‘The Voice’ Season 22 Episode 17 Recap: Which 3 artists were eliminated after America’s vote is revealed?

“The Voice” season 22 episode 17 had this season’s first live playoffs on Monday. The Emmy-winning program is NBC’s longest-running reality TV show and Carson Daly adds charm by hosting the show. The blind auditions have been over way back and it is time to see whose team has it this year to take the trophy home.

This time, coach Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Camila Cabello have all buckled up to present the best of their team. And mind it, this is Blake Shelton’s last season. Without a doubt, he will give it all to win the trophy one last time.

The teams are prepared to give a “The Voice” season 22 episode 17 recap, the contestants were fighting to secure their spot in the Top 13. Even Battle Advisor Charlie Puth joined the stage to perform and boost confidence. So, here is the “The Voice” season 22 episode 17 recap and how it went.

Team Blake

 The OG judge of “The Voice”, Blake was the first to go for the results. Bodie and Brayden were saved by America. It was upon Blake to choose either of two, Rowan Grace or Bryce Leatherwood. Though both just gave incredible performances, Blake saved Rowan and Bryce had to compete for the Wildcard Instant Save.

Team John Legend

The “All Of Me” singer had to pick between Sasha Hurtado and Kim Cruse for the Instant Save and he saved the latter. Pariijita Bastola and Omar Jose Cardona already saved America’s vote.

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Team Gwen

America saved their favorites from Team Gwen, Kique and Justin Aaron. So, Blake’s better half, Gwen had to save between Alyssa Witrado and Kevin Hawkins. Ultimately, she chose Alyssa over Kevin who then had to go for the Instant Save.

Team Camilla

The newest judge of “The Voice” had to face such a dilemma for the first ever time. She was happy when Morgan Myles and Devix. But the confusion happened when she had no other option but to send Kate Kalvach to Instant Save by saving Eric Who.

Thus, “The Voice” season 22 episode 17 was full of drama since the fans of these constantans had to see three of their favorite stars leave the show forever. It was a tough day on the set of “The Voice”.

What Happened in Wildcard Instant Save Performances?

“The Voice” season 22 episode 17 then proceeded with the much-awaited Wildcard Instant Save. Shelton was stressed about Bryce who was the first to perform Billy Currington’s “Let Me Down Easy” but he was confident that he will not be leaving.

To give the best performance of her life, Sasha from John’s team sang Sia’s “Elastic Heart”. Her performance was praised by all including her coach who loved every bit of it.

Next, Gwen was in awe when Kevin sang Donald Glover’s “Redbone”. It was such a chilling performance that his ear-piercing high notes made the coaches give a standing ovation. And the crowd also couldn’t keep calm. He has just set a new bar in this case.

Finally, from Camila’s team, Kate absolutely nailed Miley Cyrus’s “When I Look at You”. We saw the emotional side of Camila after this performance.

So, it was a tough call since all these artists were incredibly talented.

Which Three Contestants Were Eliminated from “The Voice” season 22 episode 17?

Which Three Contestants Were Eliminated from “The Voice” season 22 episode 17
Which Three Contestants Were Eliminated from “The Voice” season 22 episode 17

The time of truth has come yet again. “The Voice” season 22 episode 17 revealed the final names who are lucky enough to be a part of Top 13. After the Wildcard Instant Save, fans got five minutes to pick the winner. After a very nervous waiting period, the results were out. 

It is proven time and again that viewers just have a special place for country artists in their hearts and so, Bryce Leatherwood was saved by the audience. Initially, it appeared Kevin from Gwen’s team might have been the lucky one. But ultimately, Kevin Hawkins, Kate Kalvach and Sasha Hurtado were eliminated in “The Voice” season 22 episode 17.

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Who are the Top 13 of “The Voice” Season 22

This was the first major step to winning “The Voice” season 22. That’s why the teams only need to have the best stored for the future. The final list of the top 13 in “The Voice” season 22 was revealed and these are as follows:

Team standings:

  • Team Legend: Parijita Bastola, Omar Jose Cardona, Kim Cruse
  • Team Gwen: Kique, Justin Aaron, Alyssa Witrado
  • Team Camila: Morgan Myles, Devix, Eric Who
  • Team Blake: Bodie, Brayden Lape, Rowan Grace, Bryce Leatherwood

Final Words

“The Voice” Season 22 is getting challenging at every step. To catch up with the upcoming episodes, tune in every Monday and Tuesday on NBC at 8 p.m. ET and for streaming, switch to Peacock the next day. Don’t forget to bookmark our site venturejolt.com for more updates.