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YG Entertainment Group TREASURE Released ‘VolKno’ M/V TEASER #2

‘VolKno’ M/V TEASER #2

‘VolKno’ M/V TEASER #2

‘VolKno’ M/V TEASER #2: “VolKno” another track B-side, was released by TREASURE’s group of YG Entertainment, main leader Choi Hyun Suk, Yoshi, and Haruto. Its difficult rock hip-hop rhythm and lyrics made it special. Everyone is attracted to this new composition.

Its teaser was launched on 26 October with a coming soon poster. You can see the poster with a burning car air. TREASURE dropped their new track “ValKno”, another song of  “THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER TWO.”

Who is Choi Hyun-suk?

Choi Hyun Suk is a South Korean rapper born on 21 April 1999.  He is two co-composer of Treasure, with Jihoon under YG Entertainment. He got famous after appearing in  2017’s, Mix Nine show contestant on television. He had a younger sister.

Choi complete his education at Seoul Eonbuk Elementary School, from childhood he wanted to become a rapper influenced by Big Bang’s documentary film, which he began in 2006. Through the “V-Spec” academy he attends the YG Entertainment program and auditions.

TREASURE dropped their new track “ValKno”, another song of  “THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER TWO.”

How did Choi Hyun-sun Debut with Treasure?

Choi’s first appearance on the tv screen was in Mix Nine in 2017, with his another friend Kim Jun-kyu, and Lee Byoung-gon. To represent YG Entertainment took participate and achieve the fifth position. In 2018 he get a guest appearance in YG Future Strategy Office and then he was cast as a member of Treasure.

After five year training period he debuted in Treasure on August 2020, with his album, The First Step: Chapter One. After seeing its success the band required two tires with Choi and Jihoon.

Want To Know More About Yoshi?

Yoshi is also known as Kanemoto Yoshinori, a Japanese rapper. He was also a member of the YG Entertainment boy group Treasure. He had many nicknames such as “Kim Yoshi”, “Destroyer”, “Pikachu”, “Handsome Guy” and “Innocent Pure Person”.

How does Yoshi connect With Treasure?

In 2018, he join the YG Entertainment show YG Treasure Box, but he gets selection in 2019 in another group MAGNUM. Later it was transformed into TREASURE. This group released its first video named CRAZY, and in August 2022, Treasure aires its first album J Hope’s Album is Going to Release in July (Latest Update)THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE.

The announcement for the second was done that time as THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER TWO. LINE FRIENDS aired TREASURE’s second video on 18 September. On November 6 its third installment was released titled, THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER THREE.  In 2021, YG released its Japanese version as THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT.

Final Lines

“VolKno” is another song from the TREASURE group of YGE. This song remains in the headlines from its release date. Its lyrics are complicated and loved by the audience. Hope you like this post. For more updates bookmark our site

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