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Who are the New MultiVersus Season 2 Characters?

MultiVersus Season 2 Characters

MultiVersus Season 2 Characters

Warner Bros. Games and Player First Games, the game’s publisher and developer, respectively have announced that the Marvin the Martian franchise will be joining MultiVersus as part of the game’s second season of content which kicks out today. No announcement regarding the character’s release date was made.

Also coming out in Season 2 is an all-new map for Game of Thrones.

The official MultiVersus website has detailed everything that has been announced for Season 2 thus far.

MultiVersus Season 2 Characters

Exciting new cast members are always welcome, so we’re giving you a sneak peek at one of the new MultiVersus Season 2 cast members! Marvin the Martian originally from Mars and sent to destroy Earth with his Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator, is on his way to MultiVersus for another hopeless attempt to win the war. Stay tuned for further updates regarding Marvin and his equipment!

MultiVersus Season 2: Fresh Cartography 

As the cold of winter approaches, a fresh cartographic depiction of the world will also arrive. To be exact in Season 2 we’ll be adding a brand new map with a Game of Thrones theme, complete with all the traps and dangers you’d expect to find in the fictional continent of Westeros.

Throw your enemies off the Iron Throne to the tune of a brand-new remix of the great Game of Thrones theme music, which has been constructed with different sections that can transition dynamically depending on what mayhem is taking place in the fight. If you lose a game on the Game of Thrones map, you… are wiped off the board.

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MultiVersus Season 2: Reductions in Network Latencies 

In the time since MultiVersus’s Open Beta release, we’ve implemented a number of changes to boost its speed and responsiveness.

Our recent implementation of multi-path network traffic acceleration will drastically enhance the online experience for players all over the world by decreasing ping and jitter. This is only the beginning of our efforts to invest in and enhance this domain. Our staff has made it a top priority to provide a fantastic digital experience.

MultiVersus Season 2: Fresh Battle Pass 

New badges, icons/profile icons, banners and taunts await you in the Season 2 Battle Pass, details of which we are pleased to reveal. Both the Free and Premium routes in Season 2 will have new and exciting Character Variants to acquire such as Baker Street Tom & Jerry and Astronaut Velma. If you’re like Ringouts, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve added some new moves—like Toxic Explosion and Lava Breath—that will demoralize your opponents in spectacular fashion.

Do you have Brunhilde Bugs in your bag?

Here’s an update: Player First Games has confirmed that Season 2 of Marvin the Martian will air on MultiVersus. You have successfully infuriated him. Expletively enraged, indeed. There are plans for a Game of Thrones set as well.

MultiVersus the crossover fighter from Player First Games has finished its first season. The free-to-play fighter made quite a splash in its first few months. Season 2 will add new modes, characters, levels and more to the game, which is still in open beta despite its recent stream of content drops and competitions.

The start of Season 2 of MultiVersus has been somewhat low-key, with no new characters being announced right away. However, the game is getting a whole new Battle Pass today, which means there are no more unlocked tiers. The patch notes state, “Tuned the number of points required to finish each tier so that the Battle Pass feels both exciting and rewarding.”

Do you have Brunhilde Bugs in your bag?

If you put in the time and effort, you’ll be rewarded with unique skins like “Baker Street Tom & Jerry” at Tier 50 of the Free Pass and “Maestro Bugs Bunny” at Tier 50 of the Premium Pass. Once again, the ultimate prize is a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Is he not a turd of a human being? Buyers of the Premium Pass will gain instant access to the hilarious “Astronaut Velma” skin.

The in-game store, where you can spend your hard-earned… er, “Gleamium,” on all sorts of cool new stuff, has also arrived with the release of Season 2. A new round of character skins is also available, such as “Samurai Batman,” “Evil Morty” and “Uncle Shagworthy” (checks notes). The initial tutorial has been revised as well, with some of the stages being made more intuitive and a voiceover being added. There are also additional customization options for the already ridiculous “Silly Queue,” such as the hilarious Big Head mode.

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Multi-Path Traffic Acceleration has been added to MultiVersus Season 2 to aid in maintaining a consistent online experience, and several maps and characters have undergone a new round of balancing. There has been no confirmation of any of the new characters that will be introduced in Season 2, despite the fact that several of them have been seen in Season 1 determine reports. It would be great to hear about the new crossover hopefuls as soon as possible.

The MultiVersus open beta is available on the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. For more information about the current update check out the detailed patch notes.

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