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“I Made My First Confirmation as a Catholic” Is Jonathan Roumie Catholic?

is jonathan roumie catholic

is jonathan roumie catholic

Is Jonathan Roumie Catholic? Jonathan Roumie, is popular for his best role as Jesus, in The Chosen, a film that told the story of how Christianity birth. Roumie is also a voice artist. After this film question arises if Jonathan is Christan or not. To know more about his religious status read the complete post. 

How Was The Life of Jonathan Roumie Before Fame?

He was born in New York City in an Egyptian family. But his mother was Irish. “My mother is Roman Catholic—she’s from Ireland—and my father is from Egypt, and his father is from Syria. I was raised Greek Orthodox, baptized Greek Orthodox, but later transitioned to Roman Catholic,” said Roumie in an interview with National Catholic Register. “For me, as a Christian, if I really am practicing my faith, God is part of my existence in everything that I do.”

He completes a degree in film from the School of Visual Arts. When he was just eleven years, he made a board in the shape of a crucifix painted with blood and hung it in his backyard.  “I fashioned some reeds to make my own crown of thorns and proceeded along the way of the Cross to the side of the garage—which would be my Golgotha,” he said.

How did Jonathan Roumie Start His Career?

Roumie cast in many films like The Good Wife, As the World Turns, and Castle, get famous for his Jesus role in The Chosen. Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy, is the first film in which he played the character of Christ and then reprise his role in Once we were Slaves/The Two Thieves.

Aside from acting he also produces and directs the main actor as Christ in a live show, Last Days: The Passion and Death of Jesus. Jonathan also provides his voice to video games like Evolve, Mafia II & III, and The Darkness II. In Celebrity Deathmatch premiered on MTV he also voiced many characters. Roumie worked as an assistant producer in Spiderman, National Treasure and I Am Legend.

What Jonathan Roumie Thought About “The Chosen”?

The Chosen film director Dallas Jenkins, Roumie, and others who believe in Christianity met Pope Francis.  After the meeting, Roumie captioned on Instagram “honor of my spiritual life, and a childhood dream realized.”

The religious film The Chosen based o the life of Jesus of Nazareth has two seasons that can generate easily 160 million viewers. 75000 people collect funds to create a series like this and the amount is $ 20 million only for the first installment. For the second part, 125,000 people donate among 86% also in part one.

Roumie as an actor said that he is “interested in doing projects that uplift the human spirit,” he told. “I’m also very cognizant of the responsibility I have, now, playing this role of Jesus.” 

Dallas Jenkins, the director stated that “When I make the show, I try not to think too much about who it’s for or what my goals are, as it would freeze me,” he admitted, noting: “I don’t want to be thinking about anything other than pleasing God with the show and making the best show that I can.”


“I fashioned some reeds to make my own crown of thorns and proceeded along the way of the Cross to the side of the garage—which would be my Golgotha,”


“However,” Jenkins continued, “what I do want for people is that when they are done watching the show, to feel like they know and love Jesus more.” He also share his views during a concert where people thanked him for making a film like this.  When we believe in Jesus, he will take care of everything. Jenkins said that his last movie was not successful at the box office. 

“I totally failed and it failed and I was left with no future. I genuinely wondered if I would ever make another movie again. At that moment, my wife and I were crying and praying. I was praying and confused and God really met me and spoke to me through a friend and through my wife, through the story of the feeding of 5000 in the Gospels.” The point learned through the Gospel Passage, Jenkins expressed, was “it’s not your job to feed the 5000, it’s only your job to provide the loaves and fish.”

“So, at that moment,” he said, “I stopped caring about success or failure. I stopped caring about my own pride and control, and I truly got to a place where I was ok if I never made another movie, and didn’t care if I were successful or not.”

Is Jonathan Roumie Catholic?

Roumie was baptized in Orthodox Church and started attending Roman Church when his family was shifted to Long Island. “I made my first Communion as a Catholic. I made my first confirmation as a Catholic. That was kind of it,” he said. Rumie said that God is powerful and last year at the time of COVID-19, he only prayed to Jesus to save everyone. He managed thousands of people on Instagram to pray for the divine, in 2020.

“I would get people yelling at me, telling me I was in a cult and all of this other stuff that I would just put up with. I would just try to love on people,” he added. One person among the crowd shared his personal experience, that he used to attacks of anxiety, but when he started praying to Jesus, these attacks stop.

“I have a real heart for unifying people behind this one man that we see as the Son of God. I think, in the divisive times we’re living in, we need to be aligned in Christ,” Roumie said.“I feel like I was made for such a time as this. This is what God put me on this planet to do for right now. Until he calls me to do something else, I’m just going to try to embrace it as best I can,” he said. 

Final Thoughts:

You can read how Roumie was cast for his best-ever film The Chosen, and from there how his whole life moved towards Jesus. “God forbid, this could all stop today, and I will have been quite content with the opportunity I had for a very small period in history.” Don’t forget to bookmark our site for more updates like this.

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