terraforming process. A 3D printer capable of duplicating biological matter is used to recreate the team members before they can land on the new planet, but complications quickly arise.

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The famed animation studio Tatsunoko Productions, responsible for Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Casshan, is mentioned as a producer on the project. Studio 5 Inc., who are animating another Netflix sci-fi anime project called Make My Day and Bakken Record, who worked on Joran: The Princess of Snow, are named as the studios creating the animation for the new show.

While Amano is more recognized outside Japan for his work in video games and comics, he actually got his start in the animation industry by contributing to the first Speed Racer series. The artist went on to contribute to other classics including Casshan and Tekkaman: The Space Knight, both of which were landmarks of early animation. Amano recently designed the characters for Gibiate, a horror anime set to air in 2020 about a group of Edo-period soldiers who are transported to 2030 to find Japan has been taken over by a race of monsters.

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Frequently Asked

Is it a nice anime to watch Exception?

If you judge Exception just on its visual style, you might find it a bit off-putting. However, the story’s idea is appealing, and it features excellent performances from a group of seasoned voice actors and the inimitable Amano touch. It’ll shake you up, fascinate you, and, above all, force you to reflect.

What is the meaning of the Exception Anime?

A spaceship with a 3D-printed crew of specialists is sent to terraform a new planet in a far-off future when mankind is finally forced to abandon Earth. Just keep on watching.

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