‘Bling Empire’ Star Kelly Mi Li Pregnant with First Baby

You have seen the riches and the luxurious lifestyle of the Asians through the “Bling Empire” but here comes a new chapter that no one could have imagined. Kelly Mi Li is expecting her first child with her now boyfriend and the fans are joining him to celebrate the happy news.

The Netflix personality is an entrepreneur, film producer, and now a TV star who cannot hold her emotions since a new beginning is waiting for her. Kelly Mi Li has been previously seen struggling to find the right man who will be by her side, and it seems like she has finally found the one. She took to Instagram to share the happy news with her fans and this is how it went.

Kelly Mi Li Announces She Is Pregnant

The fans who have been a part of her journey all this while deserved to know the updated status of her life. On Thursday, she shared the amazing news with her Instagram fam by uploading a photo of her holding the result of a positive pregnancy test. The expression on her face clearly suggests how happy the star is.

The reality TV star who is 37 years old captioned the picture, “Well, the mystery as to why I’ve been craving sweets and not just spicy food is finally solved! ,” “We’re so beyond grateful and excited to be starting this new chapter in our lives“.

Everyone “Bling Empire” fan knows how desperately Kelly’s mom wanted to be a grandma. Undoubtedly, Kelly couldn’t stop herself to give her mom the biggest surprise of her life. She made special arrangements to reveal the news to her mother.

The entrepreneur shared another video of her mother learning about Kelly’s pregnancy news. Kelly made a special arrangement that included an ultrasound shot, a cute onesie, and of course, a tiny pair of shoes. 

Kelly Mi Li pregnant
Kelly Mi Li pregnant

She captioned the post, “If you watch #BlingEmpire, then you know how much my mom wants to be a grandma!”

All the famous reality stars whom you may know from other shows proceeded to congratulate the soon-to-be mom. It seems like the baby already has more than a few people to get love from.

As a matter of fact, the news came only a month after Kelly’s revealing that she has a new man in life. We have seen how Kelly’s best friend Kane Lim was trying to set her up. So, maybe, Kane is the matchmaker. Though the face has always been hidden in all posts, we are happy to see that Kelly is getting all that she deserves now. 

Before this, she dated Andrew Gray for as long as five years before finally cutting off all ties in March 2021. The couple had a toxic relationship as was evident in many “Bling Empire” episodes. It has been almost a year since the former couple had last spoken and in the latest season of “Bling Empire,” we saw how Kelly was so not interested in having any conversation with him.

However, before this, Kelly was also married to ex-Lin Miao before separating in 2015. It has been tough for Kelly to find love but now that she has found it, she is making the most of it.

Kelly Was Already Planning To Be Pregnant

Kelly has been planning to start a family with her boyfriend and her prayers have been finally answered. While talking to PEOPLE Magazine, Kelly revealed that the couple was already planning to have a child.

However, this news still was a big surprise since a plan turned into reality. Currently, the couple lives in different cities and so, Kelly said, “When we found out, it was actually kind of shocking. He lives in San Francisco, I live in L.A., so when my period didn’t come, the monthly visit didn’t come. So we went and got Clearblue, the pregnancy test”.

The star is still taking time to process the news. Kelly stated, “I’m very much in denial.’ ‘Am I reading this right?’ So it was really shocking but honestly, we’re just so grateful and so blessed… To this day I still feel like it’s so surreal.”

Thus, in the upcoming season of “Bling Empire”, we might be able to see Kelly commence this journey. 

Final Words

Kelly is excited to see a new life with her boyfriend and the baby. We all the best to the expected mom. Stay tuned with us on Venturejolt.com for more latest updates and news.