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Yellow Stone Season 5: Watch Recap of Episode 1 and 2

Yellow Stone Season 5

Yellow Stone Season 5

Season 5 of Yellowstone premiered on Sunday, November 13 on the Paramount Network, and new episodes will air weekly until December 18. After that, the show will take a break for the holidays before returning for the second half of the season. Learn below how to follow the rest of the season.

What is the Recap of Yellow Stone Season 5 Episode 1?

The first episode of Yellow stone is titled “One hundred Years is Nothing”. The morning after election night John Dutton and Kevin Costner are in no mood to become governor. He has just finished his victory speech after defeating McMullen, the first of the show’s many representations of parasitic out-of-state coastal elite scum. Jamie (Wes Bentley) is downcast because he still wants to be president but can’t move forward because of Beth’s proof of his patricide.

Both of Dutton’s enemies are sitting around the TV, watching the speech. It begins with Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham). Moses Brings Plenty presses him on whether this is a good or bad outcome for the reservation. Rainwater is good for the land, but I don’t see how it’s good for us. John will reduce funding for the hotel and the airport which is good for the land.

This is bad news for Rainwater because John’s election gives him more power and solidifies his hold on Yellowstone, a territory the reservation has been fighting over since Season 1.

The next scene depicts Caroline Warner’s Jacki Weaver breakdown as she listens to the speech. Jamie’s disappointment is brought to light by Ellis Steele whose firm represents Market Equities. He is then instructed by Warner to contact Sarah Atwood, a major player this season and Beth’s adversary in the struggle to retain Jamie’s allegiance.

After the commercial break, there is a flashback showing 18-year-old Beth (Kelly Reilly) asking Rip out on a date. Since flashbacks have been used in previous seasons but never to this extent. This episode and the next will be a departure from the norm. The device alludes to Beth’s guilty ruminations on the significance of Rip and her relationship this season.

Present-day Beth then apologizes to Rip (Cole Hauser), who advises her to stop “beating the shit” out of herself and find something more productive to do with her time.

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Recap of Yellow Stone Season 5 Episode 2

The yellow Stone Season 5 Episode titled “The Sting of Wisdom”. In the season premiere of Yellowstone, Monica and Kayce tragically lost their unborn child in a car accident in Episode 2. After a bloody struggle, Tate manages to escape the wrecked car and discovers the adults thrown from their vehicles and Monica in labor.

After the credits roll, he dials 911 to help his frantic mom. After bringing Tate back to the present, Kayce reassures him that his mother will recover from whatever traumatic experience she’s having. Tate tells his father he wants them to try for another child because he enjoys having a sibling.

At the ranch, while John Dutton is out of town, Rip instructs Carter to mount up on his horse. Carter is so taken aback by Lloyd’s unexpected offer that he forgets how to mount the horse. Meanwhile, John is feeling overwhelmed by the number of political gatherings and causes he is expected to support.

John annoyed by the appearance of favoritism dismisses his chief of staff and replaces him with Beth, claiming that he only wants to halt the construction of the airport. Jamie gives his father sound advice by warning him that he could be sued personally.

But Beth uses a legal loophole in the zoning regulations to prevent this from happening. As Lynelle explains to John, he needs to find a political solution to his problems because Market Equities will come for his land if he cancels the lease.

Where You Can Watch Yellow Stone Season 5?

Where You Can Watch Yellow Stone Season 5?

The hit show Yellowstone explores the tensions that arise when a massive cattle ranch, an Indian reservation and real estate developers all coexist in one area. Kevin Costner plays John Dutton, the stern but likable patriarch of a cattle dynasty who battles rivals and attempts to tame his wild offspring on the show. Dutton’s children played by Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly and Wes Bentley all have their own problems.

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family and the internal politics between the various landowners and it features a fantastic cast and storylines that mix soap opera and red-state social commentary. Taylor Sheridan and John Linson’s show has been a smashing success through four seasons of streaming.

The Paramount Network is your only source for all five seasons of Yellowstone, as well as the first four seasons and all of the spinoffs. If you don’t have cable, you can watch the premiere by signing up for a free 24-hour Live TV trial with just your email, name and date of birth.

On November 13th, Paramount Network will premiere the first two episodes of the current season which will be broken up into two parts. After that, on December 18 the season 1 finale, a new episode will premiere every Sunday. Previously aired episodes of Yellowstone are also available on Paramount+ for streaming.

After reading about the recap of episodes 1 and 2 of yellow stone season 5. You can read about episode 3.

When Does Episode 3 of Yellow Stone Will Air?

On Sunday, November 20 at 8:00 p.m. ET, Paramount Network will air Episode 3 of Season 5 of Yellowstone.

What you can expect in episode three of yellow stone season 5. We can expect that episode three of yellow stone titled to be “Tall Drink of Water” which could prove to be all sorts of drama.

Frequently Asked

Does Roku Have Season 5 of Yellowstone?

Currently on streaming services is Yellowstone, a drama series starring Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, and Kelly Reilly. Stream it on your Roku player from Paramount Network, Spectrum TV, Philo, or Prime Video.

How Many Episodes are in Yellowstone Season 5?

We do not confirm about that how many episodes are there in season 5 of Yellowstone. But we can say that Season five will feature 14 episodes instead of the usual 10, broken up into two parts of seven episodes each.

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