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Somebody Season 1 Netflix Release Date and Ending Explained

Somebody Season 1

Somebody Season 1

The South Korean thriller Somebody Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix. Character development is superb in this tale of serial murder. There are eight episodes in the season, and each one is under an hour long. Here you may read our comprehensive assessment of the first season of Somebody.

New on Netflix Somebody is a serial killer thriller. When something is made in South Korea, you can be sure that the production and narrative values will be exceptionally excellent. Well, if you’ve seen any South Korean films or TV shows, you already know that.

The latest series to debut on Netflix from South Korea follows a serial killer. Characters take center stage, and there are plenty of other hallmarks of South Korean dramas. In addition, the plot never gets boring because the characters are flawed and realistic.

Below is our recap of the first season of Somebody. From November 18, 2022, you may watch all eight episodes of the show on Netflix.

Somebody Season 1: A Unique Type of Serial Murderer

If you’ve been watching Somebody, you’ll know who the serial killer is by the end of the first episode. It looks like we’ll be sticking with this person for a while starting in episode 2. The identification of the serial killer, I understand, is not very novel (The Fall did the same thing).

However, there is something unique about this South Korean Netflix thriller. This serial killer is intriguing, and so are the numerous other characters we get to follow in his or her wake. Characters are gradually introduced over the first two episodes, but the story doesn’t start to gel until the third.

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And this also held true for 1899 despite the fact that the series’ central premise is completely different. While Somebody is a traditional serial killer tale 1899 is more of a cross between a sci-fi horror thriller and a mystery. The two share many similarities, including a focus on character development and an alien setting.

Do not worry; for the time being, I intend to maintain my sole concentration on Somebody. In the first episode of this new show, we meet a young woman who writes the initial lines of code for a successful dating app. A serial murderer is in contact with his victims through the same dating app they used to find the other. A straightforward story made interesting by its numerous dynamic protagonists.

Somebody Season 1: The First South Korean Netflix Original Series

Somebody Season 1 The First South Korean Netflix Original Series

We love South Korean horror movies and Netflix offers lots of them. Even said, Netflix originals typically differ significantly from those developed for South Korean television and then made available on Netflix around the world.

The latter typically have seasons that are many months long, with episodes that run for more than an hour and occasionally have a “soap opera” vibe. However, Netflix’s original content more closely resembles the aesthetic of the South Korean films that have (at long last) found an international audience.

Like the massively successful Kingdom and Squid Game series, Somebody is clearly a Netflix creation. There are a lot of surprising turns in this case, but I think the storytelling is better in Somebody than it was in 1899. This is a brand-new series, and it features a large cast.

Somebody Season 1 Release Date

This new Netflix series was directed by Jung Ji-Woo. Jung Ji-Woo has primarily worked in feature films up till this point. He helmed and co-wrote the script for the 2017 crime thriller Heart Blackened, which starred Choi Min-Sik. Famous for his roles in films like “Oldboy” and “I Saw the Devil,” he is an actor you have probably seen before.

The season has 8 episodes and each one is about 50 minutes long, so you may watch them all in one sitting if you’d like. In all honesty, I could easily watch this entire thing in one sitting. In particular, the remaining episodes focus on identifying and apprehending the serial killer, while the first two focus on establishing the stage.

Season 1 of Somebody will premiere on Netflix on November 18, 2022.

Somebody Season 1 Ending Explained

Somebody’s Season 1 Ending Explained

Using Kim Sum’s ID on the app, Gi-eun and her coworkers are now better equipped to find Yun-o. Meanwhile, Kim Sum sends Yun-o a message saying she doubts she’ll be able to join him in his escape. Yun-o tries to soothe her by telling her she’ll end up loving it. Kim Sum, though, remains pessimistic that things will improve. The two communicate through video calls. Yun-o confesses his undying affection for Kim Sum. Then, Kim Sum laughs but at that moment Yun-o is stabbed in the neck and his face is slashed open.

Yun-o, lying on the floor and covered in blood, looks up at his killer and demands to know who they are. On the other hand, his killer remains silent. Kim Sum, who is dying of cancer, makes a video call to Yun-o, pleading with him to tell him one final time that he likes her. That’s why he does it. She keeps prodding him to tell her he has feelings for her. There’s little doubt he wasn’t chatting with the genuine Kim Sum. The actual Kim Sum, meantime, has just killed Yun-o and is leaving the building. To put it bluntly, she was the killer.

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Sum removes her gloves and begins to clean up the mess. Realization of Yun-death. o’s Then, her scootering companion comes to take her up.

When Kim Sum returns to her roots, she enjoys playing arcade games, her face lighting up at the bright colors and lively animations. Her previous upbeat demeanor has returned. This individual represented her initial romantic interest.

The final moments of the show are heartbreaking. The antagonist has been eliminated, yet the final moments of the story are unsettling.

If you are a K-Drama thriller series fan that this series Somebody Season 1 is going to be your favorite from now on. The character chosen in this series performed very well as everyone liked them. I hope you will also like this series.

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