Who is Katie Hobbs Husband? How Many Children They Have?

Do you know who is Katie Hobbs husband? First read about Katie Hobbs and then you will read about her husband below. Born on December 28, 1969, Kathleen Marie Hobbs is the Secretary of State of Arizona and the incoming Governor of Arizona. Formerly a state representative for Arizona’s 15th district from 2011 to 2013 and a state senator for Arizona’s 24th district from 2013 to 2019 she is a Democrat.

Despite Republican Kari Lake’s strong showing in the 2022 Arizona governor race, Hobbs came up on top. On November 14, 2022, the Associated Press predicted that she would win. Hobbs will become the first Native American woman to serve as governor of a U.S. state.

Katie Hobbs’ Personal Life

Hobbs is involved in the social work community and teaches part-time at Paradise Valley Community College, where she also serves as an affiliate of the National Association of Social Workers. She is a wife and mother to two children with her husband Patrick Goodman. Specifically, Hobbs identifies as a Catholic. Read about Katie Hobbs net worth.

Who is Katie Hobbs Husband?

Rather than practicing law, Patrick Goodman is a professor. His wife Katie Hobbs’ passion for social work inspired him to pursue a career in the same area.

Goodman also sits on the boards of the Infant Toddler Mental Health Coalition the Valic Trust the Mutual of America Trust and many more. But he also volunteers as a supervisor with the non-governmental organization Teel Lifeline and Seeks Arizona.

Katie Hobbs and her husband whose identity will not be revealed for reasons of security, have been married for a very long time and are the proud parents of two lovely daughters.

Patrick Goodman and Kattie Hobbs
Patrick Goodman and Katie Hobbs

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Katie Hobbs Childhood & Early Learning

In 1988, Hobbs completed his high school education at Chandler, Arizona’s Seton Catholic High School. She received a BA in social work from Northern Arizona University in 1992 and an MSW from Arizona State University in 1995.

Representative Assembly

Katie Hobbs ran for and won a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives in 2010, attributing her entry into politics to her participation in Emerge Arizona. She decided to enter politics because she felt the individuals she helped as social workers were being ignored by the government. She campaigns for an end to domestic abuse.

The election of 2012 saw Hobbs win a seat in the Arizona Senate, where she would spend the next two terms as minority leader. During Hobbs’s first tenure as minority leader in the Senate, in 2015, black female Senate staffer Talonya Adams voiced concerns about racial discrimination to Hobbs and was ultimately fired in part by Hobbs. Adams was granted $2.75 million in a discrimination claim she filed after being fired in November 2021.

What is Patrick Goodman’s Age?

Based on the fact that his wife Katie Hobbs is 52 years old we can estimate that Patrick Goodman is in his 50s or 60s.

A child of the 1960s, he graduated from UCLA with a BA in 1991. An additional year of schooling earned him a Master’s in Teaching. In addition in 1996, he earned a J.D. from Columbia University.

Patrick didn’t begin teaching law at UC Los Angeles until 2001, five years later. He teaches topics including “American Law in the Global Context,” “Wills and Trusts,” and “Remedies.”

He was honored for his work in the classroom with the Rutter Award for Excellence in Teaching from the UCLA School of Law. He won the honor of “Professor of the Year” at the UCLA School of Law seven years in a row, from 2010 to 2015.

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Patrick Goodman’s Net Worth

With his wife Katie Hobbs, Patrick Goodman has a 50/50 wealth distribution. It’s challenging to put a price tag on them, but it’s not impossible.

Above The Law reports that the average annual pay for a professor of law at UCLA is $226,360, with a salary range of $210,000 to $240,000. Goodman, who has been a professor for 20 years, undoubtedly receives one of the top salaries in the field.

Katie Hobbs, his wife, is the Arizona Secretary of State and makes $70,000 a year plus benefits. In the previous 6 years, she was a senator, she earned $174,000.

As a result, the Goodmans amass a considerable fortune.

Final  Lines

Here we talked about Katie Hobbs husband Patrick Goodman. We provided you with all information we got about him and their marriage. I hope you liked our article.

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