“KanColle Season 2” Dropped New Trailer: Release Date, The Cast and All About the November Premiere

When an anime decides to return to the screens after almost six years, you can already guess the excitement and happiness that the fans are feeling. “Kantai Collection” aka “KanColle” is popular for its gripping storyline and amazing visuals.

ENGI studio has worked relentlessly to bring new episodes of “KanColle” to the loyal fanbase. Previously, it was Diomedéa that was behind the production of “KanColle”. But with such a long pause, a new studio seemed right to execute its vision. 

A lot has happened in the short timeframe regarding “KanColle”. The new title for  “KanColle” Season 2 is “The KanColle: Someday in that Sea which immediately created a buzz amongst the fans From the trailer drop of “KanColle” Season 2 to the list of casts and release date, we have it all to prepare you for a successful  “KanColle” Season 2.

The Release Date of “KanColle” Season 2

The confirmation for “KanColle” Season 2 came back in January 2021 when no one even expected it. It has been a very long wait for all the “KanColle” fans and the showrunners revealed that “KanColle” Season 2 will be having a November 2022 release.

Fans kept counting the days until it was stated that “KanColle” Season 2 will release on 3rd November 2022. The first episode premiered and every minute of wait turned out worth it for the fans. Ratings are high and reviews are positive, undoubtedly, the season is going to make history.

What is the Plot of “KanColle” Season 2?

It all started with a web browser game by DMM Games launched in 2015. The theme of the game was associating teenage girls and adult women with World War II warships and giving characteristics along with the history of the ships.

Initially, it began with Japanese ships and later expanded to introduce ships from various other nations. The gameplay focused on naval warfare that had both combat and maintenance.

Kan Colle Season 2
Kan Colle Season 2

Now for the “KanColle” Season 2 anime, it shows how human beings have lost control over the vast seas and oceans. The only reason for such a downfall is the Abyssal Fleet controlling the operations of everything. Since danger is now looming over humanity, the Kan-must (Fleet Girls) is becoming active to handle all the issues.

Kan-must has full possession of the naval vessels’ spirits, and together, they reside in the naval base. Their main motto is to train themselves for future battles that are not far enough. 

What is the Cast and Character of “KanColle” Season 2?

In the hands of the new animation studio, the fans are going to witness a change in “KanColle” Season 2. Kazuya Miura wore the director’s hat for the season whereas Kensuke Tanaka did impart his vision by penning down the script.

To give that finesse and accurate touch to the characters, the character design has been done by Chika Nomi. For the voice-overs, only the best for the job had been selected. So, the voice actors of “KanColle” Season 2 are:

  •               Yumi Tanibe as Shigure 
  •               Aya Suzaki as Mogami 
  •               Saki Fujita as Fusou, Yamashiro, Suzutsuki, and Yukikaze 
  •               Yui Horie as Yamagumo and Asagumo 
  •               Wakana Miyagawa as Michishio and Kasumi 
  •               Mana Komatsu as Hamakaze 
  •               Yuki Yamada as Yahagi 
  •               Nao Toyama as Shikinami and Haruna 
  •               Iori Nomizu as Shoukaku 
  •               Yui Ogura as Amatsukaze and Taigei 
  •               Risa Taneda as Akashi
  •               Kozue Hayasaka as Sazanami and Akebono, many more
  •               Ayana Taketatsu as Yamato and many more

Will “KanColle” Season 2 Have 12 Episodes?

If you remember, the first season caught the attention of the fans with its 12 episodes. But there was a change for “KanColle” Season 2 because it will be releasing only 8 episodes. Thus, you have to wait to learn about how intriguing the plotline will be and if these 8 episodes can deliver the storyline exactly.

The Trailer of “KanColle” Season 2

It has been only a month since the trailer of “KanColle” Season 2 was released. The fans didn’t have to hold patience for too long at all. 54 seconds “KanColle” Season 2 was dropped on October 3rd, 2022 and it briefly shared glimpses of the chaos that is about to come.

“KanColle” Season 2 may have delayed its release by years but the anime didn’t disappoint the fans. After “KanColle” Season 2, if the creators are planning on a third season, we hope that it comes out soon enough for the sake of the fans. So, watch “KanColle” Season 2 as the episodes drop!

Final Phases

Season 2 of “KanColle” was confirmed in January 2021, when no one was even expecting it. Fans of “KanColle” have been waiting a long time, and the showrunners just announced that Season 2 will come out in November 2022.

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