Recommended Warzone 2 Loadouts for Al Mazrah Including the Best Meta Guns and Abilities

Meta loadouts for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 are challenging to make and recognize especially in the early going. We’ve got you covered with the greatest meta weaponry and loadouts in Warzone 2 to make sure you win every match.

The long-awaited sequel Warzone 2 features the return of the Al Mazrah map, as well as the addition of interrogation, Strongholds, a DMZ mode, and interrogation.

Despite this, the bulk of players in Warzone 2 are concerned with building a meta loadout to ensure victory in battle.

As the game is still in its infancy, the established meta has not yet emerged, so players are free to try out different combinations of builds and class sets.

There are several Warzone 2 weapons and loadouts that will be extremely effective the moment you step foot on Al Mazrah, even if it is currently impossible to establish a clear tier list.

The Top Meta Loadouts and Weapons for Warzone 2

Don’t forget that these Warzone 2 loadouts will vary and adapt as the game’s meta develops. However, these setups will provide you with a significant advantage over your opponents in the game’s early access stages.

There is no particular sequence to these choices and we hope to eventually turn this into a definitive list but for now please bear with us as we work on that.

The Top Meta Loadouts and Weapons for Warzone 2
The Top Meta Loadouts and Weapons for Warzone 2

Fennec 45


  • Fennec Covert Force, Barrel
  • Magazine: Fennec Mag 45 Underbarrel: VX Pineapple
  • Fennec Rubber Grip, Rear Strap
  • Camera Lens: Slimline Pro

At long range, laser beams are unbeatable in Warzone 2, but the mobility and damage of a top-tier SMG are unrivaled. Use the Fennec 45, the fastest-firing weapon in its class to quickly and easily reduce your enemies to little more than a pile of health points.

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For any BR match clearing out buildings and other enclosed areas might be a difficult endeavor but with the Fennec, you’ll have a significant advantage.

This loadout for the Fennec is meant to improve its damage output and its recoil characteristics. This ensures that the vast majority of your shots will hit their intended target leading to a quick and easy elimination.



  • Dispenser: BR209 Dispenser
  • FFS Covert V Muzzle 45 Round Mag Magazine
  • True Tac Grip for the Rear Grips
  • Trading: Otrezat Stock

In Warzone 2, the Kastov-74u is your best bet if you want a sniper support style AR that excels in medium-range gunfights. Exceptional damage output while using a clean iron sight. and, with the right accessories, a great deal of stability; ideal for use with a top-tier sniper.

The Kastov-74u provides its users with a great deal of mobility despite the fact that it is an AR by virtue of its several SMG features. This will prove invaluable when you navigate Al Mazrah and seek to outmaneuver your opponents in the final moments of the game.

Above, we show how to improve Kastov’s bullet velocity, dampen its recoil, and increase its mobility, resulting in a flexible loadout that can be relied upon in every game.

SP-R 208


  • Corio LAZ-44 V3 Laser
  • Magnification: 6.6x with an SP-X 90 optic
  • Spectacular FSS ST87 Bolt
  • Height of the Barrel (inches): 11.5, Raise (inches): 22.5, and the Comb (in inches) Targeting Aid 406.

The SP-R 208 is shaping out to be Warzone 2’s primary sniper rifle replacing the Kar98k from the first game. This sniper is ideal for single-target assassination due to its high damage output, exceptional mobility, and lightning-fast reload time.

A one-shot kill is not guaranteed in Warzone 2 but with its lightning-fast ADS time and lethal precision you can always count on getting a second shot off with ease.

The aforementioned attachments give the SP-R the feel of the Swiss K31 or the Kar98k from the prior game by increasing its bullet velocity without reducing its mobility.



  • Specifically, the TAC 597 Barrel
  • ZLR Talon Pistol Barrel Optical Magnification Level 5: VLK Optical Magnification Level 4
  • Heavy Support Stock
  • Demo-X2 Rear Grip

Most light machine guns (LMGs) have more than enough firepower, but they are rarely used because of their sluggish mobility and lengthy reload times. The RPK, however, is an exception; it is essentially a hybrid AR-LMG and hence ideal for the game Warzone 2.

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This rifle is designed to beam enemies on Al Mazrah, boasting a deadly TTK with reasonable recoil and startlingly fast reload speed for an LMG.

With this loadout, the RPK’s kickback will be increased and its damage output will be maximized, making it simple to quickly and easily dispatch adversaries. The VLK 4.0 Optic is a crisp sight that works wonderfully for zeroing in on targets from afar.



  • Hightower 20′′ Barrel, Harbinger D20 Muzzle
  • Focusing: Schlager Underbarrel Firepower Multiplier, Stage 3 5.56mm Armor-Piercing Grip Ammunition
  • The M4 is a tried-and-true standard AR configuration, perfect for beaming enemies at medium to long range in Warzone 2

If you struggle with recoil control during BR matches the M4 may be a top option because it’s so simple to hit your target.

We’ve optimized the M4’s steadiness and damaging potential to the absolute maximum. Keep in mind that you could reduce your mobility by exchanging the 5.56 Armor Piercing for a larger 45 Round Mag.

This concludes our tour of the top weapons and loadouts in Warzone 2 that will help you crush your enemies on Al Mazrah. You can rest confident that once the meta has been defined we will update these choices into a final tier list.

Here we talked about details relating to the weapons used in Warzone2 and other details.

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