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God of War: Ragnarok Ending Explained: Is it Coming to PC?

God of War Ragnarok Ending Explained

God of War Ragnarok Ending Explained

God of War: Ragnarok Ending Explained: The latest journey of Kratos and Atreus has many unexpected turns but what happens in the end? The conclusion of God of War: Ragnarok is discussed here.

Due in no small part to the ending of the last game opening up countless paths for Kratos and Atreus’ future adventure, God of War Ragnarok is shaping up to be one of 2022’s most anticipated games.

This guide is for you if you’ve completed the game or are just curious about the final outcome. We cannot stress this enough: if you haven’t seen God of War: Ragnarok and don’t plan to, STOP READING NOW, AS THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Here is how God of War: Ragnarok ends.

What occurred in the God of War: Ragnarok 2018?

The first game in the new God of War reboot featured Kratos and Atreus scattering Faye Atreus’ mother from the highest peak in the land, as was her dying request.

Baldur, the God of the Underworld and Freya, the Goddess of the Woods, stand in their way. Baldur is revealed to be Freya’s son, but Kratos kills him when he tries to stop him from murdering his mother, prompting Freya to vow vengeance.

Upon reaching the summit they discover a mural painted by Faye which indicates that she has predicted every step of their journey: Baldur was seeking Faye a Giant ignorant that she was dead and the mural shows that Kratos will finally die while being cradled by Atreus.

The giants call Atreus Loki and he is shown to be one-fourth giant one-quarter mortal and one-quarter god.

After Baldur’s demise, the prophesied three-year Fimbulwinter would begin ushering at the end of days known as Ragnarok. On his way back to his house Atreus gets a premonition that Thor will ambush him and his companion towards the close of Fimbulwinter.

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In God of War: Ragnarok, what exactly occurs? Details of the plot are provided

In God of War Ragnarok, what exactly occurs

At the beginning of God of Conflict: Ragnarok, Kratos and Atreus are hiding out in a small camp from Freya’s relentless attempts to murder them while they prepare for the impending war during Fimbulwinter. When Atreus’ pet wolf Fenrir dies, he unwittingly performs a spell that traps the wolf’s spirit in his knife.

Like in Atreus’s vision Thor and Odin pay a visit. The latter proposes a ceasefire on the condition that no more blood be shed; Kratos, however, rejects the offer. As Thor and Kratos clash, Odin invites Atreus to live with him in Asgard, the home of the Aesir gods.

Kratos and his son Atreus decide to take refuge with the friendly dwarves Brok and Sindri from the original game after realizing their old home is no longer secure. Despite Kratos’ assurance that his days of God-slaying are behind him, here they prepare to confront Odin and his army.

In spite of this, recent Giant predictions that have been kept secret from Odin indicate that he will murder gods once more and that Atreus will be the Champion of Ragnarok.

After breaking the previous God of War, Tyr, out of prison, the two (along with talking head Mimir) discover that he has turned a pacifist, prompting a rescue operation.

God of War: Ragnarok Ending Explained

The culmination of these events is an attack on Odin’s homeworld of Asgard by forces from all around the multiverse led by the now-Giant Fenrir and the World Serpent among other formidable foes. After feeling betrayed by Atreus Thrud’s mother Sif reassures her that Odin is far more dangerous.

As Atreus, Thrud and Kratos fight their way through Odin’s forces, distressed Sindri tears down the barrier protecting Asgard. After a fierce struggle, Kratos tells Thor that the two of them need to change for the sake of their offspring.

When Thor refuses to battle Kratos, Odin kills Thor and injures Thrud because the former has realized that the latter has been mistreated by the latter in Odin’s pursuit of power.

As the story concludes, Kratos, Atreus and Freya face off against Odin, with Atreus destroying the mask ultimately beating Odin, and reserving his soul to one of the marbles. In spite of this, a still-depressed Sindri picks up the marble and breaks it.

While the dust settled Angrbodha unveiled another of Faye’s murals which showed that Faye had destroyed the mural herself so that Kratos and Atreus might build their own path.

Kratos reveals a second mural depicting himself as the champion of Ragnarok, implying that it is his destiny to always be used to fight conflicts, much as Atreus is driven to hunt out more giants with Angrbodha. To clean up Odin’s mess, he, Freya and Mimir return to the Nine Worlds.

Is God Of War: Ragnarok Coming To PC?

While Sony has stated that PlayStation exclusives may make their way to computers at least a year after release, this does not bode well for PC gamers hoping to play God of War: Ragnarok on either Steam or Epic Games on November 9.

It was announced by Herman Hulst head of PlayStation Studios via VGC. The only games mentioned as an exception to the rule that wanted a “strong community, big participation straight soon” were live service games, though not GoW by name.

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