Warriors vs. Cavs Player Ratings

It’s hard to believe, but the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 106-101 on Friday night to start their first winning streak of the season at Chase Center.

The Dubs beat one of the league’s greatest teams in an exciting and riveting contest. Let’s go to the traditional part of game day and give everyone an average grade of B based on our expectations for their performance.

Ahead of Friday’s games, the average TS in the league was 56.9%. Draymond Green played 32 minutes and recorded 2 points, 10 rebounds, 13 assists, 1 steal, 5 fouls, 0% true shooting on 1-5 shooting, and a +2 plus-minus rating.

Warriors vs. Cavs Player Ratings

In fact, this was the first occasion all year that Green’s scoring was comparable to his performance during the previous few years, and you know what? That’s a win for the Dubs. Simply put, this was classic Green. He had his finest defensive game of the year and also gave out a career-high 13 assists.

The Warriors won thanks to a game-winning floater by Klay Thompson, but Dray was denied the opportunity to become just the fourth player in NBA history to record a scoreless double-double. As long as Green keeps them in games defensively, the Warriors are in the hunt.

Grade: A-

Bonus points were awarded after the game for finishing first on the team in assists and second in rebounds.

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Andrew Wiggins

Played 37 minutes, scored 20 points, grabbed 5 boards, had 2 steals, and blocked 1 shot, but also had 3 turnovers and fouled out 4 times. 8-for-13 from the field, 1-for-4 from deep, 3-for-3 from the charity stripe for a 69.8% shooting percentage and a loss of 3 points.

Wiggins performs brilliantly here in an understated way. He had a good defensive performance, switching between Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland, two NBA All-Stars. In this situation, the Dubs need him to run an effective offense while staying within the system’s parameters.

Grade: A-

Post-game bonus: Worst plus/minus on the team.

Kevon Looney

In 30 minutes, he scored seven points, grabbed ten boards, handed out three assists, swatted away two shots, committed four fouls, made three of four field goal attempts, one of one from the charity stripe for a total shooting percentage of 78.8% and a plus-six score.

Looney was a major reason why the Warriors were able to compete on the glass with the Cavaliers’ starting lineup featuring Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley. In fact, he managed to escape and outwit them throughout the change.

The most significant aspect of his performance, however, was his ability to play 30 minutes and still be productive. It is significant that Looney can play genuine starter’s minutes without tiring, considering James Wiseman is no longer in the rotation and the Warriors are cautious to give Green too many small-ball 5 minutes at this time in the season.

Grade: A

The post-game bonus of being tied for the game’s lead in rebounds was a nice surprise.

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Steph Curry

The stat sheet reads 34 minutes, 40 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal, 2 turnovers, 4 fouls. 15-for-23 from the field, 6-for-11 from deep, 4-for-6 from the charity stripe, 78.0% FG, +7

I mentioned before the game that Curry is currently averaging the most points per game of his career while also shooting at a career-high true shooting percentage and committing the fewest turnovers.

It’s probably reasonable to assume that number will continue to be accurate for at least one more day. And Steve Kerr said something after the game that I’m viewing as a personal jab. And it’s a good guess at that.

Again, Curry delivered a performance from the past, this time leading the Dubs to victory with 18 points in the final period. He shook hands with his opponents, turned to the Cleveland bench as a game-tying three-pointer arced through the air, and slammed the entire arena with his signature night-night move.

This season, he has been the best player in the NBA, and his stats are ridiculous. He was flagged for a couple of early fouls and couldn’t convert the ensuing free-throw opportunities. You know you’re doing well when they are the only criticisms anyone has. Furthermore, Steph Curry is excelling in many respects.

Grade: A+

Extra points are awarded after the game for having the best plus/minus ratio on the team.

Klay Thompson

Score: 9; Minutes: 29; Field Goals: 3; Three-Point Goals: 2; Free Throws: 1; Percentage: 32.4%; Assists: 1; Steals: 1; Turnovers: 2; Fouls: 2; 3-for-13; 2-for-7; 1- Unfortunately, Klay’s offensive struggles have persisted, and he appears to be a long way from regaining his All-Star form.

However, the team’s performance improves each time he’s on the court. In the beginning of the game, he played poor defense, but in the fourth quarter, he really stepped up his defense and shut down Mitchell.

Grade: C

Jonathan Kuminga

Zero points, two boards, two giveaways, zero percent shooting, zero percent turnovers, negative one point. Kuminga came into the game in the first quarter and had a tough time of it. The offense he was running was really sluggish, and he was once again forcing shots when he could have been passing the ball about.

Three missed shots and two turnovers in four minutes is obviously not what the Warriors are expecting he’ll do, and after his brief time in the first quarter, he didn’t play again. Yet, I worry that the Warriors aren’t allowing him enough time to sort things out. In contrast, he’s had a rough time of it out there.

Grade: D-

Anthony Lamb

Ten points, four boards, one assist, three fouls, four of seven shooting, two of five threes, seventy-one percent from the field, plus six Even though I’ve been quite hard on Lamb, I can’t find a single flaw in his performance here. In a word, he was perfect.

When he caught the ball, he didn’t slow it down and he made a lot of off-ball movements. His high level of enthusiasm was a welcome addition, and it paid off in a respectable defensive performance. It’s remarkable that he’s currently starting instead of Kuminga, Moses Moody, and JaMychal Green; I didn’t expect it, and I doubt it will persist.

Grade: A

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Donte DiVincenzo

In 16 minutes, he shot 0% from the field and 0% from beyond the arc for a total of 0% in both categories (TS, +3). Not having played in almost three weeks, DiVincenzo showed some rust. His defensive play suffered as a result, and he committed a few flagrant fouls.

In any case, he proved to me why the Warriors spent the offseason acquiring him. DiVincenzo helped the bench unit, which had been so terrible all year, play quite well without contributing any statistics.

It was quite obvious in this game that he was a significant part of the reason why Jordan Poole got going, as he had mentioned on Wednesday that his goal was to assist get Poole going.

It’s money well spent if just for that alone.

Grade: B-

Jordan Poole

34 minutes, 18 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 turnovers, 2 fouls, 6 for 13 shooting, 4 for 8 threes, 2 for 2 free throws, 64.9% TS, +2. Finally, we have it, JP. It’s incredible how the Warriors can appear like legitimate title contenders once again with just a little bit of decent defense and a Poole Party.

Although Poole’s final stats were impressive, he really came through by keeping the offense going when Curry got in foul trouble in the second quarter. What the Warriors need him to be, and they couldn’t take him off the court in the final minutes of the game.

Final Lines

It’s hard to believe, but the Golden State Warriors started their first winning streak of the season with a 106-101 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night at Chase Center.

In a thrilling and intense game, the Dubs prevailed over one of the league’s best teams. Let’s move on to the more time-honored portion of game day and assign everyone a grade of B on average based on our expectations.

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