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What is Arizona’s Secretary Katie Hobbs Net Worth in 2022?

Katie Hobbs Net Worth

Katie Hobbs Net Worth

Do you know how much is Katie Hobbs net worth? In the United States on December 28th, 1969, was born Katie Hobbs a notable politician. She is currently Arizona’s Secretary of State. She has represented Arizona’s 24th legislative district in the state’s House of Representatives and Senate.

Hobbs went to Northern Arizona University for her undergraduate studies and Arizona State University for her graduate education in social work. Social work education is what brought them together. Hobbs has been active in social work since 1992, focusing on issues like homelessness, behavioral health and domestic abuse.

Political Life of Katie Hobbs

Hobbs was elected to represent Arizona in the state legislature twice: first in the house in 2010, then in the senate in 2012. Hobbs says she was initially hesitant to apply to Emerge Arizona, but that the experience ultimately piqued her interest in politics and made her ready to run for office. During her time in the Senate, she served as the minority leader.

People Hobbs worked with as social workers believed their voices were being ignored by the government and this prompted her to run for public office. She actively campaigns for the elimination of all forms of family violence.

Hobbs declared her candidacy for Arizona Secretary of State on March 8, 2017. Her foe in this election-year clash was a local businessman by the name of Steve Gaynor. However, there were still over 600,000 ballots to tally across the state when the Associated Press wrongly pronounced Gaynor the winner on election night, November 6, 2018.

Considering how tight the race was, neither Hobbs nor Gaynor declared victory at first. As more and more ballots were counted in the days that followed, Gaynor’s lead shrank. Hobbs was declared the winner over her opponent Kari Lane by a margin of about 20,000 votes on November 16th, 2018.

How Much is Katie Hobbs Net Worth in 2022?

In 2022, Katie Hobbs’ projected net worth is $1.5 million. However, no public records concerning her wealth have been made available as of yet.

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About Katie Hobbs’s Family and Friends

Katie Hobbs’s Family

Our records show that Katie Hobbs is currently married to Patrick Goodman and the couple has two children. She shares my religious affiliation by being a devout Catholic. Katie Hobbs’ birthday is on the 28th of December thus on that day, her loved ones gather together to celebrate.

Is Katie Hobbs Dating Anyone?

Katie Hobbs and Her Husband

Katie Hobbs is as far as we can tell already married to Patrick Goodman. Katie Hobbs has not been in a relationship since May of 2022.

No information on Katie Hobbs’s romantic history can be found in our records. It’s possible that you may assist us in compiling Katie Hobbs’s dating history.

Katie Hobbs Size, Age and Other Stats

At this time in her life, Katie Hobbs is 50 years old. We don’t know Katie Hobbs’s stature or weight. Detailed stats, including height, weight and dress/shoe sizes, will be included soon.

Trivia About Katie Hobbs

Katie Hobbs, a native Arizonan who has spent her entire life listening to and helping those in her state, has never given up hope for the state’s residents despite the state’s many challenges. She was raised in Tempe, Arizona, in a middle-class family and she began her volunteer work in churches at a young age.

After finishing college, her first job was working with homeless youth in Phoenix and she eventually went on to manage a big domestic violence shelter in the United States. Through her work with hundreds of women who had been victims of domestic violence, Katie saw firsthand the terrible effects of poverty and a lack of access to reproductive health care.

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With the help of legislators from both parties, she passed a bill to expand health care coverage to approximately half a million Arizonans. To combat the ever-expanding drug epidemic in Arizona, she worked with politicians from both major parties to develop new approaches.

She also collaborated with the state’s Republican governor to raise the number of inmates with s*xual assault convictions and end a backlog of rape kits for use in court.

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