What Happened in The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 10?

In the opening scene of Episode 10 of Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale, June opens a package containing a bulletproof vest. She’s not taking any chances after the gunfight the night before. Unless of course she gets shot in the face. She needs to be ready for the upcoming memorial service in High Park. As he adjusts June’s vest, Luke says, “I hate this world.”

When Commander Lawrence hears about the shooting, he doesn’t seem to shake by it. Despite Nick’s assurances that June is safe, Lawrence continues to pursue the criminal. After all, ties have been severed, and we know the other Commanders want her “taken care of.”

Mark appears and informs June that they have taken the shooter into custody. John L Lanson is the name, and he’s 56 years old. Mark says he’ll look into whether or not he has any connections to Gilead, but it’s already abundantly clear that he does.

Having attended 19 funerals in 5 days, Mark is exhausted and finding it difficult to maintain his composure. The problem is that June is a marked woman, and not long after this conversation someone in a truck runs her over and kills her. June is taken to the hospital, and Luke manages to save her by beating the attacker to the ground. However, this leads to Luke being taken in for questioning by the police.

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Where does Janine go from here?

Even though Janine’s assistance with the Handmaids has been very helpful, Lydia’s other Aunt Elizabeth reminds her that she needs to find a posting as soon as possible. As she mulls over the possibility of losing her golden girl, Lydia manages a thin smile.

To best assist Janine, Lydia decides to station herself at Mrs. Putnam’s, where she can be close to Angela. Janine doesn’t want to be posted anywhere, but she doesn’t have much of a choice. And it’s made worse when she finds out that Angela is being kept at her grandparent’s place for the weekend. Naomi Putnam is harsh to Janine, telling her this is a trial period and she shouldn’t even think of suggesting that Angela is hers.

Lydia finds it difficult to listen, but then Janine, whilst alone, receives word of the attack on June. “They never let anyone leave. Fu*kers.” The informant says vehemently. And of course, this completely rattles Janine too.

When Mrs. Putnam calls her “Ofjoseph”, Janine snaps. She tells Naomi she’s one of the worst people she’s ever met and they’re not friends. And as a result, Janine is caught in a precarious position, with Lydia suggesting she needs to beg for forgiveness.

Janine refuses, unwilling to go against her morals. The Eyes suddenly show up, on Commander Lawrence’s orders, and take her away. Lydia is not happy and pledges to make them pay. The culprits load Janine into the back of a truck and drive off.

I need to know Nick’s fate

I need to know Nick's fate
I need to know Nick’s fate

Nick immediately crosses into Canada after hearing about June’s accident to see how she is doing. His worry for her safety and health is palpable. He doesn’t enter June’s hospital room, but he maintains a close check on her from outside.

Mark and Nick then enter into an employment agreement, with Nick consenting to join the team. Since Gilead is so bent on making June pay and eliminating her, Nick is convinced to join forces with him to protect June.

Furious about what happened to June, Nick acts out by hitting Lawrence at his wedding. Despite Lawrence’s protests that it wasn’t him, the other Commanders are eerily silent. The obvious conclusion is that Nick receives a prison sentence for his misdeeds. As a result of his inability to let go of June, Rose has decided that they should no longer be together.

When did Luke get arrested?

As bad as things were before, they were even worse when the family found out that Luke had killed the man who had tried to run over June. In Canada, if a refugee is responsible for the death of a Canadian, that will be the final straw.

A murder charge will be filed against Luke. June is terrified and she reassures him that running away is their only option. The situation is dire, and given Canada’s recent shifts, they’ll have to make haste to get out.

Mark appears and verifies that they are indeed in a bad situation. Since the cops will be waiting for you at the airport, that’s not an option. They’re all boarding trains and leaving the United States via the western route. Mark assures her that he can get her on one, but when they arrive, the venue is packed. Mark bids his farewells and promises to relay the news to Nick that they are secure.

Meanwhile, June and Luke make it to the train station, where Luke decides to trail after her a few yards because there are armed guards at every carriage. June and Nichole were successful in boarding.

June urges Luke to display his ticket and make it, but he makes a courageous choice and tells her they aren’t safe if they stick together. Luke assures us that they will reunite. Having said that, he voluntarily raises his hands and submits to arrest. As the train pulls away from the platform, June boards it.

Is there a certain way in which The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 10 Concludes?

Is there a certain way in which The Handmaid's Tale Season 5 Episode 10 Concludes
Is there a certain way in which The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 10 Concludes

As luck would have it, Serena and Noah are on that train. We witnessed her escape, and now destiny has reunited them. They hate one other, but they’re both on the same path, which may lead to redemption.

Somehow, Serena and June always seem to be on the same path at the same time. Both are now parents, both are on the run, and both have witnessed the atrocities committed in Gilead. Having Serena on the train at the finale was a huge twist, and it sets up Season 6 wonderfully, offering a promising new direction for our characters.

Speaking of the future, one of the best parts of the show so far has been the subplot with Janine and Lydia. Lydia has been gradually warming up to Janine, even comparing her to her own daughter. The abduction of Janine at the end of the story gives the impression that she is being murdered, but Lydia may yet intervene and rescue the day. This would lay the groundwork for her character to show some compassion in The Revelations.

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Nick, on his part goes to jail because he won’t give up on June and Luke follows suit after making the courageous decision to give his life to save others. An already tense situation at the railway station becomes even more so at this point. Given the recurrence of firearms throughout the previous episodes, I was beginning to fear that a crazed gunman might appear and open fire.

However, The Handmaid’s Tale does go out on a high note, with a cliffhanger-filled finale that offers plenty of room for a potential sixth season.

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