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Love is Blind Season 4: Release Date and Where is this Season Going to be Filmed?

Love is Blind Season 4

Love is Blind Season 4

Love is Blind Season 4 all Updates: The third season of Love Is Blind has concluded and we have only just begun to deal with the emotional aftermath (and the building discourse). Two couples tied the knot, one couple confirmed their relationship status and a villain à la Shake was finally revealed by the end of the third season of the reality experiment.

Though season 3 of Love Is Blind had yet to be revealed, fans of the Dallas-based show could rest assured that they would be getting a fourth season. What we know about the upcoming episodes is as follows.

I was wondering how the first three seasons of “Love Is Blind” concluded

Fan-favorite couples, toxic f-boys, a gem of a woman (shout out to SK’s mom) and the show’s signature opaque gold wineglass were all introduced in the first three seasons of Love Is Blind. In the event that you are keeping track of the outcomes of each attempt: Couples from the first season, like Lauren and Cameron and Amber and Barnett, are doing well.

Earlier this year, the couples from Season 2 (Danielle and Nick and Iyanna and Jarrett) revealed their breakups in conjunction with the airing of the After the Altar special. In Season 3 Alexa and Brennon as well as Colleen and Matt are still together having been married for around two years. Additionally, despite not being married in the series conclusion Raven and SK are still seeing each other. You can also read about who are the couples that are together in Love is Blind Season 3?

Has Love is Blind Season 4 been Renewed?

Filming for Love Is Blind happens at a breakneck pace that’s a little unnerving. Seasons 2 and 3 were ordered after the massive success of the first (the season 3 weddings were around June 2022).

The show’s success in its second season led to its quick renewal for seasons four and five in March of 2022. Furthermore, at the time of the Season 3 premiere, filming for both Seasons 4 and 5 had been wrapped, as reported.

Nick Lachey told the media that they had already recorded five seasons. Because each season has been unique, “we’ve been able to approach each one with a new mindset and a new perspective because of the novelty of the experience.”

The location of Love is Blind Season 4 has not yet been revealed

The location of Love is Blind Season 4 has not yet been revealed

Netflix has not made an official statement about the locations for the new season, but some LIB online sleuths have unearthed clues about the next central cities. In May of 2022, the show’s team was sighted filming in multiple locations in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood; however, it is unclear whether these sightings pertain to Season 4 or Season 5 production.

In addition to an open casting call that only requires applicants to “live in the city where the season is filming,” DCist reports that an Instagram casting call was also recently posted, specifically seeking residents of the District of Columbia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Detroit, Michigan and Tampa, Florida.

When Can we watch Love is Blind Season 4 Online?

We anticipate that due to the high ratings for season 3, season 4 will launch in the near future. Though some seasons had lengthier gaps between production and release (season 3’s hiatus was about 18 months), it’s probable that the show will want to keep to the two-seasons-a-year plan that worked till 2022.

Furthermore, I find it hard to believe that Netflix would hold off streaming the next two completed seasons until 2024. As a result, Season 4 is expected to premiere around Valentine’s Day or mid-spring 2023, while Season 5 will most likely premiere in late autumn of the same year.

Are we really going to need Love is Blind Season 4?

Are we really going to need Love is Blind Season 4?

As I scroll through people’s reactions to the finale on social media, I keep coming across posts that make me wonder if we really need more episodes of this compelling yet downbeat drama. Over the past three seasons, many couples have found love (suspiciously, two get married per season, but not all of them work out), proving that true love will always triumph.

Despite the fact that at least half of the competitors go through emotional upheaval every season, the show still seems poised to draw in ratings and dialogue that ranged from well-intentioned to venomous. My initial reaction upon learning that production on the fourth season was wrapped was, “Oh my God, another one?”

However, I will continue to watch (mostly due to fear of missing out and because it is literally part of my job). Occasionally, the drama is temporarily alleviated by the serotonin-inducing moments that occur when a couple forms an authentic connection with one another.

Even if Twitter’s impending extinction may reduce FOMO, I think most current viewers will continue to watch and I hope many will approach the show with pity for the slow-moving trainwrecks they’ll see on television.

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Who’s still got it together from “Love Is Blind” in 2022?

Fans of Love Is Blind rapidly flocked to the pairing of Alexa and Brennon once they began falling in love at the start of Season 3. The couple got married in a Jewish ceremony during the season finale. Their marriage has been “very fantastic,” according to Alexa.

Have Raven and SK tied the knot?

Raven Ross’ wedding to SK Alagbada on Season 3 of “Love Is Blind” did not go as planned and Ross told Variety that she was taken aback by Alagbada’s decision to reject her at the altar. Ross developed feelings for Bartise Bowden in the pods but ultimately decided to accept Alagbada’s proposal.

Can anyone name Raven’s mate?

From Seasons 2 through 4 and the prequel/sequel Raven’s Home, Devon Carter is Raven’s lover and then ex-husband. Bucktooth Carter was his nickname from when he had to wear braces on his teeth and suffered from severe acne.

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