Here is the List of New Cast of Magnum P.I.

Read about who will be in the new cast of Magnum P.I. below. A new season of everyone’s favorite PI from the Aloha State will premiere on NBC in February. Many Magnum P.I. viewers have been wondering since the fourth season finale in May 2022 if Magnum (Jay Hernandez) and his dependable crew would be back for a fifth season.

Who is in the New Cast of Magnum PI?

Also returning regularly throughout the season will be Zachary Knighton, Stephen Hill and Tim Kang. In addition, Michael Rady joins the cast in Season 5. (who played Dr. Matt Cooper in Chicago Med). Chris Childs is the name he’ll give his character and he’ll be a reoccurring one in Season 5.

Magnum PI Cast Members
Magnum PI Cast Members

Zachary Knighton As Orville

American actor Zachary Andrew Knighton was born on October 25, 1978. He is best known for his role as Dave Rose on the ABC sitcom Happy Endings. Before that, he shared the screen with others on ABC’s futuristic drama FlashForward, in the role of Dr. Bryce Varley.

He is most known for his role as Orville “Rick” Wright on CBS’s and NBC’s long-running drama series Magnum P.I., but he has also acted in the FOX sitcom Weird Loners.

Stephen Hill As Theodore

American actor Stephen Hill portrayed Theodore Calvin in the Magnum, P.I. revival on CBS. He has been recognized for his acting abilities in a number of mediums, including film, television, theatre, web series, etc., earning him the title of Best Male Actor at the 2010 American Black Film Festival Star Project.

He has just been cast as York in the HBO miniseries Lewis & Clark and he can also be seen in Pete Chatmon’s BlackCard and the fifth season of Boardwalk Empire as a recurrent character named Clarence, who is the right-hand man to Jeffrey Wright’s character, Dr. Narcisse. In the Netflix original film Christmas Wedding Baby, starring Kiara Jones, Stephen provides a moving and genuine performance as the protagonist, Issac.

Amy Hill AsTeuila

In the CBS crime drama Magnum P.I., Teuila “Kumu” Tuileta plays a pivotal role. Amy Hill plays her in the show. Kumu, who works with Thomas Magnum, is the cultural curator of Robin Masters’ estate.

Kumu was included in Masters’ purchase of the property. Since the early 1700s, her family has called this place home.

Perdita Weeks As Juliet Higgins

Magnum P.I. co-stars Perdita Rose Weeks (born December 25, 1985), a British actress who plays Juliet Higgins on the NBC revival from CBS.

Higgins worked for MI6 (the British equivalent of the CIA). Richard Dane, a fellow agent whom she was engaged to marry before his death in Istanbul while on a mission to track down Viper, was one of her heroes. He was unlucky that Viper was already there. It took weeks for his body to wash up.

At that point, Juliet started acting erratically. She ignored demands for her return and continued her search for Viper on her own. The disownment came about as a result of her efforts to exact revenge on Richard.

Only a week before his death, Richard and Juliet had planned to leave MI6 to start a family and be married. Her mom has dementia and can’t remember her. All we know about her childhood is that she was sent to an English boarding school, where she was mistreated and ultimately became more resilient as a result.

Martin Martinez who plays Cade in Season 4 of “Magnum P.I.

Martin Martinez joins Season 4 as Cade Jensen, another new addition to the cast and Magnum’s new love interest. Despite his harsh exterior, Cade is described as “ambitious” in the series summary, which is how he landed a job at La Mariana and became close to TC.

Martin may look familiar to you in the season premiere because he is. The actor, best known for his role as Oliver Martinez on Netflix’s teen comedy series Never Have I Ever, has been on Chicago P.D., Station 19 and Shameless.

Have you watched Magnum PI Season 5 or any past seasons? If not, then start watching it now it the series is worth watching. Here we talked about the new cast of Magnum P.I. I hope you liked our article.

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