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Anthony Rumble Johnson Net worth: How Rich Was The UFC Star Before Passing Away?

Anthony Rumble Johnson Net worth

Anthony Rumble Johnson Net worth

Anthony Rumble Johnson is a famed UFC star who made it in this entertainment industry through his incredible mixed martial talent. He has been seen in many historic games that were the true reason for shaping his future. The sports personality has ensured that his contributions brought pride to him and his family. But he never opened up about the personal struggles that he has been through. 

Anthony Rumble had a short journey in this world but it was full of glory. He died recently on 13th November 2022 but his hardships will never be forgotten. The dedicated fans are now interested to find out Anthony Rumble Johnson’s net worth before his death.

It is sad to lose such an influential individual so early in life. So, here is what you need to know about Anthony Rumble Johnson’s net worth.

Who Was Anthony Rumble Johnson? Early Life and Career of the UFC Star

Anthony Johnson is a resident of Dublin, Georgia who was born there in March 1984. Most of Anthony Rumble Johnson’s net worth came from the professional career he had built for himself. Besides his fight earnings, he had been the face of many top brands which made Rumble huge endorsement money.

Till the time of his death, he was seen competing in middleweight, welterweight, light heavyweight as well as heavyweight divisions. Anthony’s first-ever professional MMA debut was back in August 2016 which ended up with him winning over Jonathan Romero. 

Anthony Rumble Johnson Net worth

However, Anthony Rumble Johnson’s net worth came after his UFC debut held back in June 2007. It was such a massive hit since it took him only 13 seconds to defeat Chad Reiner. Later he also had the Knockout of the Night after winning against Kevin Burns in December 2008.

The list of Rumble’s wins is unending. He won the title of Knockout of the Night for a second time in October 2011 and this time it was against Charlie Brenneman. The victory continued and won the title in July 2014, and then again in January 2015.

Despite losing the 2015 match against Daniel Cormier who is the UFC light heavyweight champion, Anthony earned around $500,000. He has been crowned with the title Performance of the Night in September 2015 and January 2016. Soon after winning the fight, he attained a professional MMA record of 21-5.

Though Anthony Rumble Johnson’s net worth has reached a considerable figure, he basically started as the Junior College National Champion for the National Junior College Athletic Association amateur wrestling.

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The Georgia-born also developed a steady Anthony Rumble Johnson’s net worth by endorsing top brands like FBEC Worldwide in 2015 which is a beverage company. Plus, he received the rank of No.2 in the UFC heavyweight contender all around the world.

The star chose to retire from the MMA in the year of 2017 after making a considerable Anthony Rumble Johnson’s net worth. But he again had a surprise return after four years for the Bellator Light Heavyweight World Grand Prix. He knocked out Jose Augusto in just the first round and it was definitely the last fight of the UFC star that the world has seen.

Anthony Rumble Johnson’s Death

The sports personality is no longer among us. Anthony Rumble Johnson sadly passed away at only 38 years old.  It was due to his illness that Anthony had to withdraw from the game he loved so much. He was having an ongoing battle with health, however, never let anyone understand his pain.

The details of the illness have been undisclosed but the news has shaken the industry. But it is known that he had organ failure which was a result of non-Hodgkins lymphoma and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.

Back in 2021, he posted about his illness to give a little glimpse of what is going on.

Johnson wrote this before death, “Really wish I could go into detail about how ill I truly am. Just know I need as many prayers as I can get and I’ll see you in 2022 God willing,” Johnson wrote.

“Never been this afraid of anything in my life but I’ve remained strong with the support of friends and family.”

Ariel Helwani is an MMA journalist who shared the tragic news of Johnson’s death.

He tweeted, “Horrible news: Anthony “Rumble” Johnson passed away today,” 

“He was 38 years old. Johnson had been battling an illness for quite some time. One of the hardest hitters and most talented fighters in MMA history. Gone way too soon. May he rest in peace.”

Even Johnson’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz expressed how heartbroken he is feeling.

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Final Words

Anthony Rumble Johnson’s net worth may be the topic of discussion for many but the world has lost a great player. We wish Anthony Rumble Johnson find happiness whenever he is and all our condolences to the close ones.

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