Who is Daisy Edgar Jones Dating In 2022? Here is All Updates

Daisy Edgar Jones dating: Daisy Edgar-Jones, hitting multiple with her new movie “Where The Crawdads Sing.”  This girl was recognized after Sally Rooney’s best book Normal People, and her horror film Fresh. Now she is a celebrity, so her fans now wanted to know her personal life, ins and outs of her life. Previously, news got viral that she was dating Tom Varey but they are split in their relationship now. Who is dating Daisy now? To know her personal life details read here.

Who Is Daisy Edgar Jones Dating Now?

If we look seriously it seems that she was single right now. But rumors come that she was dating someone between co-stars, Paul Mescal and Sebastian Stan. Daisy’s chemistry with both is tremendous in the movie and they are good friends also. The three attend Met Gala 2022 together and were spotted on several occasions. But we can’t approve it until she herself confirms it.

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Why did Daisy Edgar Split off with Tom Varey?

Daisy edgar Jones dating
“Daisy has been inundated with opportunities and feels she has to put them first, Tom’s also really dedicated to his acting and wants the best for both of them.”

Tom Carey and Daisy meet in 2018, at the set of the Pond Life series. And from there both fall in love and start dating each other. On Elizabeth Day 2020, the How to Fail podcast she stated even that Tom enjoyed her sex seen in Normal People.

“My boyfriend, actually, he was amazing because what a tricky thing to watch,” she shared. “He loves the series, thank goodness, that’s something I’m very relieved about, but there was a moment in episode six where he was like, ‘This is a bit weird! Oh, this is weird!’ and we all had to acknowledge that it was a bit weird, and then it was fine!”  

“My boyfriend came and helped me move in, and when I went out for a costume fitting, he bought me a load of frozen food from Tesco,” she recalled. “He filled the fridge with potato waffles and fish fingers, which does not seem that romantic, but genuinely that’s what I lived on for the whole four and a half months of filming. Every time I ate potato waffle, I thought of him, so yeah, probably that – and other things. That was really nice.”

Even though they spent lockdown time together in London, after a two-year relationship, they decided to quit now, because of their unmanaged shooting schedule.

“They got on really well during lockdown last year, but they’re both young and passionate about following their careers,” someone stated. “Daisy has been inundated with opportunities and feels she has to put them first, Tom’s also really dedicated to his acting and wants the best for both of them.”

 Is Sebastian And Daisy Jones Dating?

Sebastian and Daisy were cast as the main characters in Fresh, which premiered on 21 January 2022, at the Sundance Film Festival. On March 2022, it premiered on Hulu, but during the film shooting, they both become close friends and were captured many times together in promotion and awards shows. People start rumoring that both are dating now. Sebastian’s dating history is not talked about as something special, as he had a few girlfriends in his past.  

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But all the rumors are cleared now as they are not dating, and it was clear at the Fresh movie events when people asked them about their affair. But they denied it and said all the rumors revolved because of their promotional videos. These rumors were raised from a picture they posted in March 2021, and just because Daisy split off her two-year relationship.

But everything is confirmed now because Sebstain loved and dated someone else, Alejandra Onieva, a Spanish Actress from one year. So Daisy Edgar is single now because Tom Varey break up with her and her relationship with Sebastian is only for a promotion video.

Final Lines:

With the hope that everything is clear now, Daisy is not in any relationship. Sebastian dating Alejandra Onieva and they are captured together because of their latest film Fresh. Let’s stop here, bookmark our site venturejolt.com for more updates like this.

Frequently Asked Question

Where is Daisy Edgar-Jones from?

Daisy Edgar Jones is the daughter of Wendy Edgar Jones, who is a Northern Irish film editor. Sharp drama serial was edited by him. Her mother is Philp Edgar Jones, who belongs to Scott and she performed as a director of Sky Arts and head of entertainment at Sky.

Why did Daisy Jones and the Six split?

The band is very famous, and daisy went on a tour with Nicky. Nicky increases her drug addiction and to see its bad effects she decides to leave him and demands for divorce.

Does Daisy Edgar-Jones have an accent?

Daisy has simply an English accent in her language as she was born in London. She said, “I’ve been practicing my whole life.” That’s why she got easily an Irish accent in her “Normal People” movie.