WWE Raw Results: Seth Rollins Protects US Title as more Opponents Arrive

It was announced just before Monday’s Raw aired that United States Champion Seth Rollins would defend his title against Finn Balor. That was the beginning of a major push on Raw to keep Rollins and the United States Championship in the spotlight.

In addition to Balor’s challenge, Rollins had to worry about Bobby Lashley’s determination to reclaim the title and Austin Theory’s violent outbursts as he sought a second reign as champion.

WWE Raw Results

Loser: Bobby Lashley. Ali, Mustafa submitted with the Hurt Lock. Lashley cut into a Seth Rollins promo at the opening of the show, promising Rollins he wouldn’t stop assaulting until he regained the United States title. Rollins noted that Lashley should have had the match scheduled last week after accepting the open challenge but instead assaulted Rollins. Ali cut Lashley off, prompting Lashley to challenge Ali to a rematch of last week’s beating.

Reigning WWE champion Dolph Ziggler was defeated. The referee disqualified Austin Theory for not listening to his orders to cease assaulting outside the ring. After Theory’s failed Money in the Bank cash-in, Theory became enraged with Ziggler for wrestling him like a kid and offering advice.

US Championship Seth Rollins (c) vs. Defeating Finn Balor by submission. During the match, The Judgement Day walked out to the ring and got involved before The O.C. hurried out to prevent disaster. As the referee was preoccupied, Balor moved to the top rope for the Coup de Grace, but AJ Styles shoved him off.

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The two camps continued their fight in the middle of the spectators before Rollins won with a stomp. The theory came into the ring after the match and attacked Rollins, hitting the champion with A-Town Down before continuing the assault outside the arena. After Theory smacked Rollins with the championship belt, the television cut to black.

When WWE includes more than two or three people in the championship picture, it’s a breath of new air. There are many notable challengers for Rollins’ title. After his botched cash-in, Theory’s personality shifted, turning him into a more dangerous and intriguing version of himself who now poses a genuine threat.

Beyond that, Lashley is still determined to regain his championship by any means necessary, including resorting to violence. Ali, too, is still a problem for Rollins’ rule. Balor’s involvement over the past two weeks was more about him and Styles progressing their own story than it was about protecting Rollins. It’s tough to find any cause for complaint here. An A-minus.

What else went down on WWE Raw?

What else went down on WWE Raw
What else went down on WWE Raw

No contest, Mia Yim. Tamina wins thanks to an Eat Defeat-induced pinfall. Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley watched the match from the stands, but Ripley didn’t come out to the ring with him afterward.

Defeat by Chad Gable. Matt Riddle by way of backslide pinfall. Dexter Lumis’s narrative was just one more thing the Miz was trying to change. Miz denied, once more, that he had ever paid Lumis to be his stalker before it became true as Johnny Gargano had stated. After Miz declared he wouldn’t pay Lumis the money he owed him, Gargano entered the ring and the cameraman in the ring turned out to be Lumis.

Victory goes to Dominik Mysterio. Using a frog splash as the finishing move Shelton Benjamin wins by pinfall.

I tell you what, SKY is def. A moonsault pinfall for the victory over Dana Brooke. Mia Yim walked up the entrance ramp after the match and declared that she would be playing on Bianca Belair’s team for War Games. Eventually, Rhea Ripley revealed to Bayley that she had joined the squad specifically to pursue Yim.

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In the end, Baron Corbin prevailed. End of Days pinfall victory for Akira Tozawa. Tozawa challenged Corbin to a match following the latter’s loss to him in a poker game held in the show’s locker area.

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