Elon Musk Destroyed Twitter Verification And Will Ruin Twitter

Elon Musk destroyed twitter verification and people believe that this can be the end of the Twitter

Since there have been Blue Badges, Twitter’s verification procedure has been a source of debate. There have been ongoing complaints regarding the selection procedure and the “haves” and “have nots.” It was definitely a faulty system, but now it’s likely to be destroyed thanks to Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk.

Twitter as a whole might be the next.

Even though Musk uses and claims to adore Twitter, he still doesn’t comprehend the mechanism that powers it. Those Blue Checks are what it is, for better or worse. These Twitter users are likely responsible for a large portion of the site’s greatest postings, lively conversations, humorous posts and lengthy, in-depth thread dives.

But Musk doesn’t see it that way. In a series of Tweets on Monday, he seemed to lay out a new plan for both verification and Twitter Blue, a $4.99-a-month service that has been around for three months. He began with: “The way Twitter decides who has a blue checkmark and who doesn’t is a bunch of bullshit. People should have control! Blue each month for $8.”

 People who don’t have the almost-iconic blue verification check mark on Twitter have been asking for a long time how to get one. No one could really answer the question because of Twitter’s black-box selection system.

“Twitter constantly checks accounts to make it easier for people to find who they are looking for. We focus on highly sought-after users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, advertising, business, and other key areas. We sometimes check up on business partners and people who are likely to be impersonated.

The general public is not allowed to ask us to check something. If you are in one of the above groups and your Twitter account meets our requirements for verification, we may contact you in the future.”

In other words, the umbrella was big, so big that there wasn’t much of a way to check who could use it. William Shatner, an actor, author, and frequent tweeter, told me years ago that he didn’t like how many social media managers were getting verified. I have it. They were not famous or well-known like he was, but they might have been journalists.

Things got so bad that Twitter had to admit the system was broken for a while. Then, a few years later, they stopped verification, which made things even worse for people who couldn’t get that blue check.

In the end, Twitter brought back verification, but I can’t say that everyone was happy with the way they were chosen or even knew what a “Blue Check” means. This means that Musk’s clear anger is not unfounded. His solution, on the other hand, is hard to understand and could be very bad for Twitter and people with Blue Checks.

Elon Musk Destroyed Twitter Verification, Here Is The Plans

As Musk has said in a series of tweets, which is how he makes all of his decisions these days, here is the plan:

  • It will now cost $8 a month to use Twitter Blue.
  • Based on each country’s purchasing power parity, prices were changed.
  • Among the new Twitter Blue features are:
  • Most important for replies, mentions, and searches
  • Being able to post long audio and video files
  • only half as many ads
  • Publishers who are willing to work with Twitter can get around paywalls.
  • People in the public eye will still have some kind of label like the ones politicians have.

I left most of Musk’s original words alone and I don’t know what he means by adjusting the price based on the country and the buying power of the people there.

But that’s just a small part of what’s not clear here. There are a lot of questions, such as Is the clock really ticking on Blue Checks? What I mean is that your Twitter Blue Check, which is my verification, will go away if you don’t pay. I think that’s what’s going on, but I’ve asked Musk on Twitter to be sure.

You can also read about the latest tech news:

Musk didn’t say anything about when these changes would happen. He didn’t say whether this was going to happen tomorrow, next week, or next year. What about extra time? How will Twitter tell us what’s going on? Will anything be different?

As it is written, this sounds like a threat. Something Twitter gave us for free will be taken away if we don’t pay a monthly fee. And what for? To put things on Musk’s platform? Something we have done for the past 16 years?

Why do we and the advertisers have to pay, but Twitter, which doesn’t make any of this content, doesn’t pay us?

Elon Musk Destroyed Twitter Verification
Source- Canada Today

Before Musk came up with his “scorched earth” verification policy, I came up with what I think is a better idea.

I think most of us would agree that Twitter and the Blue Check profile have some value and that we might be willing to pay a small fee to keep them.

I think it’s fair to charge $10 a year just to keep the check, as long as you still meet the criteria that got you the check in the first place. This doesn’t even have to include the ability to edit tweets. Charge people $19.99 a year if they want to edit their tweets and use some of the other features Musk mentioned above.

Musk wants to make real money for Twitter with his plan. I thought that was what ads were for, but if Musk is adamant that this is the only way to make new money, then charge brands like Frito-Lay and Taco Bell more. I bet a lot of people would gladly pay for it.

Musk’s current plan, on the other hand, is as clear as mud (even Twitter Communications hasn’t answered any of my questions), and if it is carried out as written, it will destroy Twitter.

Most verified accounts won’t pay $8 a month for a platform that has no original content. I know that there is a lot of content on the platform, but none of it is made by Twitter. At least when I pay $19.99 a month for Netflix or $14.99 a month for HBO Max, I get original and exclusive content every month, and sometimes a lot of it.

If you think it’s good that the Blue Check is going away, just think about what Twitter will be like when most of them are gone. We’ll have a lot of fake accounts that haven’t been checked and an even less reliable platform. Twitter will turn into a real mess, and then it will be over.

Does Musk even understand what Twitter is? Maybe he does, and he’s glad to burn it all down so he can start over.

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