Here’s Why Katy Perry’s Support for Rick Caruso has Sparked such Outrage on Twitter

As the United States votes in its elections, you may have noticed a lot of rage and puzzled confusion online focused on Katy Perry and if you don’t completely grasp the American political system you may find yourself more confused than you were before.

The fact that Katy voted in the midterm elections and proudly posted an Instagram photo of herself doing so has earned her the nickname “the female Chris Pratt.” However, this isn’t what has fans upset and claiming she’s canceled her tour. What you need to know about the outrage over Katy Perry’s support of Rick Caruso.

Who’s Rick Caruso?

Among the two Democratic contenders for mayor of Los Angeles, Rick Caruso is a strong contender. But up until very recently, Caruso was a staunch Republican. He used to be a big donor to anti-abortion groups and politicians, but he’s now changed his mind and promised $1 million to a pro-choice organization.


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Caruso has also been criticized for his silence during his time as Chairman of the Board of Trustees at USC, during which a gynecologist was permitted to resign despite numerous allegations of s*xual assault. In the same vein as Bill Gates, Rick Caruso is a multibillionaire.

Katy Perry’s ardent support for reproductive rights has drawn scrutiny after she voted for Caruso in this case rather than Karen Bass.

In Addition to Musk’s Vote, Elon Supported Caruso

Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg and Chris Pratt joined Katy Perry in voting for Rick Caruso. Since sharing her vote on Instagram, Katy Perry has turned her comments off. The Twitter reaction will be harder for her to silence.

“It’s really, very Discouraging”

Several tweets in response to Katy Perry’s decision to vote for Rick Caruso are extremely harsh. You can see how awful things have gone just from this. to think a famous person would not only vote Republican but also broadcast their decision online. The momentum appears to be changing.

The right can spin Katy Perry’s vote for Rick Caruso all they want, but the reality is that she’s just another rich white lady voting for a false Democrat who won’t improve her life but will make many others’ lives worse.

Katy Perry voting for Rick Caruso should be the least shocking thing that happens today. She is a rich heiress and native of Santa Barbara, where both of her parents worked as televangelists. Exactly what were you anticipating she would do? According to a tweet that has since been deleted by Malynda Hale.

I’m prepared to tearfully reject her Just Eat song as the pinnacle of musical achievement. For the things we have lost we cry.

Final Lines

Here we updated you with the details about Katy Perry voting for Rick Caruso outraged on twitter.

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