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Glitter Anime Season 2: Is This Season Renew By Netflix?

Glitter Anime Season 2

Glitter Anime Season 2

Outside of Asia the first season of Glitter Force premiered on Netflix on December 18. It consists of 20 episodes. According to World Screen, there were 40 episodes and each one lasted about 22 minutes. Below we will read about Glitter Anime Season 2.

Glitter anime is a Japanese television series produced by Toei Animation and written by Shoji Yonemura and the characters were designed by Toshie Kawamura.

Will There Be  A Season 2 of Glitter Anime? 

Glitter Anime Season 2

Saban Brands renamed the show Glitter anime as “Glitter Force” and it debuted as a Netflix original series in regions outside of Asia and a variety of languages. The first 20 episodes of this version debuted on Netflix on December 18, 2015. The second season debuted on August 26, 2016.

Where To Watch Glitter Anime Season 2?

Where To Watch Glitter Anime Season 2?

On Friday, the second season of the localized Glitter Anime debuted on Netflix. The season will consist of 15 episodes. In August, Netflix debuted the first 15 episodes bringing the story up to the same point as the original anime’s episode 21.

All of the remaining events from the original anime are covered in these episodes. On August 26, Netflix will begin streaming the second season of Saban’s Smile Precure! adaptation, Glitter Force.

What are the Reviews on Glitter Anime Season 2?

The Story Continues known in Japan as “Pretty Cure becomes fairies” and this is the first episode of the second season of Glitter Anime. “Battle On the Beach” is the second episode of the second season of Glitter Force.

Glitter Anime Season 2 has just arrived on Netflix. We have been waiting a long time for the second season of this anime and we can’t wait until it finally comes out. It was always a question of whether or not Season 2 would be made but now that we know it will be.

We can’t wait to see where else these five incredible girls and their friends go. I can’t tell you how much joy these girls bring into my life and I have no doubt they would do the same for you.

How Many Characters are there in Glitter Anime Season 2? 

There are five main characters in Glitter Anime Season 2.

Main characters in Glitter Anime Season 2


Emily is one of the main characters in Glitter Anime. Glitter Lucky is her pseudonym. She has access to the energy of the Holy Light. The phrase “Another happy ending” has become her trademark. Emily sports a pair of cone-shaped buns atop her medium-length hair, which is secured by yellow bows.

She has dark magenta eyes. Her curled cowlick complements her bangs and forelocks which frame her face. She’s decked out in a pastel color palette from the long-sleeved pale pink top to the vest in pastel yellow and fuchsia. The mini skirt is in pastel pink and magenta the striped white stockings reach her thigh-length feet.

The pink and white sneakers she’s wearing. She pairs her pink ruffled short-sleeved top with a pair of pale blue denim capris and a pair of fuchsia sandals with ankle straps for the summer.


Kelsey plays the character of Glitter Sunny this season. Glitter Kelsey’s secret identity in the Glitter Force is Sunny. In the Glitter Force, she represents orange and is in charge of the element of fire. She has the strength to single-handedly lift Buffoons and hurl them a considerable distance.


Lily is one of the main characters in Glitter Anime Season 2. Her alter ego is Glitter Peace or Cure Peace in the Japanese version. She controls the power of Lightning. Lily is a few inches shorter than her friends with big golden eyes and shoulder-length, fluffy yellow hair curled around her face worn with a white headband that has an orange gem on each side.

She normally wears a goldenrod dress with buckles over a pale yellow long-sleeved blouse, and dark orange Mary and Jane’s frilly white socks. During summer, she wears a white blouse with a ruffled pale yellow camisole, pale denim short pants and goldenrod sandals with pale brown soles and white socks.


April is shown as in the character of Glitter Spring in Glitter Anime Season 2. She has mastery over the forces of the breeze and wind. Nao’s short hair is held in a ponytail with a yellow bow and she has dark green eyes.

She is seen here dressed casually in an olive and yellow top adorned with a variety of badges, dark olive shorts, orange socks and red and black boots. She pairs a mint tee with a white tank and a denim skirt for the summer and finishes off her look with brown flats and olive socks.


Chloe is shown in the character of Glitter Breeze in Glitter Anime Season 2. She controls the power of ice. Chloe’s hair is straightened and she sometimes wears her forelocks bound giving her a princess look. Her eyes are a deep blue. Sometimes she’ll even put her hair up.

She’s dressed casually in a light blue dress with navy accents and a light indigo jacket with boots to match. She pairs her light blue Mary Janes with a light blue and white dress with puffy sleeves and a wide sailor collar for the summer.

Frequently Asked

Is Glitter Force a Real Anime?

Izumi Todo’s Glitter Force is an English adaptation of his Smile PreCure anime series from Japan.

Is Glitter Force Doki Doki a Sequel?

Toei recently purchased the Glitter Force trademark from Saban Brands and Doki Doki is the second series to be released under the trademark.

How Old is Ira From Glitter Force?

Following his and Marmo’s Distain’s defeat at the hands of the Glitter Heart. He began making regular attacks against the Glitter Force. Since Ira may be over 30,000 years old, Bel says they need to take another 10,000-year nap in the unabridged version of Glitter Force Doki Doki.

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Final lines

Share your thoughts on the show and its characters with me below. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend giving it a shot. I think this is the kind of anime that could bring a lot of people together in a positive way and it’s a lot of fun to talk about with others. For more updates and details stay connected with us. Must visit our website

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