Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Shocks with GOTY Game Awards Nomination 2022 against Elden Ring

The Xeno-heads along with the Tetsuya Takahashi-stans are having a can’t believe moment. You may have already guessed that “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” will become Nintendo Switch’s biggest-ever hit but the series of accomplishments are yet to be unveiled.

“Xenoblade Chronicles 3” has received the biggest nomination any game could ever receive and this is a matter of pride for all gamers. The reveal was made on Monday and surely, there is more than one reason to lose one’s cool. So, without wasting any time, let us directly go to the exciting news we have been longing to share.

“Xenoblade Chronicles 3” Received GOTY Game Awards Nomination 2022

It is an honour to be listed alongside the top games of the year that have equally great potential of becoming the best-ever game that history will remember. On Monday, Geoff Keighley broke the good news to the fans that “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” has been listed as one of the six finalists for the esteemed category of “Game of the Year”. It got nominations along with frontrunners and epic hits like “Elden Ring” and “God of War Ragnarök”.

“Xenoblade Chronicles 3” is one such game that has received critical acclaim alongside fans’ praises. After being selected as a contender for “Game of the Year”, its craze doubled up. However, that is not the only nomination that “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” received. The game got several other nominations in categories like “Best Score” and “Best RPG” which is definitely making the JRPG community cry out of joy.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The Game Awards 2022 is going to be held on December 8th from 7.30 p.m. ET and you need to wait for a few more days to get the final results. The event will be hosted in LA and there are a lot of upcoming exciting announcements. 

You can watch host and creator Keighley taking over the event for the ninth annual Game Awards. The full list of nominees was disclosed for all the categories, be it the Best Game Direction or Best Esports Event.

Moreover, the main reason for the gamers to tune up to watch the event is that new game announcements are made along with the opportunity to watch the upcoming trailers. Thus, the upcoming award ceremony will definitely be a big hit.

“Xenoblade Chronicles 3” Version 1.2.0 Update Was Released A Few Days Back

“Xenoblade Chronicles 3” Version 1.2.0 comes with bigger and better features. It was only a few days before “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” introduced a new version. The added news of the nomination has definitely made the new update far more interesting. So, what are the new things that the “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” Version 1.2.0 have released?

Well, the new version has brought back the much-awaited Challenge Battle Modes that were available in “Xenoblade Chronicles 2”. A brand-new Hero was also added that had its own story to share. However, the fans failed to realize that this update led to alterations in a vital cutscene that happened during Chapter 5’s narrative point.

It was @ui-frara who first located the new change in the cutscene. The change is, “the sword that appears in the cutscene between N and Z has changed from one that was similar to Noah’s Lucky Seven to a very different-looking sword, which was more reminiscent and fit better with N’s Moebius form, as the sheathe contains the infinity symbol the antagonists are known for”.

To further confirm the doubts, @TheJeminiteLaw shared screenshots of the different versions to confirm the guesses. It is just a minor change that didn’t happen in all the patch notes.

“Xenoblade Chronicles 3” is about protagonists Noah and Mio who are in a conflict due to the ongoing fights between the nations of Keves and Agnus. In this game, “life” is the central theme and there will be 6 characters who are important in this journey.

As the game progresses, you will be connected to several elements and plotlines that will reveal the potential future of the game. Moreover, the tune flute remains constant in this game reminding us how it is linked to the premise.

Since the game has been very well executed and the gameplay is incredible, it is only right for the game to be nominated for GOTY. “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” has evolved a lot compared to the last two seasons and with time, the experience will be elevated to a different level. So, who is ready to see the winner of GOTY?


It’s an honour to be listed with the best games of the year, all of which have a good chance of being remembered as the best game ever. Geoff Keighley told fans on Monday that “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” is one of the six finalists for “Game of the Year,” which is a very prestigious award.

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