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MultiVersus Season 2 Kicks off with New Battle Pass

Multiversus Season 2 Kicks off with New Battle Pass

Multiversus Season 2 Kicks off with New Battle Pass

MultiVersus Season2 officially kicks off today, and Warner Bros. Games has previewed some of the upcoming content for the crossover fighting game. Several new opponents will be introduced in Season 2 with Looney Tunes’ Marvin the Martian being the first to be officially revealed. The protagonist is a Martian who is tasked with destroying Earth but is ultimately unsuccessful in his mission. WB Games promises additional information on Marvin’s gear in the near future.

In addition, Season 2 introduces a brand-new set inspired by Game of Thrones. The stage features a fresh remix of the Game of Thrones theme song while the legendary Iron Throne sits in the background.

MultiVersus Personas

The Battle Pass for Season 2 has a wide variety of fresh in-game rewards, including as badges, icons, banners and taunts. Baker Street Tom & Jerry and Astronaut Velma are just a couple of the new Character Variants that may be earned along the Free and Premium Battle Pass paths.

Season 2 patch notes were also issued by WB Games; we’ve included a selection of highlights from those notes below.

Alterations to the character balance and enhancements to the network and latency have been included.

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There were a lot of unexpected pairings in the inaugural season of MultiVersus, such as Gizmo from Gremlins and Black Adam. From its release in July when it surpassed 10 million players the game has been a huge success. A recent leak suggests that Mark Hamill’s Joker among other interesting characters may be added to the game in the future.

MultiVersus may need time to increase its currently restricted variety of levels and characters to reach its bright potential, but its foundations are already rock strong, we said in our review, calling WB’s take on the platform fighting game fantastic.

Later today, a new Battle Pass and the second season of MultiVersus will be available

MultiVersus Season 2

The official patch notes for the game state that the new Battle Pass will not feature any tiers without incentives.

The number of points needed to unlock each Battle Pass tier was “also tweaked” to make the experience “engaging and rewarding,” per the patch notes.

With the release of Season 2, the game will feature an in-game store where players can browse and buy characters and skins. A new Big Head mode with oversized heads and reduced cooldown times for characters has been added as part of the game’s Silly Queue, which introduces bizarre modifiers to the game to make it more enjoyable.

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One skin, Baker Street Tom & Jerry, is available for free upon reaching Tier 50, and three others require purchasing the Premium Battle Pass (Astronaut Velma at Tier 1, Tea Time Reindog at Tier 42 and Maestro Bugs Bunny at Tier 50).

Several premium skins such as the Samurai Batman outfit from the closed beta will also be made available.

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