Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11: The Bordelon Family’s Third Last Chapter

Executive producer Oprah Winfrey and creator Ava DuVernay released the seventh and final chapter of “Queen Sugar” on 6th September 2022.

It is really hard to accept the fact that time is just a few and now, “Queen Sugar” season 7 will conclude the story of the Bordelon Family. The season started on quite an interesting note and fans are literally hooked to see the final ending of the story. 

 In the trailer video, we have seen Ralph Angel saying, “Lifting up the family legacy, that’s a lot of weight. After everything we’ve been through, “I see everything I need right here in front of me,” “All the farmers who came before us, disrupted the system.

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And now it’s our turn.” Now that only a few more episodes are left, we are getting the answers that you have been trying to unlock since season 1. So, what did “Queen Sugar” season 7 episode 11 reveal to the fans? We are providing a detailed review to give our audience a better view of where the story is proceeding.

The Return of Betty and Ralph Is Getting Vocal

Queen Sugar” season 7 episode 11 introduced the monumental event of Betty’s return. She is back to St. Jo with the aim of confronting the past and also winning her daughter back. However, she wasn’t the only one who had to handle the family trauma since Nova sadly lost Aunt Martha whereas Ralph Angel and Darla are still not sure what they must tell Blue.

It was also an empowering moment when we saw Ralph standing up for himself, the future of his children and even the rights of black farmers. As we have seen before, Ralph had always struggled to be a public speaker unlike the outgoing Charley or Nova who are ingrained with the quality of seamless communication. 

Ralph has always been an introvert but this clearly shows character development and Prosper even reminded him of the same.

“You’re standing for us, for yourself, for your father. Ernest would be so proud of you right now. He is proud. He always knew that you would grow to be the man you were meant to be, and here you are. Speak from your heart. Speak for your father.” 

Moreover, we also got to see how Micah predicted Ralph’s angst over the things Chase did to Darla. Though both Ralph and Darla need therapy, that may not happen. Ralph even holds great anger which Darla couldn’t apprehend but he was also scared about the possibility of Chase trying to build a “connection with his biological offspring”.

We get where Ralph was coming but Darla even had a point since she was only happy that Chase was no longer in their lives.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11 The Return of Betty and Ralph Is Getting Vocal
Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11 The Return of Betty and Ralph Is Getting Vocal

Ralph Angel was heard saying, “I remember when Charley would come for summers, and I knew we didn’t have the same mom, but Pops never talked about it. That hurt all of us. I know how that feels, and I don’t want Blue going through that.” 

To that, Darla replied, “Blue isn’t you, Ralph Angel. He is too young, and it is too soon. No.” In “Queen Sugar” season 7 episode 11 we learn that both Darla and Ralph only want to keep Blue safe.

Violet Convinced Betty To Comeback To St. Jo

It was Violet who was behind Betty’s decision to return and reclaim her daughter. Just like Betty and Parker, the story of Ralph, Darla and Blue have the same connection. Betty had safely hidden from Parker the fact that Sam had abandoned them.

But the saddest part is that Sam wanted a family but he wasn’t brave enough to give up on his father’s inheritance. In spite of having all the money in the world, he cannot stop being alone and miserable.

Finally, we also get to see Nova. We think she will be returning back to explore her roots. If you remember, Nova even was noticed saying to Billie about Dominic apologizing to her for reading the private essays which Nova specifically mentioned not to read. Maybe, after the series of apologies, Nova and Dominic might get together toward the end of the story.

Final Words

The “Queen Sugar” season 7 episode 11 recap has shared a lot of details that will only lead towards a perfect closure with the end of the series. With two more episodes left for “Queen Sugar” season 7, this goodbye will be forever! For more such content do follow us only on Venturejolt.