Top 9+ “Yellowstone Season 4” Biggest Moments That Would Made You Watch Series Again

Few shows now cram as many turns into an hour as the Paramount smash “Yellowstone,” and viewers love it. In contrast to the sparse doling out of drama in many modern television shows, Taylor Sheridan and John Linson’s modern Western story loads on dramatic developments in large slabs as thick as the huge ribeye steaks that John Dutton (Kevin Costner) frequently consumes for dinner.

The only drawback to these epic stories is that it can be difficult to keep track of the numerous crimes, marriages, murders, vendettas, conspiracies, and cover-ups that occur from season to season. It’s been over a year since the explosive Season 4 conclusion of “Yellowstone,” so a refresher course might be in order before the next season premieres on November 13.

Here are the Top 10 key Moments from the Story that will help you Catch Up

Norms of Conduct

In order to protect her family, Beth (Kelly Reilly) had, at the end of Season 4, grudgingly consented to modify her take-no-prisoners approach to warfare in accordance with her father’s demands.

John tells Beth to battle tooth and nail against their sworn enemies but he stresses the importance of minimizing collateral damage, such as the incarceration of environmental activist Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo).

The dilemma is whether or not a tough fighter like Beth can control her short temper and act morally. She and her father look to be on the same page, for the time being at least. There’s no telling if their truce will hold once tensions rise against their formidable foes.

Warnings from Out of Nowhere

Hanbleceya, which means “to cry for a vision,” was the final ritual of Season 4 for Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes). Inspired by his repeated sightings of a wolf at pivotal moments in his life, Kayce spent four days and nights outdoors, sleeping beneath a tree, exposed to the elements without food or water, in an attempt to comprehend the wolf’s meaning.

He came home extremely disturbed by his ordeal of seeing terrifying images and undergoing bodily pain. When Monica (Kelsey Asbille) presses him for details, Kacey says gravely, “the end of us.” What does this terrifying proclamation mean? Does this mean that the Duttons are no more? Is Kacey and Monica’s marriage finally coming to an end? Or maybe Monica’s just-announced pregnancy is over.

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Beth and Rip Getting Married

Beth and Rip Getting Married
Beth and Rip Getting Married

Finally, toward the end of Season 4, Beth and Rip (Cole Hauser) tied the knot in one of the most bizarre wedding ceremonies in television history. It’s not every day that the bride kidnaps a priest and holds him at gunpoint until he marries her.

Remember also that Rip, in the dead of night, dug up his mother’s grave in order to steal her wedding ring and present it to Beth. While this was going on, Jimmy (Jefferson White) stopped by the Yellowstone ranch to introduce the bunkhouse crew to Emily (Kathryn Kelly) a horse vet from the 6666 ranches in Texas.

His ex-girlfriend Mia (Eden Brolin) was obviously taken aback by this and a vicious fight ensued. But has Jimmy really moved on from Mia, or does he still care about her? With her broken heart, may Mia cause problems for the new couple?

A Horseman is Arriving

Speaking of Jimmy he went from a lanky goofball to a hardworking cowboy during his stay at the 6666 ranches. His roping abilities and self-confidence are evident to everyone at Yellowstone, including John Dutton, who now respectfully calls him “Jim.”

With this newfound confidence, though, comes the realization that Jimmy has had enough of the constant bloodshed at the Yellowstone ranch. Jimmy has realized that he wants to move back to Texas with Emily, where it’s “all cattle and cowboys all the way to the horizon,” but he’s worried that his old bad habits will seep back in if he stays there. Fans have witnessed time and time again that just because someone is a cowboy doesn’t mean that there won’t be problems.

Job Openings

John Dutton declared his candidacy for governor of Montana at the end of Season 4 and the Season 5 trailer reveals that he will shortly take the oath of office. He didn’t particularly want the new job, but he had to take it so that his adoptive son Jamie (Wes Bentley) wouldn’t.

Being governor grants him the ability to provide for his family and preserve their way of life, but also puts him under the microscope of the media, which isn’t ideal for someone who has sent so many people to the proverbial “Train Station.” Politics isn’t the only new profession he’s pursuing, of course.

He also spent a significant portion of Season 4 recruiting and training a squad of prize show horses and world-class rodeo riders, led by the cocky Travis Wheatley, in an effort to expand the Yellowstone brand (Taylor Sheridan). The rodeo gamble is a significant risk at a time when a single error might be fatal, as millions of dollars are committed in an effort with which he freely admits he has little experience. You can also read about the Yellow Stone Season 5 release date.

It’s Personal This Time

Beth was sacked from her position as Head of Montana Operations at Market Equities at the end of Season 4 for engaging in corporate espionage and before she was let go, her platinum-haired rival Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) said that the gloves are now off. Caroline claims that we have moved beyond a just business-related discussion here.

She then makes a sworn promise to Beth that she will ruin her life and send her to prison for interfering with the company. Bob Schwartz (Michael Nouri), Beth’s former boss, is still at large and may harbor resentment toward her because of the manner in which she fired him. It’s possible that Caroline and Bob are thinking about working together to get even with Beth and the Duttons. Stranger things have happened in Yellowstone, for sure.

Taken by the Camera

Taken by the Camera
Taken by the Camera

Sadly for whimpering Montana Attorney General Jamie Dutton, Season 4 concluded with a bang. Jamie Randall (Will Patton) shot his biological father, Garret Randall (Will Patton), in the head because Beth threatened to reveal his many misdeeds and destroy him if he didn’t.

However, Jamie, who was never one for planning ahead, once again incriminated himself when he carried Garret’s body to the Train Station to dump it at night and allowed Beth to discreetly take a photo of him in the act. Now that Beth has this irrefutable evidence of Jamie’s guilt, she can use it to have her way at any time during Season 5.

In the Quiet Before the Storm

Despite the bloodshed and chaos, Season 4 ended with a temporary truce among several of the main characters. Carter (Finn Little), 14 and Beth, both of whom are in their early teens, are back on good terms now, albeit their friendship is still on shaky ground due to Beth’s mood swings.

John Dutton has a much deeper impact on Carter’s life than any of his other relatives. Throughout Season 4, John took the young boy under his wing, providing him with a stable environment in which to learn to ride horses and imparting grandfatherly life lessons about fairness, humility and responsibility.

In the meantime, the bunkhouse group is getting along better, particularly now that Lloyd (Forrie Smith) and Walker (Ryan Bingham) have stopped trying to stab each other to death and Kayce, Monica and Tate (Brecken Merrill) have found temporary peace in their new home.

Upholding the Law and Maintaining Order

On “Yellowstone,” allies are scarce and John lost a key one in Season 4 when Sheriff Donnie Haskell (Hugh Dillon) was killed during a violent holdup at the local diner. Haskell’s allegiance wasn’t always consistent, but he came through for Dutton when it mattered and he provided essential cover for his criminal enterprise.

But there’s a new sheriff in town and he doesn’t appear as willing to turn a blind eye to wrongdoing. Former Watch Commander Bill Ramsey (Rob Kirkland), now acting as sheriff, personally assures John that the law will finally be followed. The last thing the Duttons need right now is a cop who isn’t trying to cover something up.

Season’s First Thirteen Minutes

The season 3 finale left us wondering if John (Costner), Beth (Reilly) and Kayce (Luke Grimes) would all make it through the attack that took place on their home. Beth escapes unharmed from the office explosion, but John is shot and taken to the hospital.

After trying to chase after his father’s assailants, Kayce is killed by gunfire as well. Those at the ranch, including Kayce’s wife Monica (Kelsey Asbille) and son Tate (Brecken Merrill), are attacked in the season four premiere and Kayce goes after the perpetrators.

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The Argument Between Beth and John

The Argument Between Beth and John
The Argument Between Beth and John

John confronts Beth after discovering her complicity in the events that resulted in activist Summer’s (Piper Perabo) arrest and, at the time, possibly serious legal ramifications. I’d do anything to hurt your enemies.

“If it kills people, then it kills people,” she tells him. Forget it. I couldn’t care less whether she expires behind bars. Whether or not she is able to escape is of no concern to me. F**k it, I could care less. You have my concern. My concern extends to Kayce. I feel bad about what you did to Rip. It was harsh and you disappointed me. I think you should find a new place to live. This she tells him is her house.

Final Lines

Here we talked about all the best moments of yellow Stone Season 5. Have you watched the earlier season of Yellow Stone? If not then start watching it today, because it is really worth watching.

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